200+ Sweet Romantic Love Quotes For Her

By | April 22, 2023

Love Quotes For Her : Hello Friends, After Our Latest Collection We are going to share a Latest Amazing Funny Collection of Love Quotes For Her for You. We have Shared here Most Love Quotes For Her have ever heard. If You’re feeling Sad or Upset in Your Love, Then You should have to read these Love Quotes For Her which will make You Laugh out of Load.

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Love Quotes For Her


1) “Your Angelic Face Leaves Me Breathless.”

2) “On This Day, I Vow To Be Completely Yours Forever.”

3) “Not So Long Ago I Was Alone And Lost, And Then You Came Along And I Was Home. Thank You For Finding Me.”

4) “I Found My Home And Paradise With You.”

5) “Your Voice Is Music To My Ears, Your Smile Is Beauty To My Eyes.”

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6) “I Should Be Parading You Off To The World Each And Every Day, That’S How Much I Worship You.”

7) “I Don’T Care If You’Re Sick, I’Ll Kiss You Because You’Re Worth Catching…”

8) “Surely, I Am Being Rewarded Because I Have You.”

9) “Forever I Am Yours And Eternally You Are Mine.”

10) “We May Not Have All The Things We Want In The World, But We Have The Most Important One Each Other.”

11) “I Loved You, I Love You, I Will Always Love You Forever And Ever.”

12) “You Have Sweetened And Warmed Up My Life.”

13) “You Are The Icing On My Cake, The A To My Ok And The Heart To My Soul.”

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14) “Reaching For Your Hand Brings Me Such Joy And Knowing That You Are Mine Forever Brings Me Peace.”

15) “I’Ve Never Felt So Masculine Until I Met You. You Bring Out The Man In Me.”

16) “You Are The Reason For All Of My Success. You Are My Inspiration And Motivation.”

17) “In Your Smile, I See Something More Beautiful Than The Stars.”

18) “You Are My Heart, My Life, My Entire Existence.”

19) “May You Live As Long As You Wish And Love As Long As You Live.”

20) “Absence Sharpens Love, Presence Strengthens It.”

Good Morning Love Quotes for Her

Good Morning Love Quotes for Her


21) “If You Are Not Too Long, I Will Wait For You All My Life.”

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22) “One Is Loved Because One Is Loved. No Reason Is Needed For Loving.”

23) “You Are My Forever Confidant. My Love For You Will End Never.”

24) “I Love You More Than Words Can Show, I Think About You More Than You Could…”

25) “Every Little Thing You Do, Every Little Thing You Say Contains Magic And Pixie Dust.”

26) “We Are Tangled, Knotted, Locked, And Tied To Each Other Forever.”

27) “Lying In Your Loving Arms Is Heaven On Earth.”

28) “Even If I’M Mad At You, I’Ll Eventually Forgive You. I’Ll Always Come Back To You And Tell You It’S Alright. I’D Rather Make Up And Move On Than Argue.”

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29) “I Love Every Moment Spent With You, Your Love Has Touched My Heart.”

30) “You Are By Far The Most Amazing, Beautiful, Sexy, Loving, Kind And Annoying Woman In The World. I Included That Last One So You Knew That I Was Being Honest!”

31) “Are You A Camera? Because Every Time I Look At You I Want To Smile.”

32) “I Love You More Than I Love Getting Drunk. And I Really, Really Love Getting Drunk.”

33) “I’M Never Ever Giving You Up, I’M Never Ever Leaving You. Instead I’Ll Forever And Ever Love And Cherish You.”

34) “You Need Not Worry About Me, I Am Already In Your Heart.”

35) “It Doesn`T Matter Where You Are Now, Or What You Are Doing, I Still Love You.”

36) “My Love For Him Will Live Even When I Die. It`S Really Timeless.”

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37) “I Don’T Want A Perfect Boyfriend, I Just Want Someone Who Treats Me Well And More Importantly, Loves Me Back.”

38) “I Still Get Butterflies When I See His Name Appear On My Phone.”

39) “Let Us Always Meet Each Other With A Smile, For The Smile Is The Beginning Of Love.”

40) “The Brightness Of My Day Doesn`T Depend On The Amount Of Sunshine. Everything Depends On Your Smile.”

Romantic Love Quotes For Her With Images

Romantic Love Quotes For Her With Images


41) “I Don`T Know Why I`Ve Fallen In Love With You. But I Know For Sure That You Are My Destiny.”

42) “I Will Share All Your Sadness To Make You Cheerful, And All Your Joy To Make You Happy. We Have One Love For Two.”

