100+ Sad Quotes Messages that Make You Cry

By | May 4, 2023

Sad Quotes Messages : Happiness is everyone’s prime desire in life. Everybody goes to work daily and do everything that will provide him with a happy life but it is not always the case because happiness and sadness are a part of everyone’s life and everybody gets to see sadness every once in a while in his life. People try a lot of ways to cope with their sadness. One of the most common ways of coping with sadness is by sharing it with your Friends and Family. As the traditional people say that sharing the sadness is a good way to reduce the level of sadness and sharing the happiness is a good way of increasing the level of happiness, so we must share our happiness and sadness with our friends and family. This way we can reduce the level of any kind of sadness in our lives and make a better life out of it. Posting Sad Quotes on FB or Whatsapp is the best way to share your sadness with friends and family. Finding some good Sad Quotes can be a really difficult task because the internet is full of shitty sad quotes and only a few top sad quotes are there. After doing a lot of hard work we have made a collection of the best sad quotes from all over the internet for you. You can send any of these quotes messages to your friend as well who is feeling sad to make him feel a little comfortable. You will not find the best sadness quotes like this anywhere else on the internet but on our page only. These Sadness quotes will tell your sad story to your friends and family in a matter of a few words only and you will get their love in return which will definitely help you control your level of sadness. Hope you like our collection of best Sad Quotes Messages.

Sad Quotes Messages

Sad Quotes Messages


1) I Am Good At Hiding My Feelings.

2) Being Ignored, Worst Feeling Ever.

3) They Don’T Deserve You. Stay Busy.

4) Silent Tears, Hold The Loudest Pain.

5) Dear Pillow, Sorry For All The Tears.

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6) You’All Smoke To Enjoy. I Smoke To Die.

Sad Love Quotes

Sad Love Quotes


7) Caring Less Is Easiest Way To Be Happy.

8) The Trouble Is, You Think You Have Time.

9) My Heart Finally Said ” Enough Is Enough ”

10) People Will Ignore You Until They Need You.

11) You Killed What Was Left Of The Good In Me.

12) People Always Leave. Don’T Get Too Attached.

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13) Come Back! Even As A Shadow, Even As A Dream.

14) To Heal A Wound You Need To Stop Touching It.

15) “Forever” Has 7 Letters But So Does “Good Bye”

16) I’M Not Okay, I’M Just Good At Pretending I Am.

17) Sleep Just Isn’t Sleep Anymore, It’S An Escape.

18) Pain Is The Only Thing That Makes Me Feel Alive.

19) Tears Come From The Heart And Not From The Brain.

Feeling Sad Quotes

Feeling Sad Quotes


20) People Are More That They Hide Than What They Show.

21) Don’T Fall In Love, Fall Off A Bridge, It Hurt Less.

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22) Don’T Let Little Stupid Things Break Your Happiness.

23) You Didn’t Break My Heart, You Totally Destroyed It.

24) Behind My Smile Is Everything You’Ll Never Understand.

25) It’S Sad When Someone You Know Becomes Someone You Knew.

26) But They All Didn’t See The Little Bit Of Sadness In Me.

Lonely Sad Girl Images with Quotes

Lonely Sad Girl Images with Quotes


27) And In The End, All I Learned Was How To Be Strong Alone.

28) The Good Times Of Today, Are The Sad Thoughts Of Tomorrow.

29) It Is Easier To Forgive An Enemy Than To Forgive A Friend.

30) Like Ice Melts Into Rains, Sometimes Love Turns Into Pain.

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31) Sometimes Its Better To Be Alone, So Nobody Can Hurt You.

32) I Close My Eyes And Dream Of A Time When I Wasn’t All Alone.

33) Don’T Lose Hope. When The Sun Goes Down, The Stars Come Out.

34) Sometimes The Hardest Thing And The Right Thing Are The Same.

35) I Don’T Even Remember Why I’M Wasting All These Tears On You.

36) It Is Funny How We End Up Just The Way We Started, Strangers.

37) If You Expect Nothing From Anybody, You’Re Never Disappointed.

38) The Deepest People Are The People Who Have Been Hurt The Most.

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39) I Felt So Special Until I Saw You Talk To Everyone Like That.

Sad Quotes for Girls

Sad Quotes for Girls


40) People Think I’M Always Happy. Little Do They Know I’M Broken.

41) Good Times Become Good Memories; Bad Times Become Good Lessons.

42) You Flew Off With The Wings Of My Heart And Left Me Flightless.

43) I’M Done Trying. If You Want Me In Your Life, Let Me Know. Bye.

44) I Cared Too Much, You Didn’t Care Enough. That Was The Problem.

45) Things Change And Friends Leave. Life Doesn’t Stop For Anybody.

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46) Life Is Short, There Is No Time To Leave Important Words Unsaid.

47) If Life Doesn’t Kill You, Emptiness In Life Will Surely Kill You.

Sad Images with Quotes

Sad Images with Quotes


48) Dreams Don’T Mean Anything. They’Re Just Noise. They’Re Not Real.

49) I Feel Like I’M Waiting For Something That Isn’t Going To Happen.

50) Never Make A Decision When You Are Upset, Sad, Jealous Or In Love.

51) The Moment That You Start To Wonder If You Deserve Better, You Do.

52) People Will Stab You In The Back Then Ask You Why You’Re Bleeding.

53) The Scars May Have Healed, But That Doesn’t Mean That The Pain Has.

54) Don’T Make Someone A Priority When All You Are Is An Option To Them.

