200+ Love Failure Quotes Messages with Images

By | April 28, 2023

Love Failure Quotes : Hello Friends ! Today Here We are Sharing a Latest Collection of Love Failure Quotes. Mostly This Quotes Are Used To Student Is Use .I Hope You Like This Quotes.

Love Failure Quotes Messages

Love Failure Quotes Messages


1) “She Will Be Forever In My Heart Even Though We Didn’T Work Things Out.”

2) “The Harder I Try, The Harder It Is To Forget My Lost Love.”

3) “How Do I Breathe And How Will I Live Without Them?”

4) “Someone Swept Your Heart Away And Now You’Re No Longer Mine.”

5) “Sometimes It Pays To Be Critical.”

6) “Loving Someone Who Doesn’T Love You Back Is Like Hugging A Cactus; The Tighter You Hold On, The More It Hurts.”

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7) “To Be Rejected By Someone Doesn’T Mean You Should Also Reject Yourself.”

8) “The Wrong Person Will Never Give You What You Want, But They’Ll Make Sure They Get What They Want From You.”

9) “Sometimes You Have To Let People Go Because They’Re Toxic To You. Let Them Go Because They Take And Take And Leave You Empty.”

10) “Give The Gift Of Your Absence To Those Who Don’T Appreciate Your Presence.”

11) “You Not Wanting Me Was The Beginning Of Me Wanting Myself.”

12) “You Left Without A Reason, So Please Don’T Come Back With An Excuse.”

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13) “I Hate Being Broken.I Hate That I Cannot Go Back.”

14) “They Say When You Are Missing Someone That They Are Probably Feeling The Same, But I Don’T Think It’S Possible For You To Miss Me As Much As I’M Missing You Right Now”

15) “I’M Still Living With You In My Dreams So I Want Eternal Sleep.”

16) “Atleast In My Next Life I Hope You Will Be Mine For Lifelong”

17) “She Was Unstoppable, Not Because She Did Not Have Failures Or Doubts.”

18) “I Am Learning To Trust The Journey Even When I Do Not Understand It.”

19) “I Feel So Far Away From The One I Wish To Hold In My Arms.”

20) “Your Love Brought Me To The Light, And Now That You’Re Gone How Am I Supposed To See?”

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Love Failure Quotes for Boys

Love Failure Quotes for Boys


21) “I Never Claimed To Be A Saint, But Nobody’S Perfect.”

22) “We Used To Be Inseparable And Now We Don’T Talk; We Are Strangers.”

23) “Love Will Find The Way.”

24) “Only You Can Put A Smile On My Face When I Am Sad. And Only You Can Make Me Shed Tears When I Am Mad.”

25) “I Gave You My Love And You Gave Me Heartaches In Return.”

26) “I Believe That No One In This World Can Hurt Me Like The Way You Did When You Walked Away From Me.”

27) “Only Real Men Knows That One Woman Is Enough.”

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28) “If You Don’T Let Your Past Die, Your Past Won’T Let You Live.”

29) “One Day, You’Re Going To Wake Up And Realize That You Should Have Tried.”

30) “I Don’T Hate You. I’M Just Disappointed You Turned Into Everything You Said You’D Never Be.”

31) “It’S Terrible To Lose Someone We Love, But It’S Even Worse To Lose Ourselves While Loving Them.”

32) “If He Makes You Lose Your Family, Lose Your Friends, Lose Your Confidence, Or Lose Your Happiness, Then You Need To Lose Him.”

33) “Respect Yourself Enough To Walk Away From Anything That No Longer Serves You, Grows You, Or Makes You Happy.”

34) “When Someone Treats You As Only An Option, Help Them Narrow Their Choices By Removing Yourself From The Equation. It’S That Simple.”

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35) “Moving On Is One Thing And Accepting That You Failed Me Is Another Thing.”

36) “You Judge My Life Know By What You Think You Know, I Wonder What You Would Say If You Knew What My Life Was Really Like, Judge Me After You Walk In My Shoes.”

37) “Don’T Try To Please Other People If In The End, You Know It Wont Work.”

38) “I Failed Many Times In My Life And I Have Done Things In The Past That I’M Not Proud Of. My Past Is A Part Of Me, But It Doesn’T Define Me.”

