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By | April 26, 2023

Political Quotes : Hello Friends ! Today Here We are Sharing a Latest Collection of Political Quotes. Mostly This Quotes Are Used To Student Is Use. I Hope You Like This Quotes.

Political QuotesPolitical Quotes Sayings


1) “I Must Study Politics And War That My Sons May Have Liberty To Study Mathematics And Philosophy.”

2) “The Success Of A Party Means Little More Than That The Nation Is Using The Party For A Large And Definite Purpose. It Seeks To Use And Interpret A Change In Its Own Plans And Point Of View.”

3) “First Kids Can Decorate However They Want (Including Boy Band Posters) Falling To #29”

4) “Weird Things You Didn’T Know About Living In The White House”

5) “The Abjection Of Our Political Situation Is The Only True Challenge Today. Only Facing Up To This Situation In All Its Desperation Can Help Us Get Out Of It.”

6) “Politics Is Not Worrying This Country One-Tenth As Much As Where To Find A Parking Space.”

7) “If You Can’T Stand A Little Sacrifice And You Can’T Stand A Trip Across The Desert With Limited Water, We’Re Never Going To Straighten This Country Out.”

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8) “Political Speech And Writing Are Largely The Defense Of The Indefensible.”

9) “Women Are The Volatile Vote At The End–Particularly Independent, Non-College-Educated Married Women.”

10) “A Diplomat Is A Person Who Can Tell You To Go To Hell In Such A Way That You Actually Look Forward To The Trip.”

11) “The Question Of Questions For The Politicians Should Ever Be-What Type Of Social Structure Am I Tending To Produce? But This Is A Question He Never Entertains”

12) “Instead Of Giving A Politician The Keys To The City, It Might Be Better To Change The Locks.”

13) “Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Four Years Ago?”

14) “There Is No More Independence In Politics Than There Is In Jail.”

15) “When We Vote We Participate In The Construction Of A Context.”

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16) “Little Other Than A Red Tape Talking-Machine, And Unhappy Bag Of Parliamentary Eloquence.”

17) “Politics Is Not A Bad Profession. If You Succeed There Are Many Rewards, If You Disgrace Yourself You Can Always Write A Book.”

18) “He Thinks Like A Tory, And Talks Like A Radical, And That’S So Important Nowadays.”

19) “Prosperity Is Necessarily The First Theme Of A Political Campaign.”

20) “Political Success Is The Ability, When The Inevitable Occurs, To Get Credit For It.”

21) “All Politics Takes Place On A Slippery Slope. The Most Important Four Words In Politics Are Up To A Point.”

22) “This Country Has Gotten Where It Is In Spite Of Politics, Not By The Aid Of It. That We Have Carried As Much Political Bunk As We Have And Still Survived Shows We Are A Super Nation.”

23) “A Political Organization Is A Transferable Commodity. You Could Not Find A Better Way Of Killing Virtue Than By Packing It Into One Of These Contraptions Which Some Gang Of Thieves Is Sure To Find Useful.”

24) “All Revolutions Devour Their Own Children.”

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25) “The Politician Will Be Only Too Happy To Abdicate In Favor Of His Image, Because The Image Will Be Much More Powerful Than He Could Ever Be.”

26) “It Is The Misfortune Of All Miscellaneous Political Combinations, That With The Purest Motives Of Their More Generous Members Are Ever Mixed The Most Sordid Interests And The Fiercest Passions Of Mean Confederates.”

27) “I Was The First American Commander To Put His Signature To A Paper Ending A War When We Did Not Win It.”

28) “The Only Motive That Can Keep Politics Pure Is The Motive Of Doing Good For One’S Country And Its People.”

29) “Great Political Questions Stir The Deepest Nature Of One-Half The Nation, But They Pass Far Above And Over The Heads Of The Other Half.”

30) “One Blames Politicians, Not For Inconsistency But For Obstinacy. They Are The Interpreters, Not The Masters, Of Our Fate. It Is Their Job, In Fact, To Register The Fact Accompli.”

Famous Political Quotes

Famous Political Quotes Sayings


31) “I Despise All Adjectives That Try To Describe People As Liberal Or Conservative, Rightist Or Leftist, As Long As They Stay In The Useful Part Of The Road.”

