TOP 50+ Jesus Quotes from the Bible

By | March 7, 2023

Jesus Quotes : If a person wants to live a life full of good deeds only by putting himself away from the sins then there is probably no good way to do it but by following his Religion truly. Its because every Religion show us the Path to the Heaven by helping us do good deeds. If you are a christian then Jesus should be the most important figure in your life if you want a happy afterlife. Remembering Jesus is a very important part of making Jesus happy so that he forgets all your sins and show you the right way at every point of your life. Going to church is always the best option for this kind of purpose but you can do it anywhere also because Jesus is Everywhere. If you uses a lot of Social Media and posts daily then you can post a few status about Jesus also so that others can also understand the true meaning of life and the importance of Jesus in life. It can be a really difficult Task to find some good Jesus Quotes on the internet but you don’t need to worry because we have already finished the hard work for you by collecting all the best Jesus Quotes from all over the internet and provide them to you on this very page only. All you have to do is to choose the best Jesus Quote out of these Top Jesus Quotes and update it on your Status on Social Media or Send it to any of your Friend. Its guaranteed that you will not be able to find a better collection of Jesus Quotes anywhere else on the Internet. We request you to share our collection of Best Jesus Quotes with your Friends and Family Members. Hope you liked our Collection of Best Jesus Quotes.

Jesus Quotes from the BibleJesus Quotes from the Bible


1) Refrain From Anger, And Forsake Wrath !

2) I Am The Way And The Truth And The Life.

3) For My Yoke Is Easy And My Burden Is Light.

4) Rejection Is An Opportunity For Your Selection.

5) Gods Mercy Is Bigger Than Any Of Your Mistakes.

6) You Are Commissioned To Save Men, Not To Judge Them.

Jesus Inspirational Quotes

Jesus Inspirational Quotes


7) Those Who Trusts In The Lord Will Find New Strength.

8) Anything Under God’S Control Is Never Out Of Control.

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9) There’S No ‘Ifs’ Among Believers. Anything Can Happen.

10) And Know That I Am With You Always; Yes, To The End Of Time.

11) All My Authority In Heaven And On Earth Has Been Given To Me.

12) Each Of Us Is An Innkeeper Who Decides If There Is Room For Jesus.

13) Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled. Trust In God; Trust Also In Me.

14) But Jesus Said Unto Them, They Need Not Depart; Give Ye Them To Eat.

Quotes About Jesus

Quotes About Jesus


15) Let The One Among You Who Is Without Sin Be The First To Cast A Stone.

16) Go Seek For The Sinners; Find The Downhearted And Comfort The Anxious.

17) It Is Not How Much We Have, But How Much We Enjoy, That Makes Happiness.

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18) Embrace This God-Life. Really Embrace It And Nothing Will Be Too Much For You.

19) The Only Hope For This Or Any Other Society Is To Hear The Word Of The Lord And Obey.

20) To Be Christian Without Prayer Is No More Possible Than To Be Alive Without Breathing.

Jesus Loves You Quotes

Jesus Loves You Quotes


21) Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone But By Every Word That Proceeds From The Mouth Of God.

22) Love The Lord Your God With All Your Heart And With All Your Soul And With All Your Mind.

23) Prayer Is The Breath, The Watchword, The Comfort, The Strength, The Honor Of A Christian.

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24) God Doesn’T Expect Us To Solve All The World’S Problems. He Expects Us Not To Create Them.

25) Jesus Gives Us Hope Because He Keeps Us Company, Has A Vision And Knows The Way We Should Go.

Quotes about Jesus Christ

Quotes about Jesus Christ


26) The Time Has Come, The Kingdom Of God Is At Hand. Change Your Ways And Believe The Good News.

27) A New Command I Give You: Love One Another. As I Have Loved You, So You Must Love One Another.

28) For Those Who Exalt Themselves Will Be Humbled, And Those Who Humble Themselves Will Be Exalted.

29) Seek First His Kingdom And His Righteousness, And All These Things Will Be Given To You As Well.

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30) Jesus Said To Them Again, Peace Be With You. As The Father Has Sent Me, Even So I Am Sending You.

31) My Son, Conduct Your Affairs With Humility, And You Will Ve Loved By Those Who Are Acceptable To God.

32) Do Not Be Anxious About Tomorrow. For Tomorrow Will Be Anxious For Itself. Let The Day’S Own Trouble Be Sufficient For The Day.

Jesus Quotes about Love

Jesus Quotes about Love


33) I Am The Vine; You Are The Branches. The One Who Remains In Me And I In Him Produces Much Fruit, Because You Can Do Nothing Without Me.

34) Hope Begins In The Dark, The Stubborn Hope That If You Just Show Up And Try To Do The Right Thing, The Dawn Will Come. You Wait And Watch And Work: You Don’T Give Up.

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35) Then Jesus Went About All The Cities And Villages, Teaching In Their Synagogues, Preaching The Gospel Of The Kingdom, And Healing Every Sickness And Every Disease Among The People.

36) The Father In Heaven Loves His Children, And Therefore Should You Learn To Love One Another; The Father In Heaven Forgives You Your Sins; Therefore Should You Learn To Forgive One Another.

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So, Here was the Our Collection of Jesus Quotes from the Bible. With this Collection We also have Included a Collection of Jesus Christ Quotes, Quotes about Jesus, Jesus Quotes about Love, Jesus Inspirational Quotes, Thank You Jesus Christ, Christmas Jesus Quotes, Jesus Images with Quotes & Much More.

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