39) “Is Having One Of Those Days Where They Feels Like They Can’T Do Anything Right.”

40) “I Can Accept Failure But I Cannot Accept Not Trying.”

Love Failure Quotes Messages for Girls

Love Failure Quotes Messages for Girls


41) “Tears Are Prayers Too. They Travel To God When We Can’T Speak.”

42) “Loves When You Listen To A Song And It Relates 100% Sure To How You Feel.”

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43) “Sometimes People Have To Cry Out All Their Tears, To Make Room For A Heart Full Of Smiles.”

44) “Failures Are A Part Of Life. If You Don’T Fail, You Don’T Learn. If You Don’T Learn, You’Ll Never Change.”

45) “I Hate Being Broken. I Hate That I Cannot Go Back.”

46) “You Should Have Not Let Me Go, If You Can’T Watch Me Be Happy On Someone Else’S Arms.”

47) “Our Story Is My Least Favorite Fairy Tale.”

48) “Sometimes The Words That We Keep In Our Hearts, No Matter How Unmistakable, Are Best Left Unspoken.”

49) “I Think You Still Love Me, But We Can’T Escape The Fact That I’M Not Enough For You.”

50) “I Will Not Try To Convince You To Love Me, To Respect Me, To Commit To Me. I Deserve Better Than That; I Am Better Than That.”

51) “Some Things A Heart Won’T Listen To, I’M Still Holding Out For You.”

52) “It Is Better To Lock Up Your Heart With A Merciless Padlock, Than To Fall In Love With Someone Who Doesn’T Know What They Mean To You.”

53) “Just Because I Let You Go Doesn’T Mean I Wanted To.”

54) “I Bet You’Ll Never Remember What I Will Never Forget.”

55) “Don’T Come Running Back To Me When Other People Start Treating You The Same Way You Treated Me.”

56) “Sometimes After Trying So Hard, U Just Wanna Give Up… Is It Really Worth Trying Anymore??? I Don’T Know..”

57) “A Great Many People Have A Soldier’S Stomach – Everything They Eat Goes To The Front.”

58) “The Child Doesn’T Fail The Parent, It’S The Parent That Fails The Child.”

59) “Take Away All The Pain And Fill My Heart With Love.”

60) “Breaking Me Made Me Tougher And Stronger. Thank You For Leaving Me Behind.”

Love Failure Heart Touching Quotes MessagesLove Failure Heart Touching Quotes Messages


61) “Go On And Fool Me And Pretend That You Love Me.”

62) “Mistakes And Regrets Come With Love.”

63) “I Hate That Feeling Of Being A Disappointment; A Failure To Everyone Around Me. Unfortunately, I Feel Like That Everyday.”

64) “Failure Is Falling Back Into What You Are Comfortable With Instead Of Going For What You Want.”

65) “Life’S So Shit It Makes Wot Comes Out The Dog’S Ass Look Good!”

66) “The Happier And More Cheerful Someone Is On The Outside, The Sadder And More Confused They Are On The Inside.”

67) “We Try, We Fail, We Try, We Fail But The Only True Failure Is When We Stop Trying.”

68) “What’S The Point In All This Screaming,No One’S Listening Any Way.”

69) “Love Did Not Hurt Me, It Is You. You Left Me Broken In Pieces.”

70) “The Saddest Lines Of My Life; I Love You. Because I Know You Can’T Love Me Back.”

71) “It Is Painful To Let You Go, But It Is Harder To Hold On To You.”

72) “Loving You Makes Me Feel Complete, But Seeing You Love Someone Else Makes Me Think I Am Not Worth It.”

73) “I Am Dying Inside When I See My Beloved In Someone Else’S Arms.”

74) “I Just Had A Wake-Up Call, To Never Ever Let You Fall.”

75) “Who I Am As A Guitarist Is Defined By My Failure To Become Jimi Hendrix.”

76) “A Person Who Doubts Himself Is Like A Man Who Would Enlist In The Ranks Of His Enemies And Bear Arms Against Himself. He Makes His Failure Certain By Himself Being The First Person To Be Convinced Of It.”

77) “Success Is Not Built On Success. It’S Built On Failure. It’S Built On Frustration. Sometimes Its Built On Catastrophe.”