43) “Life With You Is Tranquil Yet Full Of Surprises And I Am In It For The Long Haul.”

44) “The Power Of Your Smile Should Never Be Underestimated. It Melts My Heart And Touches My Soul.”

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45) “You Are The Winner And The Sole Owner Of My Heart.”

46) “A Man Wants To Be A Woman’S First Love; A Woman Wants To Be His Last.”

47) “Love Is When You Meet Someone Who Tells You Something New About Yourself.”

48) “To Love And Be Loved Is To Feel The Sun From Both Sides.”

49) “The First Duty Of Love Is To Listen.”

50) “At The Touch Of Love, Everyone Becomes A Poet.”

51) “If You Find Someone You Love In Your Life, Then Hang On To That Love.”

52) “In You, I’Ve Found The Love Of My Life And My Closest, Truest Friend.”

53) “One Day, Someone Will Walk Into Your Life And Make You See Why It Never…”

54) “Lucky Me, For I Was There The Day I Met You. You Are The Greatest Woman In All The Universe.”

55) “Maybe It’S True That We Don’T Know What We Have Until We Lose It, But It’S Also True That We Don’T Know What We’Re Missing Until We Find It.”

56) “I Have Completely Fallen For You. Everything You Do, Everything You Say, Everything You Are. I Love You!”

57) “You Know You’Re In Love When You Can’T Fall Asleep Because Reality Is Finally Better Than Your Dreams.”

58) “Kiss Me, Hug Me And Love Me. I Will Return The Favor.”

59) “I Can’T Thank The Heavens More For Having Met You. You Bring So Much Joy Into My Life.”

60) “Let’S Be Sweet Together. You Melt Me Like Chocolate On A Hot Day.”

Short True Love Quotes For Her

Short True Love Quotes For Her


61) “Between Us Is Two Hearts Tied Together By A Thread Of Love That Will Last The Test Of Time.”

62) “You Make Me Wake Up With A Smile On My Face Every Day. You Are The Air I Breathe, The Ticking In My Heart.”

63) “No One Dares Separate The Couple That Went To The End Of The Earth And Embraced After Looking Into Each Other’S Eyes For The First Time.”

64) “You Know Every Fiber Of My Life; All Of My Deepest Secrets. Now, We Can Blackmail Each Other.My Love For You Will Never Change Even After Many Years. I Don’T Care If You Get Old, Or Wrinkles Started To Show On Your Face. For Me, You Are Always Beautiful.”

65) “I Am Always Thinking About You Every Day And Every Night. I Feel Empty And Lonely Whenever You Are Not Here With Me. You Are The Only One I Wish I Could Be With For The Rest Of My Life.”

66) “I Love You Not Only Because You Are Beautiful And Sexy. I Love You Because You Taught Me How To Love And Appreciate Myself More Than Anyone In This World. I Am Now Sure That I Can Love You With All My Heart Without Any Hesitation.”

67) “I Love You More Today Than Yesterday, But Not As Much As Tomorrow.”

68) “Until The Day I Die I Shall Always Carry With Me The Memories Of Your Sweet Face.”

69) “I Was Over The Moon When I Met You, I Was On Cloud Nine When You Said Yes.”

70) “I Now Know That Miracles Do Happen, Because I Met You.”

71) “It Is The Woman That Holds The Key To A Relationship, It Is Her Who Rocks The World Of Her Man.”

72) “I Must Have Been Waiting For You My Entire Life Because When I Saw You There Was A Click.”

73) “Girl, You Are Practically My Dream Come True, The One I Have Been Dreaming About Ever Since.”

74) “I Want To Feel What It’S Like To Love Like You. Take My Hand And Bring Me To Where Your Heart Is.”

75) “I Am Confident That Our Love Will Stay Strong Until The End Of Time. It Was You From The Beginning Who Gave Everything You Could Just To Make Sure That Everything’S Fine. I Am Thankful I Have A Wonderful Partner Like You.”

76) “I Don’T Even Know Where To Begin. From The First Time I Saw You I Knew You Were Special. Up Until This Moment You’Ve Been So Good And Loving To Me. There Is No Doubt That You Love Me More Than Anyone Else.”

77) “It’S Hard For Me To Tell You How I Feel. I Am Afraid That You Would Just Ignore Me Just Like What Others Have Done To Me. But Now I Realized That There’S No Point To Fear. I Will Tell To You What I Wanted To Tell You Long Time Ago….. I Love You.”

78) “My Heart Whispered “That’S’ The One” When I First Saw You.”

79) “The Moment I Saw You, I Knew We Would Be Together Forever.”

80) “You Will Be Mine Forever And Always.”