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32) “I Used To Say That Politics Was The Second-Oldest Profession. I Have Come To Know That It Bears A Gross Similarity To The First.”

33) “Of All Kinds Of Credulity, The Most Obstinate Is That Of Party-Spirit; Of Men, Who, Being Numbered, They Know Not Why, In Any Party, Resign The Use Of Their Own Eyes And Ears, And Resolve To Believe Nothing That Does Not Favor Those Whom They Profess To Follow.”

34) “Nothing Can Be Said About Our Politics That Has Not Already Been Said About Hemorrhoids.”

35) “Politics Is Perhaps The Only Profession For Which No Preparation Is Thought Necessary.”

36) “The Heaviest Penalty For Deciding To Engage In Politics Is To Be Ruled By Someone Inferior To Yourself.”

37) “Politics, N. A Strife Of Interests Masquerading As A Contest Of Principles. The Conduct Of Public Affairs For Private Advantage.”

38) “It Was A Perfectly Beautiful Night, As Fall Nights Are In Washington. I Walked Out Of The President’S Oval Office, And As I Walked Out, I Thought I Might Never Live To See Another Saturday Night.”

39) “Politics, Whatever Its Professions, Has Always Been The Systematic Organization Of Hatreds.”

40) “A Radical Is A Man With Both Feet Firmly Planted In The Air.”

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41) “I Adore Political Parties. They Are The Only Place Left To Us Where People Don’T Talk Politics.”

42) “Only People Who Look Dull Ever Get Into The House Of Commons, And Only People Who Are Dull Ever Succeed There.”

43) “It Is A Vain Hope To Make People Happy By Politics.”

44) “Politics Is Supposed To Be The Second Oldest Profession. I Have Come To Realize That It Bears A Very Close Resemblance To The First.”

45) “A Candidate Could Easily Commit Political Suicide If He Were To Come Up With An Unconventional Thought During A Presidential Tour.”

46) “A Politician’S Words Reveal Less About What He Thinks About His Subject Than What He Thinks About His Audience.”

47) “He Speaks To Me As If I Was A Public Meeting.”

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48) “We Have A Bill Of Rights. What We Need Is A Bill Of Responsibilities.”

49) “I’Ll Show You Obama’S Birth Certificate When You Show Me Sarah Palin’S High School Diploma.”

50) “Politics Is The Art Of Looking For Trouble, Finding It Whether It Exists Or Not, Diagnosing It Incorrectly, And Applying The Wrong Remedy “

51) “In Politics, Absurdity Is Not A Handicap “

52) “Practical Politics Consists In Ignoring Facts “

53) “Nowhere Are Prejudices More Mistaken For Truth, Passion For Reason And Invective For Documentation Than In Politics “

54) “Politics Is The Gentle Art Of Getting Votes From The Poor And Campaign Funds From The Rich, By Promising To Protect Each From The Other “

55) “From The Day To Till The Day There Are Two Humans Living Together They Were And They Will Be Involved In Political Process.”

56) “Political Language Is Designed To Make Lies Sound Truthful And Murder Respectable, And To Give An Appearance Of Solidity To Pure Wind.”

57) “Everything Is Political. I Will Never Be A Politician Or Even Think Political. Me Just Deal With Life And Nature. That Is The Greatest Thing To Me.”

58) “You Have Enemies? Good. That Means You’Ve Stood Up For Something, Sometime In Your Life.”

59) “Vote For The Man Who Promises Least; He’Ll Be The Least Disappointing.”

60) “In Politics, If You Want Anything Said, Ask A Man. If You Want Anything Done, Ask A Woman.”

Funny Political Quotes

Funny Political Quotes Sayings


61) “Politicians Are The Same All Over. They Promise To Build Bridges Even When There Are No Rivers.”

62) “We Contend That For A Nation To Try To Tax Itself Into Prosperity Is Like A Man Standing In A Bucket And Trying To Lift Himself Up By The Handle.”