78) “Why Am I So Afraid To Lose You When You Are Not Even Mine?”

79) “I Don’T Care For People, Who Don’T Care For Me.”

80) “The Greatest Pain That Comes From Love Is Loving Someone You Can Never Have.”

Love Failure Images with Quotes Messages

Love Failure Images with Quotes Messages


81) “Success Or Failure Is Hinged Not On What You Have Or Haven’T Done But On What You Do Next.”

82) “Sometimes The People That U Don’T Want To Get Hurt Doesn’T Care If They Hurt You!”

83) “How Did I Go From Being So Happy, To So Sad…”

84) “Is Having One Of Those Days Where They Feels Like They Can’T Do Anything Right.”

85) “Going To Keep All Secrets To Myself Since Some People I Can’T Trust”

86) “Life’S So Shit It Makes Wot Comes Out The Dog’S Ass Look Good!”

87) “Is Finally Driven To The Point Were They Finds Comfort In Lies And Shuns The Truth.”

88) “How Did We Go From Talking Everyday To Strangers?”

89) “When I Was Young, I Observed That Nine Out Of Ten Things I Did Were Failures. So I Did Ten Times More Work.”

90) “A Man May Fail Many Times But He Isn’T A Failure Until He Begins To Blame Somebody Else.”

91) “It Is Impossible To Live Without Failing At Something, Unless You Live So Cautiously That You Might As Well Not Have Lived At All, In Which Case You Have Failed By Default.”

92) “To Be Wrong Is Nothing Unless You Continue To Remember It.”

93) “Anyone Who Has Never Made A Mistake Has Never Tried Anything New.”

94) “Try A Thing You Haven’T Done Three Times. Once, To Get Over The Fear Of Doing It. Twice, To Learn How To Do It. And A Third Time To Figure Out Whether You Like It Or Not.”

95) “The Only Way Is To Move On, Because If You Don’T You’Ll Be Suck Where You Are.”

96) “Why Am I So Afraid To Lose You When You Are Not Even Mine?”

97) “Sometimes Things Don’T Happen The Way We Want It.But After The Pain, Failure And Disappointment, We Become Stronger In A Way Those Things Are Blessings.”

98) “I Hate The Moment When Suddenly My Anger Turns Into Tears.”

99) “The Higher You Climb On Love’S Ladder, The Harder You Fall.”

100) “Love Until It Hurts. Real Love Is Always Painful And Hurts; Then It Is Real And Pure.”

Quotes about Love Failure

Quotes about Love Failure


101) “I Honestly Think It Is Better To Be A Failure At Something You Love Than To Be A Success At Something You Hate.”

102) “Smiles And Laughter Serve As Camouflage For My Broken Heart.”

103) “My Hopes And Dreams Died When I Let Him Go.”

104) “It’S Sad To Be Happy Alone.”

105) “You Aren’T The Person I Knew Back Then.”

106) “A Man Must Be Big Enough To Admit His Mistakes, Smart Enough To Profit From Them, And Strong Enough To Correct Them.”

107) “There Are No Failures – Just Experiences And Your Reactions To Them.”

108) “Success Isn’T Permanent And Failure Isn’T Fatal.”

109) “Success Is The Ability To Go From Failure To Failure Without Losing Your Enthusiasm.”

110) “Every Adversity, Every Failure, Every Heartache Carries With It The Seed Of A Greater Or Equal Benefit.”

111) “The Biggest Risk Is Not Taking Any Risk. In A World That Changing Really Quickly, The Only Strategy That Is Guaranteed To Fail Is Not Taking Risks.”

112) “I’M Tired Of Everyone Telling Me About Their Special Person When I Desperately Want One Of My Own.”

113) “Is So Sad To See Vacation Go, It’S Back To School Tomorrow!”

114) “I Feel So Far Away From The One I Wish To Hold In My Arms “

115) “Keeping The Thought Of My Lost Out Of My Mind Is The Hardest Thing I Have To Do.”

116) “It Looks Like You’Re Letting Go Of Our Love, It Hurt So Much I Don’T Want To Know.”

117) “The Most Painful Thing Is When I Walked Away And My Love Didn’T Come After Me.”

