200+ Happy Anniversary Wishes Quotes Messages

By | April 24, 2023

Happy Anniversary Wishes Quotes Messages : An Anniversary is a beautiful day which comes only once every year. Couples love to celebrate the wedding anniversaries because it makes them remember the beautiful moments of their relationship and their love for each other. Both Man and Woman try to remember this memorable day for their loved partner so that they can do something special on that day. A Wedding Anniversary of a couple is celebrated each year on the day on which the couple was married. On this occasion, the couple is congratulated by their friends and family for completing yet another year of their successful marriage. Sending gifts and Happy Wedding Anniversary quotes to the couple on their wedding anniversary are
considered a good gesture. Every year a couple receives so many gifts and Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes Quotes Messages from their Friends and Family on the occasion of their Wedding Anniversary. If any of your known couple’s wedding anniversary is arriving soon and you are looking for a perfect Happy Anniversary Wishes Quotes Messages for them then you are at the right place because this page brings to you a collection of top Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes Quotes Messages from all over the Internet. Now chose from a wide range of top Wedding Anniversary Wishes Quotes Messages on the occasion of Wedding Anniversary of your Parents, Uncle Aunt or Relatives. Sending one of our Best Happy Anniversary Wishes Quotes Message will definitely make you stand out from others. So now there is no need to do the hard work looking for a cool and cute Happy Wedding Anniversary Message because we have already done that for you by searching all the top and unique Happy Anniversary Wishes Images and putting them together in this collection. Therefore chose any Happy Anniversary Wishes for Couple now and impress any couple right away. Hope that you like this collection of Best Happy Anniversary Wishes Quotes for Friends.

wedding anniversary wishes quotes

Happy Anniversary Wishes Quotes Messages


1) “A Couple Anniversary Messages To Remember: Always Treasure Your Partner And Know The Best Is Yet To Come.”

2) “The Day Is Here Again, I Cant’ Remember Every Moment Of That Day, But I Could Remember When I First Looked At Your Eyes. Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!”

3) “When Two People Are Connected At Heart, It Doesn’t Matter What You Do, Or Who You Are Or Where You Live; There Are No Boundaries Or Barriers. Happy Anniversary To Us!”

4) “True Love Is Spending One Day Getting Married… And The Rest Of Your Life Feeling Glad You Did. Greetings Of This Day To You And Me!”

5) “When I Look At You, My Dear – It Doesn’t Seem Like You’ve Aged. To Me You’Re Just As Beautiful As The Day We Became Engaged. Happy Anniversary.”

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6) “It’S So Good To See You Both Together As A Happy Couple. Happy Wedding Anniversary.”

7) “I’Ve Forgotten All About The Day We Met For The First Time, Because Life Has Been A Sweet Blur Since The Moment You Became Mine… Happy Wedding Anniversary!”

8) “Sending You Many Blessings And Best Wishes. May You Continue To Live A Full And Joyous Life Together For Many More Years Yet To Come. Happy Anniversary!”

9) “I Just Wanted To Send You My Best Wishes And Congratulate You Both On Your Anniversary! You Guys Make It Look Easy”

10) “Congratulations On Your Anniversary! Many Best Wishes And Blessings As You Continue Walking Life’S Paths Hand-In-Hand And Heart-In-Heart. Happy Anniversary!”

Anniversary Wishes Pics

11) “Thinking Of You As You Celebrate The Passing Of Another Year Together. You’ve Truly Been An Inspiration To Others By Staying True To Each Other. Happy Anniversary!”

12) “When We Get To The End Of Our Lives Together, The House We Had, The Cars We Drove, The Things We Possessed Won’T Matter. What Will Matter, Is That I Had You, And You Had Me. Happy Anniversary!”

13) “Here’S To Love And Laughter And Happily Ever After. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!”

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14) “If I Know What Love Is, It Is Because Of You. Happy Wedding Anniversary Mom & Dad!”

15) “Happy Anniversary! It’S Truly Amazing To See That You’Re Still So Deeply In Love With One Another After So Many Years.”

16) “You Are Brilliant, Dazzling And Gorgeous All The Time And You Are Next To Me. Love You And Wishing You A Very Happy Anniversary!”

17) “Some Of The Best Memories Of A Couple Are Not Just The Magic Of Their First Few Kisses But The Magic They Create Every Time They Kiss For The Rest Of Their Lives. A Very Happy Anniversary My Love.”

