150+ Funny Cute Instagram Bios Quotes Status Ideas

By | February 18, 2023

Instagram Bios Quotes : Social Media has become a very important part of everyone’s life these days. Its like we are living two different lives, one offline and one online. We try to be at our best in our Social Media life or Online life. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter are all good social media but Instagram is one of the best ways to show our good looks and tell people a lot about yourself through great Bios. A lot of people put up great bios on Instagram and we just wonder that where the hell did they get these bios because they are awesome. If you are also one of the guys who use Instagram but doesn’t have a great bio. Well, you don’t need to worry anymore because we have created the best Insta Bios for your Instagram profile. Just scroll through this page and select the best Instagram bio for yourself from our collection of Instagram Bios. Our collection does not only contain great Insta Bios but also great Instagram Status ideas so that you can grab more followers and get more likes than anybody else of your friends. Tell about yourself to your Insta followers in a great way now so that they get impressed by you through our Great Instagram Bio ideas. If you use any of the Instagram Bio from our collection of Instagram Bios then we are pretty sure that your followers will increase at a much faster rate than usual. Help yourself become famous on Instagram through our collection of Instagram Bios Quotes Status ideas. Live your Social Media life like a pro now and forget the days when you used to get only a few post likes and Instagram followers. Use our Instagram Bio ideas and change your Instagram Profile in an amazing way.  Hope you like our Collection of Best Instagram Bios Quotes Status Ideas.

Instagram Bios Quotes Status IdeasInstagram Bios Quotes Status


1) “It’S Funny How When I’M Loud, People Tell Me To Be Quiet. But When I’M Quiet, People Ask Me What’S Wrong With Me.”

2) “If You Obey All The Rules, You Miss All The Fun.”

3) “I Work For Money, For Loyalty Hire A Dog.”

4) “Sometimes You Just Need Some Space… To Fart.”

5) “So Many Books, So Little Time.”

6) “Be The Change You Wish To See In The World.”

7) “I Don’T Make Mistakes, I Date Them.”

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8) “Stupidity Is Not A Crime, So You’Re Free To Go.”

9) “The Secret To Creativity Is Knowing How To Hide Your Sources.”

10) “I’M Here To Avoid Friends On Facebook.”

11) “I Have Instagram, Twitter, And Facebook. I Guess That Makes Me An Instant Twit Face.”

12) “I’M Not Sure How Many Problems I Have Because Math Is One Of Them.”

13) “Whenever I Have A Problem, I Sing. Then I Realize My Voice Is Worse Than My Problem.”

14) “When You’Re Stressed, You Eat Ice Cream, Cake, Chocolate And Sweets.”

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15) “Beauty Only Gets Attention, But Personality Captures The Heart.”

16) “The Happier You Are The More Beautiful You Become.”

17) “Generally, The Path Of Least Resistance Appeals. Also, I Am Excellent At Parallel Parking.”

18) “Hard Work Never Killed Anyone, But Why Take The Chance?”
19) “If Life Hands You Lemons, Break Out The Tequila!”

20) “Being Yourself Is The Prettiest Thing You Can Be.”

21) “When I Walk Into A Room Full Of People, I Always Look For Him First.”

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22) “It Sucks, Doesn’T It? Feeling Like You’Re Not Good Enough.”

23) “Beauty Beings The Moment You Decide To Be Yourself.”

24) “Bald. Often Unreliable. Easily Distract.”
25) “Guide On How To Be Happy: Step 1- Delete The Toxic People In Your Life. End Of Guide.”

26) “Chocolate Doesn’T Ask Questions, Chocolate Understands.”

27) “Beauty Is Being The Best Possible Version Of Yourself On The Inside And Out.”

28) “I’M No Beauty Queen, I’M Just Beautiful Me.”

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29) “I Need Patience. Now!”

30) “I Talk Like A Baby And I Never Pay For Drinks.”

31) “If You’Re Not Wasted, The Day Is!”

32) “There. I Joined Instagram. Happy Now?”

33) “I Am Not On Instagram. Go Do Something Useful.”

34) “I Am So Poor, I Can’T Even Pay Attention.”

35) “I’M Not Beautiful Like You. I’M Beautiful Like Me.”

36) “Be You, Because Everyone Else Is Already Taken.”

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37) “Do Not Try To Be Someone Who Is Completely Different From The Inner You.”