118) “Sometimes You Have To Let Go Of Someone To See If There’S Something There To Hold And Hang Onto.”

119) “Goodbyes Make You Appreciate What You Had And Took For Granted.”

120) “I Hope Broken Hearts Will Soon Find Their Way Home.”

Sad Love Failure SMS Messages

Sad Love Failure SMS Messages


121) “It Is Impossible To Live Without Failing At Something, Unless You Live So Cautiously That You Might As Well Not Have Lived At All, In Which Case You Have Failed By Default.”

122) “I Don’T Want The Fear Of Failure To Stop Me From Doing What I Really Care About.”

123) “Success Isn’T Permanent And Failure Isn’T Fatal.”

124) “There’S Always Failure. And There’S Always Disappointment. And There’S Always Loss. But The Secret Is Learning From The Loss, And Realizing That None Of Those Holes Are Vacuums.”

125) “Do Not Be Embarrassed By Your Failures, Learn From Them And Start Again.”

126) “The Pain You Gave Me Today Will Prepare Me For Tomorrow’S Challenges.”

127) “You Said Goodbye And I Walked Away, The Worst Memory I Have To Carry Every Day.”

128) “Maybe This World Isn’T Ours To Share, That’S Why You Left Me Hanging In The Air.”

129) “Forgetting You, I Tried But I Failed, Somehow Your Scent And Your Face Forever In My Heart Are Engraved.”

130) “Holding Back The Tears With All My Might Because It Hurts So Much Deep Inside.”

131) “I Wish I Could Have Given You So Much More.”

132) “Reminiscing Our Loving Days Makes Me Want To Cry.”

133) “Its Better To Be Lonely Then To Be Played By Wrong People.”

134) “I Will Never Stop Caring, But If You Decide To Push Me Away, I Will Go.”

135) “I Like To Listen To Sad Music When I’M Sad To Make Me Double Sad.”

136) “People Are Lonely Because They Build Walls Instead Of Bridges.”

137) “Smile And No One Will See How Broken You Are Inside.”

138) “Loving You Is Not Easy But Letting You Go Is Harder.”

139) “It Hurts To Know That Someone Out There Makes You Smile Like The Way I Used To.”

140) “After Today, There Will Be No More Tears In My Eyes That You Are The Reason For Falling.”

Love-Failure Motivational Quotes Messages

Love Failure Motivational Quotes Messages


141) “The Most Painful Thing Is I Trusted You Too Much And Never Thought That You Would Hurt Me This Much.”

142) “You Knocked My Walls Down And Now I Am Building It Up Again. Stronger So You Can’T Break It Anymore.”

143) “From Strangers To Lovers And Now We Are Lovers Back To Total Strangers.”

144) “I Wish I Could Turn Back Time And Never Made The Mistake Of Loving You.”

145) “Saying Goodbye Is Not Hard, It’S Facing Tomorrow And Moving On That’S Tough.”

146) “Some Friends Only Last But So Long, Then They Step On You Like Dirt.”

147) “You Are A Failure Only When The Desire To Achieve Better For Yourself No Longer Exists.”

148) “Why Be Mean To Animals When They Treat U Better Then People.”

149) “I Feel Crappy Inside,Like Something Just Broke.”

150) “I’Ve Come To Believe That All My Past Failure And Frustrations Were Actually Laying The Foundation For The Understandings That Have Created The New Level Of Living I Now Enjoy.”

151) “Failure After Long Perseverance Is Much Grander Than Never To Have A Striving Good Enough To Be Called A Failure.”

152) “A Man May Fall Many Times, But He Won’T Be A Failure Until He Says That Someone Pushed Him.”

153) “A Life Spent Making Mistakes Is Not Only More Honorable But More Useful Than A Life Spent In Doing Nothing.”

154) “Failures Are Finger Posts On The Road To Achievement.”

155) “I Can Accept Failure, Everyone Fails At Something. But I Can’T Accept Not Trying.”

156) “No Man Ever Achieved Worth-While Success Who Did Not, At One Time Or Other, Find Himself With At Least One Foot Hanging Well Over The Brink Of Failure.”

157) “Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better.”

158) “The Only Real Failure In Life Is Not To Be True To The Best One Knows.”

