TOP Lesbian Quotes about Love and Relationship

By | May 8, 2023

Lesbian Quotes about Love and Relationship : Hello Friends ! Today We are sharing a Latest Collection of Lesbian Quotes with You. You can also share this Collection with Your Loved Ones.

Lesbian QuotesLesbian Quotes about Love and Relationship



1) Sorry Boys, I Prefer Girls.

2) My Prince Charming Is A Princess.

3) He’s A She — And ‘She’ Is Amazing.

4) Eat Me. I’M Pretty Damn Delicious.

5) I’M Girl. I Love A Girl & I’M Okay With That.

Hot Lesbian Quotes

Hot Lesbian Quotes


6) None Of Your Scars Can Make Me Love You Less.

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7) I’M Not As Naughty As You Think. I’M Way Worse.

8) Just Wrap Your Arm Around Me And Never Let Me Go.

9) I Only Want 3 Things : See You, Hug You, Kiss You.

10) I Was Once A Tomboy, Now I’M A Full Grown Lesbian.


Lesbian Relationship QuotesLesbian Relationship Quotes


11) My Slit Gets Its Own Heartbeat Whenever I’M Around You.

12) I Love The Way You Make Me Wet When I Fantasize About You.

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13) I Want Someone Look At Me And Think ” She’s My Happy Ending “.

14) All These Dirty Thoughts About You. In My Mind! Day And Night!

15) Don’t Tell Me It’s A Sin To Be In Love With Her Instead Of Him.

16) I Love To See You In Uncontrollable Pleasure Because Of My Mouth.

17) I Love When You Kiss Me All Over My Body With Your Warm Wet Mouth.

18) You Know, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender – People Are People.

19) Cut The Ending. Revise The Script. The Man Of Her Dreams Is A Girl.

20) We All Want That Person Who Can Erase The Stress From The Day With.

Lesbian Quotes for Your Girlfriend

Lesbian Quotes for Your Girlfriend


21) All I Want Right Now Is Your Lips And Your Hips Pressed Against Mine.

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22) Don’t Hate Me Because I’M Lesbian, Hate Me Because I Stole Your Chick.

23) The More Boys I Meet, The More I Realize That Yeah I’M Sure A Lesbian.

24) Love Has No Gender. Compassion Has No Religion. Character Has No Race.

25) I Was So Wildly Attracted To Her That I Could Feel Myself Going Insane.

26) You Don’t Fall In Love With The Gender. You Fall In Love With The Person.

27) You’re The Girl That I’ve Been Dreaming Of, Ever Since I Was A Little Girl.

28) I Just Want To Thank You For Being My Reason To Look Forward To The Next Day.

29) I Am A Strong, Black, Lesbian Woman. Every Time I Say It, I Feel So Much Better.

30) Staring At Her And Thinking, ‘How Did A Girl Like Her End Up With A Girl Like Me?

Lesbian Love Quotes

Lesbian Love Quotes


31) There Is No Word In Our Language That Can Describe Us. How We Feel For Each Other.

32) Love Is Such An Amazing Feeling That These Lesbian Love Quotes Can’t Express Fully.

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33) Find A Heart That Will Love You At Your Worst And Arms That Will Hold You At Your Weakest.

34) I Became A Lesbian Because Of Women, Because Women Are Beautiful, Strong, And Compassionate.

35) Claim Her, Love Her, Fuck Her, Spoil Her, Be Faithful To Her, Trust Her & She Will Remain Yours.

36) She Loves Me For The Way I Never Leave Her And I Love Her For The Thousand Secret Ways She’s Makes Me Stay.

37) I’M Never Alone, I’M Serious.. Because, She Is With Me And In My Heart, And Will Be There Forever, Engraved ♥.

38) I’D Take Off Your Clothes; Fast Enough To Not Give You Time To Reconsider, But Gently, While Kissing Your Lips.

39) I Loved Her For The Way She Danced With My Angels But For The Way The Sound Of Her Name Could Silence My Demons.

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40) As I Stare At You This Very Moment, I Had Realized You’re Still The One I Wanna Fall For, Every Second From Now.

Cute Lesbian Quotes

Cute Lesbian Quotes


41) I Think I Need To Take Frequent Breaks From Kissing Your Body To Return To Your Lips, Kissing You Feels So Good.

42) I Cannot Lose You Because If I Ever Did I’D Have Lost My Best Friend, My Soul Mate, My Smile, My Laugh, My Everything.

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