Beautiful Love Quotes for Her

Beautiful Love Quotes for Her


81) “Knock On The Door To Your Heart, And I Will Be There.”

82) “You’Re Like A Kitten. You Look Into My Eyes And All I See Is You Wanting Endless Love.”

83) “I’M Like A Child On Christmas When I See You. I Never Know What The Day’S Love Will Hold For Us.”

84) “Love Is Like A Lost Object. If You Search Too Hard, You Won’T Find It. But If You…”

85) “Sometimes Your Nearness Takes My Breath Away And All The Things I Want To Say Can Find No Voice. Then In Silence, I Can Only Hope My Eyes Will Speak My Heart.”

86) “What Matters Most To Me Is You. I Live To Make You Happy.”

87) “I Was Made For You. I Was Born For You. I Love You With All My Soul.”

88) “The Chances Of Meeting You On This Planet Are Like Finding A Needle In Haystack. A Miracle Happened When We Found Each Other.”

89) “Forget About Taking Care Of Yourself Because From Right Now I Will Start To Take Care Of You.”

90) “It Was Like You Came Into My Life And Suddenly Everything Changed, My Whole Perspective Became A Whole Lot Different Than It Was.”

91) “I Knew I Was In Love With Her When I Looked At Her And I Felt Happiness Here In My Chest.”

92) “You Are The Most Beautiful Girl I Have Ever Met And No One Else Can Compare To Your Beauty.”

93) “My Love For You Has No Depth, Its Boundaries Are Ever-Expanding. My Love And My Life With You Will Be A Never-Ending Story.”

94) “You May Hold My Hand For A While, But You Hold My Heart Forever.”

95) “You Give Me Hope In My Times Of Trial, Joy In My Saddest Hours And Love In All I Do.”

96) “You’Re Special To Me In Every Way. Thank You For Being Who You Are And For Letting Me Be Myself.”

97) “My Love For You Is A Journey, Starting At Forever And Ending At Never.”

98) “I Love You Because I Love You, Because It Would Be Impossible Not To Love You. I Love You Without Question, Without Calculation, Without Reason Good Or Bad, Faithfully, With All My Heart And Soul, And Every Faculty.”

99) “I Might Not Be Able To Express My Love In Words Because You Take My Breath Away.”

100) “I Wish I Would Have Found You Sooner. I Miss The Time We Didn’T Get To Spend Together.”

Sweet Romantic Love Quotes for Her

Sweet Romantic Love Quotes for Her


101) “I Will Love You Now, When We’Re Old, And When We’Re Long Gone.”

102) “I’Ve Always Dreamed Of Being Your Lover.”

103) “We Were Friends, And I Loved You. We’Re Lovers, And I Love You More.”

104) “You Are The Only Air I Breathe. You Are Ticking In My Heart Like A Little Clock. Yes, You Wake Me Up Every Day, While I Fall Asleep Dreaming Of The Days When I Was Alone. No Longer Am I In Such A Way.”

105) “Love Is When A Man Wipes Away Your Tears, Even When You Left Him Hanging On The Cross For Your Sins.”

106) “We’Re The Epitome Of A Love Story. Our Love Is Boundless And Our Lives Keep Getting Better.”

107) “Your Smile Warms My Heart Even When The World Feels Like It’S Crashing Down On Me.”

108) “I Never Want To Live Without You. If You Live To 100, I Want To Live To 100 Minus One Second, So We Never Have To Be Apart.”

109) “You’Re Special To Every Inch Of My Heart. You Love Me For Me, And I Love You For Being You.”

110) “The Real Lover Is The Man Who Can Thrill You By Kissing Your Forehead.”

111) “Together Is My Favorite Place To Be.”

112) “You Were The One Who Was Always In My Mind And I Knew Then That Was Because I Love You.”

113) “Who Would Have Known That Someone Like Me Would Be Loved By Someone Like You, I Did Not.”

114) “I Am Never Sad Around You. You Fill The World With So Much Joy.”

115) “Even On My Happiest Days; Days Where I Didn’T Think I Could Be Happier; You Always Make Sure I Am Wrong.”

116) “Your Face Is Like A Shining Light That Brightens Up My Day.”

117) “In The Morning, You’Re The First Thing I Think Of. When I Fall Asleep, You’Re The First Picture In My Dreams.You Are A Constant Flame That Will Always Warm My Heart.”

118) “You Give Me Joy When I Am In Times Of Trial.”

119) “Staring At The Moon Each Night, All I Can See Is You – Your Sweet Smile, Your Eyes, Your Beautiful Face. I Know I Am Living My Purpose Well, And That Is To Give You Nothing But My Best.”