159) “An Inventor Fails 999 Times, And If He Succeeds Once, He’S In. He Treats His Failures Simply As Practice Shots.”

160) “Our Greatest Glory Is Not In Never Failing, But In Rising Every Time We Fail.”

Love Failure Boy Crying Quotes Messages

Love Failure Boy Crying Quotes Messages


161) “Failure Is Simply The Opportunity To Begin Again, This Time More Intelligently.”

162) “It Isn’T The Bad Memories That Make You Sad, But The Best Ones That You Can’T Bring It Back ..”

163) “Sometimes The People That U Don’T Want To Get Hurt Doesn’T Care If They Hurt You!”

164) “There Is No Hurt In This World Worse Then Feeling Like They Just Doesn’T Give A F..Bad..!”

165) “Why Be Mean To Animals When They Treat U Better Then People”

166) “How Did I Go From Being So Happy, To So Sad…”

167) “The Higher You Climb The Higher You Fall. The Deeper You Love The Deeper You Fall.”

168) “Is Trying Very Hard To Keep It All Together, But Has Run Out Of String And Super Glue.”

169) “I Try And Try But Nothing Is Working Out For Me…”

170) “Wonders Why She Always Has To Screw Things Up When Things Start Going Good..”

171) “I’M Going To Dry My Eyes And Wipe My Tears Right After I Have One Last Cry.”

172) “Out Of All The Goodbyes We Said, This Is The Most Painful.”

173) “You Were The Reason For My Smile, Never Knew You Would Be The Reason For My Tears Too.”

174) “The Day You Turned Your Back On Me, Is The Day You Burned The Bridges For Me To Reach You.”

175) “I Never Asked You To Save Me, I Wanted You To Be There While I Save Myself.”

176) “We Cannot Fix What’S Broken.”

177) “Failure Is The Condiment That Gives Success Its Flavor.”

178) “I Can Accept Failure, Everyone Fails At Something. But I Can’T Accept Not Trying.”

179) “We Need To Accept That We Won’T Always Make The Right Decisions, That We’Ll Screw Up Royally Sometimes—Understanding That Failure Is Not The Opposite Of Success, It’S Part Of Success.”

180) “I Think You Have To Try And Fail, Because Failure Gets You Closer To What You’Re Good At.”

Love Failure Quotes Images for Girls

Love Failure Quotes Images for Girls


181) “Develop Success From Failures. Discouragement And Failure Are Two Of The Surest Stepping Stones To Success.”

182) “I Fell Too Deep And You Let Me Fall. Fall And Shatter Into Pieces.”

183) “I Would Rather Stay Alone Than Be In Love With You Who Will Never Love Me Back.”

184) “I Feel Like My Life Is A Test I Didn’T Study For.”

185) “Sometimes People Have To Cry Out All Their Tears, To Make Room For A Heart Full Of Smiles.”

186) “Is Feeling Like The Weight Of The World Is Sitting On Their Shoulders.”

187) “My Two Most Hated Words..”I Promise”..It Doesn’T Mean $Hit To Me!”

188) “Some Nights I Burn In The Fire Of My Own Thoughts.”

189) “Its Better To Be Lonely Then To Be Played By Wrong People.”

190) “Never Be Afraid To Fail Because Through Failure Comes Success.”

191) “I Haven’T Failed A Thousand Times. I’Ve Simply Found A Thousand Ways That Don’T Work.”

192) “It Must Be Really Sad To Not Be Able To Do Something You Love As The Years Go By.”

193) “Wake Me Up When Things Are Going Right For Once.”

194) “You Are Now Thousand Miles Away And You Took My Heart With You.”

195) “Remembering Your Voice Makes Me Cry, The Tears You Would Never Notice.”

196) “I Cared Too Much And Now I Am Bleeding To Death.”

197) “I Hate The Moment When Suddenly My Anger Turns Into Tears..”

198) “One Of The Hardest Things To Do.Is To Delete Old Messages That Once Meant A Lot To You.”

199) “Sometimes It’S Better To Be Alone. Nobody Can Hurt You!”

200) “The Worst Missing Is Missing Your Own Self Which You Used To Be Once Upon A Time…”



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