18) “Aphrodite Herself Could Never Have Formed Such A Great Love As The Bonds That You Two Share. May You Always Possess Such Astonishing Love And Care. Happy Anniversary!”

19) “If I Had My Life To Live Over Again…Next Time I Would Find You Sooner So That I Could Love You Longer. Happy Anniversary To Us!”

20) “The Way You Love Me, The Way You Touch My Life, I Wish The Journey, Should Never End Till I Die. Thanks For Making The Day Special In My Life. Happy Anniversary!”

Happy 1st Anniversary Wishes Quotes Messages

Happy 1st Anniversary Wishes Quotes Messages


21) “We Have Changed Over The Years, But The Sparkle In Your Eyes Is As Bright As Ever, And My Love For You Is Even Stronger.”

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22) “I Just Want To Spend Every Possible Minute Of The Rest Of My Life With You. Happy Wedding Anniversary!”

23) “My Love For You Has No Depth; Its Boundaries Are Ever-Expanding. My Love And My Life With You Are A Never-Ending Love Story. Happy Anniversary!”

24) “Falling In Love Is Easy, But Staying In Love Is Something Different. You Did It. Wishing You A Very Happy Wedding Anniversary!”

25) “There Is No More Lovely, Friendly And Charming Relationship, Communion Or Company Than A Good Marriage. Happy Wedding Anniversary!”

26) “The Very First Moment I Laid My Eyes On You, I Knew Our Hearts Were Meant To Be. You Are My Courage, My Angel, My Life. I Love You And Happy Anniversary.”

27) “Another Year’S Passed And You Kept Proving To Us All That Love Is Real – Happy Wedding Anniversary.”

28) “You’Re The Only One I Want To Annoy For The Rest Of My Life. Happy Anniversary!”

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29) “No Amount Of Time Spent With You Is Ever Enough. Happy Wedding Anniversary!”

30) “Happy Anniversary To The Man I Want Beside Me Every Night For The Rest Of Forever. I Love You.”

Happy Anniversary to Husband

31) “You Both Make A Beautiful Couple. Love To See You Caring For Each Other. Happy Anniversary.”

32) “Happy Anniversary! May Your Marriage Be Blessed With Love, Joy And Companionship For All The Years Of Your Lives.”

33) “Best Wishes To You Both On Ur Anniversary, May The Love That You Share Last Your Lifetime Through, As You Make A Wonderful Pair.”

34) “In My Life, I Have Never Known Anyone More Beautiful, More Kind, And More Loving Than You. Happy Anniversary To My Only Love.”

35) “Let Us Celebrate The Joys Of Today, The Hopes Of Tomorrow, And The Memories Of Yesterday. Happy Anniversary.”

36) “After All These Years You Can See That There Is No Place That I Would Rather Be. Happy Anniversary!”

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37) “You Are A One Of A Kind Rare Gem That I Am So Lucky To Have Found. Happy Anniversary!”

38) “Your Love Means The World To Me. Happy Anniversary To The Love Of My Life.”

39) “Thank You For Always Loving Me For Who I Am. Happy Anniversary.”

40) “We Have Had So Many Wonderful Memories Together. Here’S To Many More. Happy Anniversary.”

Happy Anniversary Wishes Quotes for Husband WifeHappy Anniversary Wishes Quotes for Husband Wife


41) “Having You By My Side Makes Me The Happiest, Most Grateful, And Luckiest Person In The World. Happy Anniversary To My Soul Mate.”

42) “Most Couples Devote All Their Time To Work In Order To Achieve Success. But You Both Have The Perfect Balance – Seeking Success Through Work, Love And Happiness. Happy Anniversary.”

43) “I Will Spend An Eternity Loving You, Caring For You, Respecting You, Showing You Every Day That I Hold You As High As The Stars. Happy Wedding Anniversary.”

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44) “The Only Secret Behind A Successful And Happy Marriage Is To Find A Right Person. And A Person Is Right For You If You Love To Be With Them.”

45) “No One And Nothing In This World Are Perfect, But The Two Of You Are As Close As It Gets. Happy Anniversary.”

46) “You Are Truly A Blessing From God. Thank You For Being My Partner, Lover, And Friend. Happy Anniversary.”

47) “Remember The Good Times And Forget The Bad, Reminisce About The Happy Memories And Forget The Sad. Take Pride In A Love That Has Lasted So Long That Even The Angels Are Rejoicing In Song. Happy Anniversary!”