55) Love’S Ladder Is Dangerous; The Higher You Climb, The Harder The Fall.

56) I Can Wipe The Tears In My Eyes But I Can’T Wipe The Pain In My Heart.

57) Sick Of Crying, Tried Of Trying, Yes I’M Smiling But Inside I’M Dying.

58) The Saddest Thing In The World, Is Loving Someone Who Used To Love You.

59) I Smile Not For That I Am Happy, But Sometimes I Smile To Hide Sadness.

Sad Love Quotes that Make You Cry

Sad Love Quotes that Make You Cry


60) Stop Setting Yourself On Fire For Someone Who Stays To Watch Your Burn.

61) I Love Crying In The Rain, Because When I Do, No One Can Hear The Pain.

62) Sadness Is A Short Adjustment Period. Depression Is A Long-Term Illness.

63) I Just Want To Lay In My Bed And Listen To Sad Music All Day In Silence.

64) I Understand That Nobody Understands Me, But I Can’T Be Someone I’M Not.

65) I Don’T Depend On People Anymore Because I’M Tired Of Being Disappointed.

66) There Are Times When You Just Need To Run Away To See Who Will Chase You.

67) Love Can Sometimes Be Magic, But Magic Can Sometimes Just Be An Illusion.

68) Music Is Better Than Girls, Because Girls Cause Problems That Music Fixes.

69) My Intension Will Always Be Pure. I Don’T Have Time To Be A Shitty Person.

70) The Word ‘Happy’ Would Lose Its Meaning If It Were Not Balanced By Sadness.

Sad Quotes for Whatsapp

Sad Quotes about Life


71) Some Of Us Think Holding On Makes Us Strong; But Sometimes It Is Letting Go.

72) If You Plan On Making Me Cry, At Least Be There To Help Wipe Away The Tears.

73) Someone Shouldn’t Need To Be Faced With Your Absence To Value Your Presence.

74) Tears Are The Safety Valve Of The Heart When Too Much Pressure Is Laid On It.

75) Some Talk To You In Their Free Time, And Some Free Their Time To Talk To You.

76) Sometimes You Will Never Know The Value Of A Moment Until It Becomes A Memory.

77) Sometimes You Just Have To Forget About That Person You Once Liked And Move On.

78) Never Try To Please Other People If You Know That It Won’T Work Out In The End.

79) When My Absence Doesn’t Alter In Your Life, Then My Presence Has No Meaning In It.

80) I Don’T Understand Why Life Keeps Trying To Teach Me Lessons I Don’T Want To Learn.

Sad Quotes for Her

Sad Quotes for Her


81) It’S Sad When You Realize You Aren’t As Important To Someone As You Thought You Were.

82) Sometimes It’S Easier To Pretend That You Don’T Care, Than To Admit It’S Killing You.

83) Sometimes All You Can Do Is Lie In Bed, And Hope To Fall Asleep Before You Fall Apart.

84) There Is A Distinct, Awful Pain That Comes With Loving Someone More Than They Love You.

85) I Know I Never Even Had Any Chance With You But It Still Hurts Seeing You With Someone.

86) Its Sad When You Finally Let Someone Have You And They Stop Doing What It Took To Get You.

87) You’Re Better Off Being Alone Than Being With Someone Who Makes You Feel Like You’Re Alone.

88) Break My Heart. Break It A Thousand Times If You Like. It Was Only Ever Yours To Break Anyway.

89) Sometimes, It’S The People You Don’T Want To Get Hurt That Actually Don’T Care If They Hurt You.

90) One Day, I Hope You Look Back At What We Had And Regret Every Single Thing You Did To Let It End.

Sad Quotes for Him

Sad Quotes for Him


91) I Will Wait For You Till The Day I Can Forget You Or Till The Day You Realize You Cannot Forget Me.

92) The Worst Feeling In The World Is Knowing You Did The Best You Could And It Still Wasn’t Good Enough.

93) That Moment When You Burst Out Crying In Your Room & You Realize That No One Knows How Unhappy You Are.

94) You Made Me Believe That You Loved Me, And Then You Left Me Behind Like Nothing Ever Mattered Between Us.

95) When You Give Up On Someone, It’S Not Because You Don’T Care Anymore, It’S Because You Realize They Don’T.

96) Most Relationships Fail Because One Person Was Being Loved Too Much And The Other Wasn’t Being Loved Enough.

97) Don’T Trust Too Much, Don’T Love Too Much, Don’T Care Too Much Because That ‘Too Much’ Will Hurt You So Much!

98) I Always Have This Fear That One Day You Are Going To Discover That I’M Not As Great As You Once Thought I Was.

99) If You Have To Convince A Person That They Are The Right One For You, Then They Are Not The Right Person For You.

100) Each Night I Put My Head To My Pillow I Try To Tell Myself I’M Strong Because I’ve Gone One More Day Without You.

101) The Saddest Thing Is When You Are Feeling Real Down,You Look Around And Realize That There Is No Shoulder For You.

102) Time Decide Who You Meet In Life, Your Heart Decides Who You Want In Your Life, And Your Behavior Decides Who Stays In Your Life.

103) Sometimes I Get This Urge To Talk To You And Then I Remember That You’Re A Different Person Now, It’S Just Sad Because I Miss You Alot.


So Here was the Our Collection of Sad Quotes Messages that Make You Cry. With this Collection We also have included a Collection of Sad Love Quotes, Sad Quotes about Life, Sad Quotes Images, Sad Images with Quotes, Sad Quotes about Love, Sad Love Quotes Him, Sad Love Quotes Her & Much More.

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