120) “I Couldn’T Believe That The Girl I Thought Only Existed In Fairy Tale Now Stood Beside Me. You Are The Most Beautiful Girl I’Ve Ever Seen In My Whole Life. I Promise I Will Never Get Tired Of Loving You.”

Famous Love Quotes for Her

Famous Love Quotes for Her


121) “I Would Be A Broken Man Without You In My Life.”

122) “No Matter Where I Am In Life. No Matter What Happens To Us. I Will Always Think Of You As Happiness. I Would Do It All Over Again And Again.”

123) “My Last Breath Would Be “I Love You.”

124) “Men Search A Thousand Years To Find The Love That We Share Together.”

125) “Your Beauty, Smile And Laugh Is What Brought Us Together. Your Loving Heart Is What Makes Me Want To Spend My Life With You.”

126) “I Smiled Today For No Reason. Then I Realized I Was Thinking Of You, And Smiled Again.”

127) “You Are The Story Behind My Emotions.”

128) “Even If I Fall In Love A Thousand Times, I Will Never Fall The Way I Fell For You.”

129) “No Matter Where You Are In The World, I Will Always Love You.”

130) “My Heart Sinks Every Time I Smile At You Hoping That You Will Always Smile Back.”

131) “In You, I Have Found The Love Of My Life And My Best Friend.”

132) “If Only I Could Kiss And Tell You How Much I Love You, We Would Be Kissing For A Lifetime.”

133) “You Gave Me The Greatest Gift, The Growth Of Love. It Started As A Little Seed And Has Grown Into A Flowering Tree.”

134) “I Am Writing To Declare My Love For You. From The Very First Time That I Saw You Until Now, I Am So In Love With You. You Gave Me Reasons To Smile, To Dream, And To Hope Again.”

135) “No One Could Ever Compare Your Love For Me. I Just Love Being With You All The Time. You Made My Life So Beautiful And I Cannot Think Of Someone Who Could Love Me Like You Do.”

136) “I Love How You Always Have So Much To Say. I Feel So Good Just By Listening To Your Sweet Voice. You Are The Kind Of Girl Worth Spending My Whole Life.”

137) “My Heart Is And Always Will Be Yours.”

138) “Your Love Shines In My Heart As Sun That Shines Upon The Earth.”

139) “I Fell In Love With You Because You Loved Me When I Couldn’T Love Myself.”

140) “Words Fall Short Whenever I Want To Tell You How Special You Are To Me But All I Can Say Is, That My World Is Full Of Smiles Whenever I Think Of You.”

Sexiest Love Quotes For Her

Sexiest Love Quotes For Her


141) “Thank You, My Love, For Always Making Me Feel Like The Most Beautiful Woman In The World.”

142) “Being In Love With You Makes Every Morning Worth Getting Up For.”

143) “You Are The Missing Piece To My Life. You Are The Answer To My Prayers.”

144) “God Gave Me You To Cherish And Treasure Forever.”

145) “Every Moment Spent With You Is Like A Beautiful Dream Come True…”

146) “You Caught Be By The Way You Walk So Perfectly And How Your Hand Fits Mine, My Baby Girl.”

147) “If You Are Brave Enough, Girl, Then You Should Dare To Take My Hand And Show Me Your Heart.”

148) “Girl, I Want To Feel How Amazing It Is To Love You And I Will Show You Just How Much I Do.”

149) “I Wish She Would Give Me The Chance To Let Me Love Her Because What I Feel For Her Is Real.”

150) “Words Can Be Boring, But I Feel Butterflies In My Stomach Every Time You Say You Love Me.”

151) “So Many Reasons Are There To Love You. Your Cute Smile, Your Sweet Laugh, Your Innocence And Your Kind Heart Makes Me Love You.”

152) “Every Love Story Is Beautiful, But Ours Is My Favorite.”

153) “You Mean So Much To Me. You Are The Last Thing I Want To Lose. You Are The Thought I Wake Up To, And The Thought I Fall Asleep To. You Make Me So Happy And Cared For. I Want To Keep You In My Life As Long As Possible. I Love You!”

154) “If I Could Sit Across The Porch From God, I’D Thank Him For Lending Me You.”

155) “I Need You. Because You Make Me Laugh More Than Anyone Else, And I Am The Best Me When I Am With You. And When You’Re Gone, Nothing Feels Right Until You Return.”

156) “I Wish That I Can Love You Forever Until The Sun Finally Decides That It Wants To Resign, You Know.”

157) “Your Smile Can Cause Blindness But Still I Want To See It Every Day If I Am Truly The Reason For It.”

