15 Super Creepy Websites That Will Give You Goosebumps

By | February 2, 2023

15 Super Creepy Websites That Will Give You Goosebumps

15 Super Creepy Websites That Will Give You Goosebumps : If you are a fan of the creepy things and you actually find interest in them, then this article is for you. On the internet, you will practically come across anything of your interest. At times you may also come across some creepy and weird stuff that will give you goosebumps. Below you have jotted down for you few such strange websites that you may find interesting. Since the human mind is curious about every little thing, you may find these captivating too.


Super Creepiest Websites in the World

Staggering Beauty

  • Staggering Beauty – It is nothing but a mysterious website based on worms. There is a black worm that you would come across here which keeps following your mouse and gets wild if you make fast movements. Isn’t it weird?

Death Date

  • Death Date – This is really creepy. It is known to tell you when you are going to die. The website is based on a calculator that estimates your expected time of death. The parameters you need to feed into this software are your weight, any diseases you suffer from to come up with this tentative death date.

Divine Interventions

  • Divine Interventions – It is practically a sex toy shop that deals in Bible-related stuff. Here, you will come across sex toys that deal with Christianity. They offer you a Virgin Mary Dildo or a Holy Lube, isn’t the whole idea hilarious?

Plan Crash Info

  • Plane Crash Info – This website forecasts the recordings of some of the last moments in a person’s life just before a plane crash. It has recordings of the mp3 transcriptions of the scared passengers who are panicking and screaming on realizing that this could be the last few minutes of their life. It is very depression stuff so better stay away.

Time Cube

  • Time Cube – This theory page contains creepy conspiracy. In this website, it comprises some weird long and elaborated texts stating how a day consists of 4 days and the children without any hesitation kill the adults who don’t believe this truth. The site is based on Gene Ray’s own model based on reality.

Maze Game


  • Maze Game – This is one of the simplest games which include major scares. If you are good at handling the mouse of your computer, then no one can beat you in this maze game.

Dong Ghost

  • Dong Ghost – This is an online comic for people who love hurdle frights.

Simulation Argument


  • Simulation Argument – It tries to convince you that you aren’t real. The website includes a whole lot of papers, scientific reasons and studies that inject in your mind that you live in some sort of unreal world. Just by reading, you will lose touch of reality.


  • CreepyPasta – The stories you would come across here are all legendary and most of them are believed to be true. If this really interests you then you should check out this website and dig into their collection of interesting legendary stories.

Rate My Poo

  • Rate My Poo – Here, you get to upload the images of your poo and other people rate it. Apart from your own poo, you can also upload the images of your pet’s poo. It is believed that people rate them based on how charming or angry the poo looks. Through this rating, you get to know what your poo is trying to convey to you. Isn’t the entire idea so yucky?

Angels Heaven

  • Angels Heaven – As per this website, the Earth would come to an end by some disasters and only the affectionate people who have their 4th heart chakra opened will be able to attain a higher dimension. Practically, it has got a bunch of silly stuff there. It is known to offer the evacuation plan for Earth.

World Births and Deaths

  • World Births and Deaths – This website helps you to see the births and deaths all over the world demarcated in green and red dots that blink constantly. You get a picture as to what your life actually means in the bigger scheme. A single life seems to contribute nothing when we consider the entire universe.

Skyway Bridge Jumpers

  • Skyway Bridge Jumpers – The Skyway Bridge based in Florida is supposed to be the fourth most suicide active bridge in the USA. Though this website you can practically count how many deaths occur which is really creepy. You can call it a dedicated suicide follower.

Death Row

  • Death Row – This website gives you a glimpse of the final words of the criminals who are about to die. This is not only sad but at the same time terrifying. The website is constantly updated with the last words of the convicts before they are executed.


  • Zombo – This website claims that you can practically do anything here, without even specifying it. The idea is funny and creepy at the same time. So nothing is unattainable at Zombocom. This sounds interesting, right? So know in details you have to visit the site.
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