TOP Insult Quotes for Destroy Your Enemies & Best Friends

By | February 1, 2023

Insult Quotes for Destroy Your Enemies & Best Friends : Even when you are using insult quotes, you should be very careful. Try to use quotes that are intelligent and witty. Such quotes imply a double meaning or a hidden meaning which you can twist if the other person to whom you sent gets really mad at you. If you are looking for those perfect insult quotes to put the other person down after any heated argument then you should definitely visit our website. Here, we have stocked for you the best of the insult quotes which will hit the other person exactly the way you wanted to hit.

Insult Quotes

Insult Quotes


1) You’re like Mondays, nobody likes You.

2) The universe is laughing behind your back.

3) I’m not insulting You. I’m describing You.

4) You’re as useless as the “ueue” in “queue”.

5) Bit#h, Even my farts have more I.Q than You.

6) A graceful taunt is worth a thousand insults.

7) You face could scare the shit out of a toilet!

8) Someday You’ll go far & I hope You stay there.

9) Stupidity is not a crime, So You’re free to go.

10) If I had a face like Yours, I’d sue my parents.

11) I’d agree with Your but the We’d both be wrong.

12) An injury is much sooner forgotten than an insult.

13) People forget injuries, they don’t forget insults.

14) An injury is much sooner forgotten than an insult.

15) You’re the reason the gene pool needs a lifeguard.

16) Aha! I see the fuck-up fairy has visited us again!

17) Don’t force Yourself to fit where You don’t belong.

18) It’s okay to be ugly…but aren’t You overdoing it!

Funny Insult Quotes

19) If you ran like Your mouth, You’d be in good shape.

20) The only positive thing about You is Your HIV status.

21) For You to insult me, I must first value Your opinion.

22) People like You are the reason We have middle fingers.

23) Never forgot Your insult. It has seeds of Your success.

24) Never insult an alligator until You’ve crossed the river.

25) Mirrors can’t talk, Luck for You they can’t laugh either.

26) Hey, You have something on Your chin…No, the 3rd one down.

27) Some people just need a hug…with my hand around their neck!

28) Can I borrow Your brain for half an hour, I’m building an idiot.

29) I would tell You to go to hell but I don’t want to see You there.

30) I’m actually a really nice person. I just don’t like other people.

31) I’m sorry What language are you speaking? It sounds like bullshit.

32) Everyone’s entitled to be stupid, but You’re abusing the privilege.

33) If I wanted to kill myself, I’d climb your ego and jump to Your IQ.

34) If laughter is the best medicine, You face must be curing the world.

35) What’s the point of putting on makeup. A monkey is gonna stay monkey.

36) If I had a dollar for every time You said something smart, I’d be broke.

37) Your only chance of getting laid is to crawl up a chicken’s but and wait.

38) So, a thought crossed your mind? Must have been a long and lonely journey.

39) It isn’t that I’m not a people person, I’m just not a stupid people person.

40) Is Your ass jealous of the amount of shit that just came out of Your mouth?

41) They broke the wrong parts of me. They broke My wings and forgot I had claws.

42) I’m sorry if You don’t like my honesty, but to be fair, I don’t like Your lies.

43) I’m glad to see you are not letting education get in the way of your ignorance.

44) When You really want to insult someone without making them realize, use sarcasm.

45) Oh, You are dating my Ex? Cool. I’m eating a sandwich. Want those leftovers too?

46) My mom says pig don’t eat biscuits…So I better take that one out of Your hand.

47) You must have been born on a highway because that’s where most accidents happen.

48) Wow! You have a huge pimple in between Your shoulders! Oh, wait that’s Your face.

49) I love it when someone insults me. That means that I don’t have to be nice anymore.

50) When You ere born the doctor threw You out the window and the window threw You back.

51) It’s not the lie that bothers me. It’s the insult to my intelligence that I find offensive.

52) You are so beautiful, sweet and faithful…It’s really a pity that I don’t love the animal!

53) I’m sorry, I hurt Your feelings when I called You stupid. I really thought You already knew.

54) When I see Your face there’s not a thing I would change…except the direction I was walking in.

55) I love what You’ve done with Your hair. How do You get it to come out of the nostrils like that?

Funny Quotes Insult Best Friend

Funny Quotes Insult Best Friend

56) Sweety! Don’t be proud, If every boy wants You! Always remember, Cheap items have too many buyers!


Don’t Insult Quotes


57) Sometimes what may as a joke to some can be an insult to others.

58) They insult you because they are insecure of something that they are lacking.

59) The only thing You change by insulting someone is the respect they have for you.

60) You will find that silence or very gental words are most exquisite revenge for insult.

61) It takes a million compliments to build You up. And one insult to send it all crashing down.

62) People don’t understand that even the little insults can harm us just as much as the big ones.

63) Don’t compare Yourself with anyone in this world. If You are doing so, You are insulting yourself.

64) You can be nice to someone & they will still forget You, but insult them and they wil never forget it.

65) Keep on criticizing, insulting and judging other people, Someday someone will do the same to You. Karma exists.

66) Insulting others is never a way of correcting them. Instead it causes more damage & proves that we need help ourselves.

67) When the fear of insults, will no longer be there, no one will insult you. That is indeed the rule. The transactions will continue as long as there is fear. When the fear leaves, the transactions will end.

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