48) “Through The Good Times And The Bad You Two Have Withstood The True Test Of Time, Every Year Growing With Each Other And Growing Closer Together. Happy Anniversary!”

49) “Happy Anniversary! Congratulations On Another Year Spent Together. May Your Life Continue To Be Filled With Love, Laughter And Happiness.”

50) “Finding True Love Which Continues To Thrive And Grow Over The Course Of Time Is Truly A Blessing. May You Continue To Have Many More Years Of Being Blessed With An Ever Growing Love And Affection For Each Other. Happy Anniversary!”

51) “It’S Love That Makes A Relation; It’S Relation That Makes A Family; It’S Family That Makes A Home. You Both Are A Wonderful Example Of Love, Relation And Family. Happy Anniversary Mom And Dad!”

52) “A Perfect Marriage Is Just Two Imperfect People Who Refuse To Give Up On Each Other.”

53) “Happy Anniversary To A Beautiful Couple! May The Freshness Of Your Love, Always Remain…”

54) “Wanted To Wish You A Happy And Loving Anniversary Day Today…Cherish One Another, And Be The King And Queen Of True Love.Happy Anniversary, Lovebirds!”

55) “We Have Another To Make The Most Wonderful Memories Together. Happy Anniversary To My One And Only Love.”

56) “Happy Anniversary To A Beautiful Couple.. May The Freshness Of Your Love Always Remain.”

57) “Anniversaries Remind Me Of How God Has Been Good To Me. For He Gave Me The Most Wonderful Man In The World. Happy Anniversary!”

58) “Anyone Can Fall In Love, But Not Everyone Can Stay In Love – Happy Anniversary! And Here’S To Many More!”

59) “Thinking Of You On This Very Special Day As You Celebrate Yet Another Year Together Full Of Love And Devotion. May Your Affections Grow Ever Stronger And Your Love Last Ever Longer. Happy Anniversary!”

60) “Very Few People Have The Integrity And Strength To Stay Together Through Thick And Thin, You’Re A Beacon Of Inspiration And Hope To All Those Around You. Happy Anniversary!”

Best Marriage Anniversary Wishes Quotes

Best Marriage Anniversary Wishes Quotes


61) “After All This Time, My Desire To Be With You Is Still Slightly Stronger Than My Desire To Be Single.”

62) “It’S Awesome To See You In Love With Each Other. I Pray That Your Love Bond Gets Stronger Day By Day. Happy Wedding Anniversary.”

63) “This Day Must Be Very Special In Your Life. Enjoy It And Make Beautiful Memories.”

64) “I Am Very Happy For Both Of You. Congratulations On Your Anniversary.”

65) “You Guys Make A Beautiful Couple Together. I Wish All The Best To You And I Congratulate You Both On Your Anniversary.”

66) “The Years Will Pass But I Wish That The Love Between You Both Only Grow More Stronger As The Time Pass By. Happy Anniversary!”

67) “I Never Knew What Happiness Was Before You Walked Into My Life. Now I Am Lucky Enough To Walk Through Life With You By My Side. Happy Anniversary.”

68) “I Can Never Tell You Enough How Beautiful You Are, How Much You Make Me Smile, And How Much You Mean To Me. Happy Anniversary To My One True Love.”

69) “May Our Happy Ending Together Continue For Many Years To Come. Happy Anniversary.”

70) “There Is Nowhere Else That I Would Rather Be Than Right Here By Your Side With Your Hand In Mine. Happy Anniversary.”

71) “While I Do Love A Good Love Story, I Have To Admit That Ours Is My Most Favorite One Of All. Happy Anniversary.”

72) “Sister, Now And Forever, All The Best To One Of The Happiest Couples I Know!”

73) “I Want To Pass Along My Congratulations To A Beautiful Couple. May The Celebration Of This Day Enhance Your Love And Understanding. Love You Sis!”

74) “May The Love You Have For Each Other Continue To Grow Stronger With Each Passing Day.”

75) “I Couldn’t Even Begin To Imagine Forever Without You By My Side. I’Ll Love You Till The Day After Forever.”

76) “Doing Nothing With You Means Everything To Me. Here’S To Wishing Us A Very Happy Anniversary.”

77) “The Best Years Of My Life Have Been The Years That I Have Been Married To You.”