38) “I Smile Because I Have No Idea What Is Going On.”

39) “I Hope One Day I Love Something The Way Women In Commercials Love Yogurt.”

40) “Every Day I Smile And Act Like Nothing’S Wrong. It’S Called Putting Everything Aside And Simply Being Strong.”

41) “My Hobbies Are Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner 😉”

42) “God Bless This Hot Mess.”

43) “I Was Having A Pretty Crappy Day, But Then I Said Hi To You And Everything Changed.”

44) “You Fall In Love With The Most Unexpected Person At The Most Unexpected Time.”

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45) “I Think It’S Weird If A Girl Doesn’T Have An Instagram Nowadays.”

46) “Instagram Is Like Twitter, But It Is For People Who Can’T Read!”

47) “When You’Re Downie Eat A Brownie.”

48) “Living Vicariously Through Myself.”

49) “Normality Is A Paved Road. It’S Comfortable To Walk, But No Flowers Grow.”

50) “There Are Two Different Kinds Of People In This World… And I Don’T Like Either Of Them.”

51) “Live A Life Where Happiness Is A Precondition.”

52) “Warning: Goes Into Survival Mode When Tickled At All.”

53) “I Am A Girl, I Am Smart, I Am Strong, I Can Do Anything.”

54) “Don’T Judge Me: I Was Born To Be Awesome, Not Perfect.”

55) “You Were Given This Life Because You Are Strong Enough To Live It.”

56) “Hard Work Never Killed Anyone, But Why Take The Chance?”

57) “Having A Soft Heart In A Cruel World Is Courage, Not Weakness.”

58) “I’M Not Crazy, My Reality Is Just Different Than Yours.”

59) “Happiness Belongs To The Self Sufficient.”

60) “Once You Learn The Rules Of The Game, Try To Play Better Than Everyone Else.”

61) “Light Travels A Lot Faster Than Sound Does. That’S Why People Appear Smart Before They Speak.”

62) “I’Ve Realized It’S Better To Be On Your Own. That Way No One Can Ever Hurt You.”

63) “Don’T Follow Me Because I Don’T Even Know Where I’M Going.”

64) “I’M Here To Avoid Friends On Facebook 😉”

65) “Just Because My Path May Different, Doesn’T Mean That I Am Lost.”

66) “You’Ll Miss One Hundred Percent Of The Shots You Don’T Take.”

67) “Dance Like Nobody’S Watching, That’S What I’M Doing Anyways.”

68) “My Opinions May Have Changed, But Not The Fact That I’M Right.”

69) “I’M Not Crazy, My Reality Is Just Different Than Yours.”

70) “You May Have Seen A Lot Of Beautiful Faces But Here’S A Beautiful Soul Waiting For You.”

71) “Wherever I Go And Whenever I Go, I Just Want To Spread Sparkling Happiness Around.”

72) “My Goal Is To Create A Life That I Don’T Want To Take A Vacation From.”

73) “There Are So Many Beautiful Reasons To Be Happy.”

Cute Instagram Bios Quotes Status Ideas

Cute Instagram Bios Quotes Status Ideas


1) “Follow Me And Get Some Really Chubby Pics.”

2) “That Cool Moment When I Feel Proud….When A Girl Asks “Are You On Instagram?”

3) “On The Off Chance That I Could Whole Up My Life In One Line I Would Pass On Of Humiliation”

4) “I Am Cool But Global Warming Made Me Hot.”

5) “Netflix, Youtube, Food, My Bed, Perfection.”

6) “Some People Are Alive Only Because It’S Illegal To Kill Them.”

7) “I Looked At My Instagram Photos And Realized I Look Beautiful.”

8) “I Am Half-Sane And Sleep Deprived.”

9) “Making History.”

10) “Passing My Time Writing A Bio.”

11) “I’M Not Special, I’M Limited Edition.”

12) “Better An Oops Than A What If.”

13) “Life Is Too Short. Don’T Waste It Reading My Instagram Bio….”

14) “When I Was Born, I Was So Surprised That I Didn’T Talk For Two Years!”

15) “Don’T Be Afraid To Be The Full Package.”

16) “When Nothing Seems Right….Go Left!! Lol”

17) “You Can’T Process Me With A Normal Brain B’Coz I Am Too Mad.”