63) “A Politician Needs The Ability To Foretell What Is Going To Happen Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month, And Next Year. And To Have The Ability Afterwards To Explain Why It Didn’T Happen “

64) “An Honest Man In Politics Shines More There Than He Would Elsewhere – Mark Twain”

65) “Since A Politician Never Believes What He Says, He Is Quite Surprised To Be Taken At His Word “

66) “When Buying And Selling Are Controlled By Legislation, The First Things To Be Bought And Sold Are Legislators “

67) “Mothers All Want Their Sons To Grow Up To Be President But They Don’T Want Them To Become Politicians In The Process “

68) “Those Who Are Too Smart To Engage In Politics Are Punished By Being Governed By Those Who Are Dumber “

69) “Statesmen Tell You What Is True Even Though It May Be Unpopular. Politicians Will Tell You What Is Popular, Even Though It May Be Untrue “

70) “A Politician Thinks Of The Next Election – A Statesman Of The Next Generation “

71) “Now I Know What A Statesman Is; He’S A Dead Politician. We Need More Statesmen “

72) “Suppose You Were An Idiot And Suppose You Were A Member Of Congress …. But I Repeat Myself “

73) “I Have Always Felt That A Politician Is To Be Judged By The Animosities He Excites Among His Opponents.”

74) “Politics Is The Art Of Looking For Trouble, Finding It Everywhere, Diagnosing It Incorrectly And Applying The Wrong Remedies.”

75) “An Empty Stomach Is Not A Good Political Adviser.”

76) “Victory Will Never Be Found By Taking The Path Of Least Resistance.”

77) “Some People Regard Private Enterprise As A Predatory Tiger To Be Shot. Others Look On It As A Cow They Can Milk. Not Enough People See It As A Healthy Horse, Pulling A Sturdy Wagon.”

78) “No Political Party Has Exclusive Patent Rights On Prosperity.”

79) “In Politics, Yesterday’S Lie Is Attacked Only To Flatter Today’S.”

80) “When They Call The Roll In The Senate, The Senators Do Not Know Whether To Answer Present Or Not Guilty.”

81) “Presidents Are Selected, Not Elected.”

82) “A Politician Needs The Ability To Foretell What Is Going To Happen Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month, And Next Year. And To Have The Ability Afterwards To Explain Why It Didn’T Happen.”

83) “Since A Politician Never Believes What He Says, He Is Surprised When Others Believe Him.”

84) “One Of The Hardest Parts Of My Job Is To Connect Iraq To The War On Terror.”

85) “The Politicians Say “We” Can’T Afford A Tax Cut. Maybe We Can’T Afford The Politicians.”

86) “Firearms Are Second Only To The Constitution In Importance; They Are The Peoples’ Liberty’S Teeth.”

87) “To Build May Have To Be The Slow And Laborious Task Of Years. To Destroy Can Be The Thoughtless Act Of A Single Day.”

88) “The Only Problem With Politicians Taking Two Week Vacations Every Year Is It’S About 50 Weeks Too Short.”

89) “Any Man Who Is Under 30, And Is Not A Liberal, Has No Heart; And Any Man Who Is Over 30, And Is Not A Conservative, Has No Brains.”

90) “The Biggest Problem Of This Country Is Not Corruption. It Is Neither Terrorism. The Biggest Problem Of This Country Are Those Young Boys And Girls Who Grow Up In This Country Using Our Country’S Resources And Then Say”

91) “The Courts Of Kings Are Full Of People, But Empty Of Friends.”

92) “A Liberal Is A Man Who Leaves A Room When The Fight Begins.”

93) “The Main Vice Of Capitalism Is The Uneven Distribution Of Prosperity. The Main Vice Of Socialism Is The Even Distribution Of Misery.”

94) “Difference Between Sports And Politics: In Sports, People Talk Less And Do More While, While In Politicians, People Talk More And Do Less.”

95) “Politics Is Almost As Exciting As War, And Quite As Dangerous. In War You Can Only Be Killed Once, But In Politics Many Times.”

96) “You Were Given The Choice Between War And Dishonor. You Chose Dishonor And You Will Have War.”

97) “It Has Been Said That Democracy Is The Worst Form Of Government Except All The Others That Have Been Tried.”

98) “Whoever Coined The Phrase ‘Cheaters Never Prosper’ Was Obviously Ignorant Of The Economic History Of How Rich Countries Acquired Their Wealth.”

99) “Politicians And Sports Coaches Both Need To Be Smart Enough To Master The Game, But Dumb Enough To Think It Matters.”

100) “After A Time, Civil Servants Tend To Become No Longer Servants And No Longer Civil.”

101) “He Knows Nothing; And He Thinks He Knows Everything. That Points Clearly To A Political Career.”

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