100+ Selfish Quotes Status Sayings

By | May 5, 2023

Selfish Quotes Status Sayings : Selfishness is not a good thing in this world. Selfish people only think about themselves and don’t worry about what’s happening to others at all. Believe it or not but everybody comes in their selfish mood at any specific point of time in their life. It happens because of some reasons in life which put him in this kind of situation that he becomes a little selfish. It is not a bad thing to be selfish at times because it makes you understand your value. Sometimes after a break-up or for some other reason when a person feels depressed, he automatically becomes selfish and doesn’t even worry about what is happening to others thinking about his pain only. If you are going through some phase of life where you have started feeling selfish then it is time to show it to the world also so that they know your value. Showing your selfishness through a Good nice Quote, status or saying is a very good way to let people know your feelings easily. If you are wondering that where will you get best Selfish quotes which you can post online or send to your friends then you are at the very right place because we have worked hard and searched the whole internet for you to create this collection below of the Best Selfish Quotes Status sayings. You can use these anywhere as per your requirement of Selfish quotes. You can even send these to your Girlfriend or boyfriend who cheated you with someone else or ditched you so that they know that you don’t care for them anymore. We can guarantee that you will not find a collection of selfish quotes better than this anywhere on the internet. So we recommend you bookmark this page right away. Hope you liked our collection of best Selfish quotes status sayings.

Selfish Quotes Status Sayings

Selfish Quotes Status Sayings


1) I’M Tired Of Selfish People.

2) Self Love Will Save Your Soul.

3) Self Love Isn’T Selfish. It’S Important.

4) Self Care Is How You Take Your Power Back.

5) Everyone Is Selfish But Point Is Who Is Less.

6) Let Go Of The Shit That Suffocates Your Soul.

7) Time Always Exposes What You Mean To Someone.

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8) People Reveal Themselves Through Their Actions.

9) Don’T Feel Guilty For Doing What’S Best For You.

10) Those Who Walk Alone Have The Strogest Direction.

Selfish Quotes Images

Selfish Quotes Images


11) Selfishness Is The Greatest Curse Of The Human Race.

12) It Is Impossible To Be Both ” Selfish ” And ” Happy “.

13) Relationships Aren’T Designed For Selfish Individuals.

14) He That Falls In Love With Himself Will Have No Rivals.

15) Glory, Built On Selfish Principles, Is Shame And Guilt.

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16) I Need To Forget About You. Just Like You Did About Me.

17) Don’T Lose Yourself Trying To Be Everything To Everyone.

18) One Of The Greatest Diseases Is To Be Nobody To Anybody.

19) Chosing To Love Myself More Is Definitely Not Selfishness.

20) Selfish People Are In A Way Terribly Capable Of Great Loves.

Quotes About Selfishness

Quotes About Selfishness


21) The More You Love Yourself, The Less Nonsense You’Ll Tolerate.

22) One Who Is Unseflish Can Begin To Care For One Who Is Selfish.

23) You Can’T Change Someone Doesn’T See In Issue In Their Actions.

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24) Learn To Value Yourself, Which Means : Fight For Your Happiness.

Selfish Man Quotes

25) If Your Absence Doesn’t Affect Them, Your Presence Never Mattered.

26) You Don’T Deserve A Point Of View If The Only Thing You See Is You.

27) I Pushed Everyone Aside For You & You Pushed Me Aside For Everyone.

28) Be Selfish Enough To Have Self Love, Self Worth & And Self Respect.

29) There Is No Lasting Happiness If Our Life Is Self Centered And Selfish.

30) Learn To Love Yourself First And Everything Will Surely Fall Into Line.

Quotes about Selfish People

Quotes about Selfish People


31) You Are Not Required To Set Yourself On Fire To Keep Other People Warm.

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32) People Are So Selfish. Those You Help Are The Ones Who Turn Against You.

33) To Learn Loveing Yourself Could Be The Hardest Thing That You Will Over Do.

34) No Matter The Situation, Never Let Your Emotions Overpower Your Intelligence.

Selfish Love Quotes

35) Have Some Ego ! Because People With No Ego Will Be Treated Merely Like Fools !

36) Selfishness Must Always Be Forgiven You Know, Because There Is No Hope Of A Cure.

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37) Characterize People By Their Actions And You Will Never Be Fooled By Their Words.

I am Selfish Quotes

I am Selfish Quotes


38) That’S The Problem With Putting Others First, You’Ve Taught Them You Come Second.

39) You Shouldn’T Be Always Available For Someone Who Doesn’T Evern Ask How You Doing.

40) The Real Thing About This World Is Everyone Is Selfish, The Difference Is Who Is Less.

Selfish People Quotes

Selfish People Quotes


41) It’S Good To Be Selfish. But Not So Self-Centered That You Never Listen To Other People.

42) Selfish People Tend To Onlu Be Good To Themselves…Then Are Suprised When They Are Alone.

43) Selfish People Tend To Only Be Good To Themselves, Then Are Surprised When They Are Alone.

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44) Choosing To Be Single Isn’T Selfish, Its Just Smarter To Be Alone Than With The Wrong Person.

45) Sometimes You Just Need To Be Selfish & Take Care Of You. If They Love You, They’Ll Understand.

46) There Is A Difference Between Being Self-Interested And Being Selfish. I Will Never Be Selfish.

47) A Self Obsored Person Only Can See The Faults Of Others But They Are Often Color Blind To Their Own.

48) Protect Your Enegry. Take Care Of You. Put Yourself First. Its Not Selfish & And If It Is, Then Be Selfish.

49) You Cannot Save Everyone. Some People Are Going To Destroy Themselves No Matter How Much You Try To Help Them.

50) Always Stand Up For Yourself. Don’T Take Bullshit From Anyone. No One In This World Is More Important Than You Are.

Selfish Quotes for Whatsapp

Selfish Quotes for Whatsapp


51) Selfish People Aslo Ten To Have Victim Mindsets. Their Actions Plant Seeds Of Loneliness, Then They Cry Upon The Blooming.

52) Selfish People Can’T Understand What Compromising Is In A Relationship Neither Will They Ever See Why It’S Necessary In The Relationship.

53) Intensely Selfish People Are Always Very Decided As To What They Wish. They Do Not Waste Their Energies In Considering The Good Of Others.

54) 2018 Will Be A Selfish Year. My Time Will Be Invested On Me. On Improving Myself. I Want To Become A Better Person Physically And Mentally.

55) Being Selfish Isn’T Always A Bad Thing. Sometimes It Just Means That You Know You Have To Focus On Yourself To Get To Where You Want To Be.Be Selfish Quotes

Be Selfish Quotes


56) I Don’T Care If I’M Selfish. After Putting People First For The Longest Time And Being Disappointed I Deserve To Do Whatever Makes Me Feel Happy.

57) To Be Successful You Have To Be Selfish, Or Else You Never Achieve. And Once You Get To Your Highest Level, Then You Have To Be Unselfish. Stay Reachable. Stay In Touch. Don’T Isolate.


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