18) “I Am Born At A Very Young Age.”

19) “I Wish That I Could Put My Status To What I Am Really Thinking…”

20) “I Am Known At The Gym By My “Before Picture.”

21) “Remember That Guy That Gave Up? Neither Does No One Else.”

22) “If You Don’T Mind, It Doesn’T Matter #Lol.”

23) “When Someone Says, “You’Ve Changed”, It Simply Means You’Ve Stopped Living Your Life Their Way.”

24) “Love May Be Blind, But Marriage Is A Real Eye-Opener @-@.”

25) “I Have To Be Funny Because Being Hot Is Not In My Dictionary.”

26) “Worst Two Minutes Of My Life When I Tried To Be Normal.”

27) “I’M On Energy Saving Mode.”

28) “I Love You With The Breath, The Smiles And The Tears Of All My Life.”

29) “Distance Is Suck… My Mum Is So Far Away From Kitchen “

30) “Success Is In My Blood.”

31) “I Am 10, On The Ph Scale, Maybe. Cuz I Am Basic”

32) “Problem Solver. Social Media Fanatic. Passionate Travel Guru.”

33) “By Grace Through Faith. Beautiful.”

34) “A Caffeine-Dependent Life-Form”

35) “We Live In A Society Where Pizza Gets Into Our House Before The Police.”

36) “Keeping It Simple And Living Life With Zero Regrets.”

37) “Be Yourself; Everyone Else Is Already Taken.”

38) “Yesterday, I Changed My Wifi Password To “Hackitifyoucan”; Today, Someone Changed It To “Challenge Accepted”.”

39) “Beer Is Proof That God Loves Us And Wants Us To Be Happy.”

40) “Best $$ Of Me Is Yet To Come.”

41) “Buddy, Can You Paradigm?”

42) “I’M Cool, But Global Warming Made Me Hot.”

43) “I Rate Myself 10/10 B’Coz I Am Too Basic.”

44) “Following Me Is Easy, Unfollowing Me Is Impossible.”

45) “Turn That Blue Follow Button To White.”

46) “I Am Another Precious Stone Whose Importance Is Yet Not Discovered.”

47) “You See, Everyone Has A Story But Mine Is A Mystery.”

48) “Reality Is Finally Better Than Your Dreams.”

49) “Trying To Be A Rainbow In Someone’S Cloud.”

50) “I Need A Six Month Holiday, Twice A Year.”

51) “Simple During Childbirth, Computerized By Outline.”

52) “I Want A Cute, Long Relationship Where Everyone Will Say Damn They’Re Still Together?”

53) “Just A Cupcake Looking For A Stud Muffin.”

54) “I’Ve Fallen In Love Many Times Always With You.”

55) “Eat…Sleep….Regret…Repeat.”

56) “Web Buff. Devoted Tv Expert. Entrepreneur. Travel Fanatic.”

57) “God Gave Me A Lot Of Hair, But Not A Lot Of Height”

58) “Probably The Most Talented Tv Binge Watcher You’Ll Find.”

59) “I Trust One Day I Cherish Something The Route Ladies In Plugs Love Yogurt”

60) “Eating An Entire Apple Center In Light Of The Fact That You Can’T Be Tried Setting Off To The Container, Let It Be Known, You’Ve Done It.”

61) “Who Else Are You Going To Follow? Really?”

62) “Someday, There’S Going To Be An Updated Version Of Me.”

63) “If I Delete Your Number, You’Re Basically Deleted From My Life.”

64) “Welcome To My Instagram Feed, Where People Come To Enjoy Me.”

65) “One Tequila, Two Tequila, Floor.”

66) “When We Met There Was Romance In The Air, A Sense Of The World Stopping Still”


Funny Instagram Bios Quotes StatusFunny Instagram Bios Quotes Status


1) “Mermaids Don’T Do Homework.”

2) “Things You Deserve: A Good Life, Good Sleep, A Good Man.”

3) “I’M 99% Angel, But Oh, That 1%…”

4) “Don’T Be Afraid To Be The Full Package.”

5) “They Say Tongue Is The Strongest Muscle Of The Body. Wanna Fight?”

6) “Did You Swallow Magnets? ‘Cause You Are Attractive!”

7) “Kiss Me If I’M Wrong But Dinosaurs Still Exist? Right?”

8) “Good Samaritan, Washed-Up Athlete, Especially Gifted Napper.”

