100+ Cute Sweet Love Quotes for You

By | May 7, 2023

Love Quotes for You : Hello Friends ! Today We are sharing a Latest Collection of Love Quotes with You. You can also share these Love Quotes on Whatsapp or Facebook.

Love QuotesCute Sweet Love Quotes for You


1) The Heart Wants What It Wants.

2) You Are What I Need In My Life.

3) You Deserve Love And You’ll Get It.

4) I Love You With Every Beat Of My Heart.

5) I Want Your Heart Because You Stole Mine.

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6) You Have My Whole Heart For My Whole Life.

7) I’ll Never Forget The First Time I Saw You.

8) I Will Love You Until Forever Separated Us.

9) You Can’t Blame Gravity For Falling In Love.

10) The Love We Give Away Is The Only Love We Keep.

Love You Forever Quotes

Love You Forever Quotes


11) I’ve Fallen In Love Many Times…Always With You.

12) Everything I’ve Never Done, I Want To Do With You.

13) Can I Borrow A Kiss ? I Promise I’ll Give It Back.

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14) For You I Was A Chapter, For Me You Were The Book.

15) Every time I See You I Fall In Love All Over Again.

16) Loyalty Is One Of Most Important Things In The World.

17) Where There Is Great Love, There Are Always Miracles.

18) My Day Is Not Complete If I Don’t Tell You I Love You.

Funny Love Quotes Sayings

Funny Love Quotes Sayings


19) I Want To Be Naughty With You For The Rest Of My Life.

20) Distance Isn’t An Issue Because In The End, I Have You.

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21) You Beauty Overwhelms Me And No Words Can Describe That.

22) One Of The Greatest Joys In My Life Is Making You Smile.

Short Quotes about Love23) The Inner Reality Of Love Can Be Recognized Only By Love.

24) What Matters Most To Me Is You. I Live To Make You Happy.

25) I Want To Be Your Favorite Hello And Your Hardest Goodbye.

Deep Quotes about Love26) Love Is Like The Wind, You Cant See It But You Can Feel It.

27) When Someone’s Else’s Sadness Is Your Sadness, That’s Love.

28) I Like It When You Smile But I Love It When I’M The Reason.

29) Be With Someone Who Ruins Your Lipstick – Not Your Mascara.

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30) Love Is Not Only Something You Feel, It Is Something You Do.

31) Don’t Settle For A Relationship That Won’t Let You Be Yourself.

32) Everywhere I Look I Am Reminded Of Your Love. You Are My World.

I Love You more than Quotes33) A Hundred Hearts Would Be Too Few, To Carry All My Love For You.

34) You Are My Perfect Soul Mate Who Brings The Very Best Out Of Me.

35) You May Hold My Hand For A While, But You Hold My Heart Forever !

Unconditional Love Quotes36) All I Want To Do Is Spend My Life Loving You And Making You Happy.

37) I Love You With All My Butt, I Would Say Heart But Butt Is Bigger.

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38) I Plan On Bugging You Every Single Day Fore The Foreseeable Future.

39) I Fell In Love With You. Not For How You Look, Just For Who You Are.

40) Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I’M No Poet, I Just Wanna Kiss You!

41) In Love, There Is Always One Who Kisses And One Who Offers The Cheek.

42) Lovers Don’t Finally Meet Somewhere. They Are In Each Other All Along.

Love Quotes for Her

Love Quotes for Her


43) If I Did Anything Right In My Life It Was When I Gave My Heart To You.

44) There Isn’t One Person In This World That I Want More Than I Want You.

45) I Didn’t Plan It, But You’re The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To Me.

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46) Don’t Let Good Sex Confuse Your Heart And Make You Think You’re In Love.

47) Your Words Are My Food, You Breath Is My Wine. You Are Everything To Me.

48) Missing Someone Is Your Heart’s Way Of Reminding You That You Love Them.

Best Love Quotes Sayings49) The Best Feeling In The World Is Being Love Back By The Person You Love.

50) Have Enough Courage To Trust Love One More Time And Always One More Time.

51) Love Is When The Other Person’s Happiness Is More Important Than Your Own.

52) I Love My Life Because It Gave Me You & I Love You Because You Are My Life.

Cute Love Quotes for Him53) True Love Is Knowing A Person’s Faults, And Loving Them Even More For Them.

54) A Flower Cannot Blossom Without Sunshine, And Man Cannot Live Without Love.

55) I Just Want To Thank You For Being My Reason To Look Forward To The Next Day.

56) Without His Love I Can Do Nothing, With His Love There Is Nothing I Can’t Do.

57) Thank You For Giving Me The Most Wonderful Years And The Most Beautiful Life.

Love Quotes for Him

Love Quotes for Him


58) You Are The Source Of My Joy, The Center Of My World And The Whole Of My Heart.

59) The Happiest I’ve Ever Felt Was That Moment When I Discovered You Loved Me Too.

60) Just When I Think That It Is Impossible To Love You Anymore, You Prove Me Wrong.

61) I Just Want to Hold You Tight In My Arms And Whisper In Your Ear ” I Love You “.

Cute Love Quotes Sayings62) 7.5 Billion Smiles In The World, And Yours Is The One That Set My Heart On Fire.

63) Having You In My Life…Makes Everything So Special And Beautiful… I Love You!

64) Thank You For Healing My Wounds And My Worries. Thank You For Sticking By My Side.

65) Being With You Is Like Having Every Single One Of My Wishes Come True. I Love You!

Love Quotes for Husband

Love Quotes for Husband


66) Please Grow Old With Me And I Promise You That I Will Be Here For You Till The End.

