TOP 100+ Best Love Whatsapp Status Quotes

By | April 30, 2023

Love Whatsapp Status Quotes : Hello Friends, After Our Latest Collection of Whatsapp Status, Today We are sharing a Latest Collection of Love Whatsapp Status Quotes with You. You can also share these Love Whatsapp Status Quotes with Your Boyfriend or Girlfriends & make them feel Special.

Love Whatsapp Status QuotesLove Whatsapp Status Quotes


1) I Want Vitamin “U”

2) Love Is Blind, Be Careful.

3) Love Took Slow Steps Towards Your Heart!

4) If I Know What Love Is, It Is Because Of You.

5) Love Is A Game That Two Can Play And Both Win.

6) Love Is A Real Drug, That’S Why You’Re My Dealer!

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7) Always Choose To Be In Love, Not To Fall In Love.

8) The Quickest Way To Receive Love Is To Give Love.

9) I Want To Hold You Closer Than The Roots Hold The Earth.

10) Don’T Make Me An Option, When I’Ve Made You My Priority.

11) I Don’T Ask For Much Because With You I Have Everything.

12) Love Is Not About Posssession, Love Is About Appreciation.

13) Gravitation Is Not Responsible For People Falling In Love.

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14) You Don’T Mean Anything To Me… You Mean Everything To Me.

15) Only Love Of A Good Woman Can Make A Bad Man Change Himself.

16) You’Re My True Love: Natural, Irrational And Very Important!

17) My Mom Told Me Angels Are In Heaven, So Why Is She On Earth?

18) I Look At You And See The Rest Of My Life In Front Of My Eyes.

19) And In Her Smile I See Something More Beautiful Than The Stars.

20) God Can Heal A Broken Heart, But He Has To Have All The Pieces.

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21) If U Are Not Interested Then Don’T Cheat Him.. Better Leave Him.

22) Better To Be Alone Than Being With Some1 Who Makes U Feel Alone.

23) You Understand That You’Ve Found True Love Only When You Lose It.

24) Whenever I See Your Text The First Thing Comes In My Mind Is You.

25) You Can’T Be Just Friends With Someone You’Re Madly In Love With.

26) All I Want To Do Is Spend My Life Loving You And Making You Happy.

27) Even Though We Are Million Miles Away. We Will Always Be Together.

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28) True Love = No Doubts + No Jealousy + No Worries Then Life Is Good.

29) If I Give You My Heart, Don’T Lose It. Because I Don’T Make Spares.

30) Email And Texts Will Never Replace Hearing A Voice Or Seeing A Face.

31) If My Love For You Is A Crime, I Want To Be The Most Wanted Criminal.

32) You’Ll Not Be My Prince Until You Make Me Sure That I’M Your Princess.

33) Make Me Fall In Love With You And Show Me If You Are Better Than Other.

34) I Fell In Love With You, Not Because Of Your Looks But For Who You Are.

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35) If A Hug Tell How Much I Love You, I Would Hold You In My Arms Forever.

36) The Person Loves You More Will Fight With You Daily Without Any Reason.

37) The Person Who Makes U Happiest Is The Person Who Can Hurt You The Most.

38) Life Is The First Gift, Love Is The Second, And Understanding The Third.

39) Love Is When You Look Into Someones Eye And See Everything You Ever Need.

40) Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I’M Glad I’Ve Walked This World With You.

41) Always Remember, The People Who Usually Hide Their Feelings Care The Most.

42) Love Is Like The Sun Which Coming Out From The Clouds And Warming Your Soul.

43) Anyone Can Catch Your Eye, But It Takes Someone Special To Catch Your Heart.

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44) Even If I Spent The Whole Day With You, I Will Miss You The Second You Leave.

45) People Come And Go, But Life Is Simply About Seeing Who Cares Enough To Stay.

46) If You Really Love That Person, You Wouldnt Even Think About Cheating On Them.

47) You Are My Life, You Are My Hopes, You Are My Inspiration, You Are My Everything.

48) I’Ll Never Ask You To Change For Me, Because You Are Perfect Just The Way You Are.

49) You Can Push Them Away, But People Who Really Love You Will Always Choose To Stay.

50) You Are The One That Stepped Out Of My Dreams And Showed Me What Love Really Means.

51) There May Be A Million Things To Smile About, But You Are Definitely My Favorite One.

52) True Love Is When She Talks Non- Stop And You Are Still Interested In Listening To Her.

53) My Day Instantly Gets Better When You Text Me. It Lets Me Know That You Want Me Around.

54) When We’Re Together, I Don’T Need Other People And Things. Everything I Need Is The Time.

55) Real Love Can Be Compared With Ufo: All People Talk About It, But Only A Few Have Seen It!

56) No Matter How “Busy” A Person Is…If They Really Love, They Will Always Find The Time For You.

57) Dont Promise Me The Moon Or The Stars, Just Promise You Will Stay Under Them With Me Forever.

58) Life Can Give Us Lot Of Beautiful Persons, But Only One Person Is Enough For A Beautiful Life…♥

59) You Are One Of Those Beautiful Things That Happened To My Life And Made My Life Worthwhile 🙂 🙂.

60) Apologizing Doesn’t Mean You Were Wrong. It Simply Means You Value Your Love And Friendship Over Your Ego.


So, Here was the Our Collection of Best Love Whatsapp Status Quotes. With these Collection We also have Shared a Collection of Love Status for Whatsapp, Love Status for Whatsapp, Love Whatspp Status for Boyfriend, Love Whatspp Status for Girlfriend & Much More. You can also share these Collection with Your Loved Ones.

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