9) “Adulthood Is Mostly Being Tired And Wishing You Hadn’T Made Plans.”

10) “I Love Saying The Things That Are Better Left Unsaid.”

11) “Sit With Winners, The Conversation Will Be Different.”

12) “I Miss You Like An Idiot Misses The Point.”

13) “I Have Instagram, Twitter, And Facebook. I Guess That Makes Me An Instant Twit Face.”

14) “Absolutely Awkward, Proudest Of Nerd & Geek, Decreaser Of World Sucking.”

15) “I Recently Gave Up Warcraft So My Productivity, And Drinking, Have Increased Dramatically.”

16) “Coffee-Drinker, Ereader Addict, Blogger. I’M Very Busy And Awesome.”

17) “When I Was Rome.. I Did What The Romans Did.”

18) “I Got Back With My Ex… Box 360”

19) “I Absolutely Hate Instagram, And Anything Else Having To Do With Hashtags.”

20) “I’M Really A Giant Cupcake. Afraid Of Roller Coasters And Dry Ice.”

21) “I Will Go Into Survival Mode If Tickled.”

22) “A Man Of Mystery And Power, Whose Power Is Exceeded Only By His Mystery.”

23) “Proud Supporter Of Messy Hair And Sweatpants.”

24) “Emotionally Stable, As An Ikea Table.”

25) “Don’T Be Ashamed Of Who You Are. That’S Your Parents’ Job.”

26) “Where The Hell Am I, And How Did I Get Here?”

27) “Trying To Elevate Small Talk To Medium Talk.”

28) “Coffee-Drinker, E-Reader Addict, Blogger. I’M Very Busy And Awesome.”

29) “Pour Yourself A Drink, Put On Some Lipstick, And Pull Yourself Together.”

30) “You Can’T Fix Stupid, No Matter How Much Duct Tape You Use Over Their Mouth!”

31) “Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain.”

32) “Currently Starring In My Own Reality Show Titled, A Modern Cinderella; One Girl’S Search For Love And Shoe.”

33) “Fabulous Ends In “Us.” Coincidence? I Think Not.”

34) “I’M Only Pretending To Be Me.”

35) “Just A Cupcake Looking For A Stud Muffin.”

36) “’M Here To Avoid Friends On Facebook.”

37) “Some People Are Alive Only Because It’S Illegal To Kill Them.”

38) “When You’Re Downie, Eat A Brownie.”

39) “I Wonder How Many Miles I’Ve Scrolled With My Thumb..”

40) “My Life Was Changed By A Train.”

41) “I Put The Hot In Psychotic.”

42) “Super Cali Swagilistic Hella Dopeness.”

43) “I’M Cool, But Global Warming Made Me Hot.”

44) “I Hold The Key To The Secrets Of The Universe. I Just Can’T Find The Lock.”

45) “You Have To Sift Through A Lot Of Gold To Find My Dirt.”

46) “I Hope One Day I Love Something The Way Women In Commercials Love Yogurt.”

47) “Nothing More Than A Man Who Cared Enough To Try.”

48) “Only Swag Girls Are Fascinated By Hashtags On The Facebook.”

49) “Trying To Elevate Small Talk To Medium Talk.”

50) “Spent A Large Portion Of My Life Eating. Will Do The Same In The Next Life.”

51) “There. I Joined Instagram. Happy Now?”

52) “I’M Just Having An Allergic Reaction To The Universe.”

53) “I’M Not Sure How Many Problems I Have Because Math Is One Of Them.”

54) “I’M Here To Avoid Friends On Facebook.”

55) “I Only Rap Caucasionally.”

56) “I Intend To Live Forever. So Far, So Good.”

57) “I Wish My Butt Bloated Like My Stomach Does.”

58) “Time Is Precious. Waste It Wisely.”

59) “Hey, Are You Reading My Bio Again?”

60) “I Always Learn From The Mistakes Of Others Who Took My Advice.”

61) “Bald. Often Unreliable. Easily Distracted.”

62) “Born At A Very Young Age.”

63) “I Think It’S Weird If A Girl Doesn’T Have An Instagram Nowadays.”

64) “I’Ve Dedicated This Page To Documenting The Coach Reboot That Never Happened.”

65) “I Work An Unpaid Internship As A Professional Nerd.”


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