67) It’s True We Don’t Have It As Easy As Ordinary Couples. But This Is No Ordinary Love.

68) The Best Feeling In The World Is Knowing That You Actually Mean Something To Someone.

69) There Is Always Some Madness In Love. But There Is Also Always Some Reason In Madness.

70) My Favorite Place To Be Is Inside Of Your Hugs Where It’s Warm And Loving. I Love You!

Quotes about Love and Life

Quotes about Love and Life


71) For You See, Each Day I Love You More Today More Than Yesterday And Less Than Tomorrow.

72) My Love For You Is So Powerful That Whenever I See You I Want To Kiss You Passionately.

Real Love Quotes73) Don’t Put Your Heart In Someone’s Hand Until You’re Sure They Know How To Hold It Tight.

74) To Love Is Nothing, To Be Loved Something’s. But To Love And Be Loved, That’s Everything.

75) Love Is A Promise, Love Is A Souvenir, Once Given Never Forgotten, Never Let It Disappear.

I Love You Sayings for Him76) When You Touch Someone With Your Spirit, And In Turn They Touch You Soul With Their Heart.

77) I Don’t Need Paradise Because I Found You. I Don’t Need Dreams Because I Already Have You.

78) I Am Obsessed With Your Smile. I Am Obsessed With Your Soul, I Am Intoxicated By Your Love.

79) In This Arithmetic Of Love, One Plus One Equals Everything And Two Minus One Equals Nothing.

80) My Minds Thinks Of You The Second Before I Fall Asleep And As Soon As I Wake Up Each Morning.

81) You Have Replaced My Nightmares With Dreams, My Worries With Happiness And My Fears With Love.

82) Your Eyes Are Like Mirror To Me. I Can See My Soul In Them And I Can Find Love For Me In Them.

83) With The Right Person, You Don’t Have To Work So Hard To Be Happy. It Just Happen Effortlessly.

84) You Are The Sun In My Day, The Wind In My Sky, The Waves In My Ocean, And The Beat In My Heart.

85) Thinking Of You Keeps Me Awake. Dreaming Of You Keeps Me Asleep. Being With You Keeps Me Alive.

Love Quotes for Wife

Love Quotes for Wife


86) Being Deeply Loved By Someone Gives You Strength, While Loving Someone Deeply Gives You Courage.

87) Nothing In This World Compares To The Comfort And Security Of Having Someone Just Hold You Hand.

88) Physical Attractions Are Common, But A Real Mental Connection Is Rare. If You Find It, Hold Onto It.

89) I Don’t Need Love Letters Every Day. Just Smash Me On The Butt And Say ” I’M Glad That Ass In Mine “.

90) If You Love Somebody, Let Them Go. If They Return, They Were Always Yours. If They Don’t, They Never Were.

91) The Best & Most Beautiful Things In This World Can’t Be Seen Or Even Heard, But Must Be Felt With The Heart.

92) Thank You Staying Even If You Had Every Reason To Leave. Thank You For Making It Easier When Life Gets Hard.

93) Somewhere In Between Our Text, Messages Out Phone Calls, Our Jokes Our Laughter, Our Talks…I Fell For You.

94) I Sad That You Were Perfect And So I Loved You. Then I Saw That You Were Not Perfect & I Loved You Even More.

Deep Love Quotes95) When A Girl Cries Over A Guy, It’s Normal. When A Guy Cries Over A Girl, He Will Never Love Another Girl Like Her.

96) Everyone Says You Only Fall In Love Once, But That Not True, Because Every Time I See You I Fall In Love All Over Again.

97) It Doesn’t Matter How The Future Gonna Be, But I’M Never Gonna Stop Loving You. Everything Is Better With You In My Life.

98) When I Miss You, I Read Our Old Conversation, Smile Like Idoit, Listen To Songs That Reminds Me Of You, Then Miss You More.

Quotes about Falling in Love99) Love Is Not About How Many Days, Weeks Or Months You’ve Been Together, It’s All About How Much You Have Each Other Everyday.

100) I Choose You And I’ll Choose You Over And Over And Over. Without Pause, Without Doubt, In A Heartbeat. I’ll Keep Choosing You.

101) I Don’t Know Where I Stand With You And I Don’t Know What I Mean To You. All I Know Is Every Time I Think Of You, I Want To Be You.

102) I’ve Never Been So Scared Of Losing Something In My Entire Life, Then Again Nothing In My Life Has Ever Meant As Much To Me As You Do.

Long Distance Love Quotes103) Every Minute Feels Like An Hour, Every Hour Feels Like A Day, Every Day Feels Like Forever, But I Will Wait Forever And A Day For You.

104) I Love My Eyes When You Look Into Them. I Love My Name You Say It. I Love My Heart When You Touch It. I Love My Life When You Are In It.

Quotes about True Love

Quotes about True Love


105) If You Love Two People At The Same Time, Choose The Second. Because If You Really Loved The First One, You Wouldn’t Have Fallen For The Second.

106) The Best Love Is The Kind That Awakens The Soul, That Makes Us Reach For More, That Plants Fire In Our Hearts And Brings Peace To Out Minds. That’s What I Hope To Give You Forever.


So, Here was the Our Collection of Cute Sweet Love Quotes for You. We also have added a Collection of Love Quotes for Him, Love Quotes for Her, True Love Quotes, Short Funny Love Quotes, I Love You Quotes for Him Her, Family Love Quotes, Falling in Love Quotes, Famous Love Quotes & Much more.

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