158) “You Are One Of Those Girls That Fall In Love With The Wrong Guy So Let Me Tell You I Am The Right One Of Them All, If You Let Me Show You.”

159) “Maybe It Was Not The Right Thing To Do But Loving You Was The Rightest Feeling I Have Ever Felt.”

160) “I Love You For All That You Are, All That You Have Been, And All You’Re Yet To Be. I Promise To Handle Your Heart With Care And Treasure It With Love.”

TOP Real Love Quotes For Her

TOP Real Love Quotes For Her


161) “A Million Men Can Tell A Woman That She Is Beautiful But The Only Time She’Ll Listen Is When It’S Said By The Man She Loves.”

162) “Meeting You Was A Fate, Becoming Your Friend Was A Choice, But Falling In Love With You Was Beyond My Control.”

163) “To Love Is Nothing. To Be Loved Is Something. But To Be Loved By The Person You Love Is Everything.”

164) “True Love Has A Habit Of Coming Back.”

165) “If You Live To Be A Hundred, I Want To Live To Be A Hundred Minus One Day So I Never Have To Live Without You.”

166) “I Would Rather Spend One Lifetime With You, Than Face All The Ages Of This World Alone.”

167) “Every Person Has To Love At Least One Bad Partner In Their Lives To Be Truly Thankful For The Right One.”

168) “When Love Is Not Madness It Is Not Love.”

169) “You Know It’S Love When All You Want Is That Person To Be Happy, Even If You’Re Not Part Of Their Happiness.”

170) “When Two People Love Each Other, They Don’T Look At Each Other, They Look In The Same Direction.”

171) “When I Saw You, I Fell In Love, And You Smiled Because You Knew.”

172) “The Most Precious Possession That Ever Comes To A Man In This World Is A Woman’S Heart.”

173) “There Comes A Time When You Meet Someone And You Just Want To Make Them Smile For The Rest Of Your Life.”

174) “I Keep Myself Busy With Things To Do But Everytime I Pause, I Still Think Of You.”

175) “Love Is What Makes Two People Sit In The Middle Of A Bench, Even If There Is…”

176) “How Can I Ever Explain How Much You Mean To Me? Words Will Never Be Enough.”

177) “You’Ll Fit Perfectly Snug In My Strong Arms For All Eternity, My Love.”

178) “I Am Reborn When You Kiss Me. I Would Die If You Left Me. The Moments I Am With You Are When I Am Truly Alive.”

179) “The Sweetest Joy In Life Is Your Loving Embrace.”

180) “Our Love Can Overcome Any Obstacle; Withstand Any Storm.”

Top Long Love Quotes for Her

Top Long Love Quotes for Her


181) “I Began To Think Of You As The Most Precious Person To Me The Moment You Came Into My Life.”

182) “The Day I First Met You, I Knew That You Would Be A Big Part Of My Life And How Right I Was.”

183) “A Single Soul Is What Defines Our Love.”

184) “You Know You’Re Special When You Can Make Me Smile Even When I Am Sad.”

185) “The Saying Goes “Love Is For Giving.” So, I Give My Love To You.”

186) “Hearts Are For Beating, But Mine Only Beats For You.”

187) “Falling In Love Is About Finding The True Beauty In A Sea Of Faults.”

188) “I Love Her And That’S The Beginning And End Of Everything.”

189) “I Never Thought You Would Be My Happy Ever After, The One I Will Forever And Always Be With.”

190) “The Stars Cannot Even Outshine You In My Eyes Because For Me You Are The Brightest In The Sky.”

191) “To Be Your Friend Was All I Ever Wanted, To Be Your Lover Was All I Ever Dreamed.”

192) “Within You, I Lose Myself. Without You, I Find Myself Wanting To Be Lost Again.”

193) “To The World, You May Be One Person, But To One Person You Are The World.”

194) “And I’D Choose You; In A Hundred Lifetimes, In A Hundred Worlds, In Any Version Of Realty, I’D Find You And I’D Choose You. “

195) “When I First Met You, I Never Knew You Were Going To Be So Important To Me.”

196) “Because Of You, I Laugh A Little Harder, Cry A Little Less, And Smile A Lot More.”

197) “Your Voice Is My Favorite Sound.”

198) “As I Gazed On Your Sweet Face This Morning I Knew I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life With You.”

199) “I Knew I Was In Love With You Because My Heart Beat Faster And Faster Whenever You’Re Around.”

200) “I Don’T Know Where I Stand With You And I Don’T Know What I Mean To You. All I Know Is Every Time I Think Of You, I Want To Be With You.”



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