78) “Wishing You A Very Happy Anniversary And That The Future Years Are Just As Great As The Years Of Marriage That We’ve Had.”

79) “Looking At Divorced Couples Make Me Feel That Marriages Are Ephemeral. But You Both Have Proved That Marriages Are Truly Eternal. Happy Anniversary.”

80) “One Of The Best Memories Of A Couple Is Not Just The Magic Of Their First Kiss But The Magic They Create Every Time They Kiss For The Rest Of Their Lives. Happy Anniversary.”

Wedding Anniversary Wishes Quotes Messages for Her

Wedding Anniversary Wishes Quotes Messages for Her


81) “The Wrinkles On Your Faces Are Not Signs Of How Much You Have Aged, But How Beautifully Your Marriage Has Survived The Test Of Time. Happy Anniversary.”

82) “Not A Long Journey, Your Marriage Is An Adventure. Not A Love Story, Your Marriage Is An Epic Tale Of Romance. Not A Happy Ending, Your Marriage Is A Blissful Loop Of Sweet Memories. Happy Wedding Anniversary.”

83) “Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue. But I Don’T Know Of Anyone Else Who Possesses A Love So True. Happy Anniversary!”

84) “Just Wanted To Send All Of My Love And Best Wishes As You Celebrate Another Wonderful Year Together. May Life Grant You Many More Amazing Years. Happy Anniversary!”

85) “May The Sun Always Shine On The Path That You Share. May The Moon And Stars Always Light Your Hearts With Care.”

86) “Most Of All, Never Lose The Love Which Makes You A Couple Beyond Compare. Happy Anniversary!”

87) “Wishing You More Years Of Love And Happiness To My Favorite Sister And Brother-In-Law. Have A Wonderful Anniversary!Happy Anniversary! “

88) “May You Celebrate Many More Years Together, Withstanding The Tests Of Time To Emerge Stronger And Happier.”

89) “As Time Passes, The Elements Of Life Seem To Erode Even The Strongest Of Substances. Yet, It Is Clear To See That Absolutely Nothing Can Erode Your Love For One Another. Happy Anniversary!”

90) “You’Ve Shown That You Possess A True Love Which Is Sure To Withstand The Tests Of Time And Continue To Grow With The Passing Of The Ages. May Your Love Grow Ever Stronger. Happy Anniversary!”

91) “I Just Wanted To Let You Know How Happy I Am For You To Be Celebrating Another Year Of Love And Happiness. May Your Love Continue To Bloom And Grow With The Passing Of Each Day. Happy Anniversary!”

92) “May The Sunshine Of Happiness Always Break Out From The Clouds Of Misunderstandings To Form A Rainbow Of Love In Your Timeless Marriage. Happy Anniversary.”

93) “Your Family Name Too Should End With Est Because It Comes After Every Word I Use To Describe You As A Couple – Happiest, Coolest, Hottest And The Very Best. Happy Anniversary.”

94) “The Echo Of Your Love And The Sound Of The Sea Have A Few Things In Common – They Are Both Constant And Eternal. Happy Anniversary.”

95) “The Sweetest Of Anniversaries Are A Result Of Getting Through The Most Bitter Of All Moments Of Life – Hand In Hand And Heart To Heart. Happy Anniversary.”

96) “After All These Years, You Still Make An Amazing Couple. I Wish You A Very Happy Wedding Anniversary.”

97) “Hand In Hand Together… This Love Will Be Forever. Happy Anniversary!”

98) “A Great Marriage Is Not When The Perfect Couple Comes Together, It Is When An Imperfect Couple Learns To Enjoy Their Differences. Happy Wedding Anniversary!”

99) “You Don’T Need To Wait For Your 10Th, 20Th Or 25Th Anniversary To Celebrate A Milestone In Your Life. Every Anniversary Of Yours Is A Special Milestone. Happy Anniversary.”

100) “As An Old Couple Your Legs May Have Become Wobbly And Beautiful Wrinkles May Adorn Your Lovely Faces, But Your Love For Each Other Never Seems Fade Regardless Of Life’S Phases. Happy Anniversary.”

Anniversary Wishes Quotes For Husband

Anniversary Wishes Quotes For Husband


101) “Your Anniversary Is A Milestone Where You Can Pause And Look Back At Your Life To Cherish All The Beautiful Memories And Bind Yourselves To All The Wonderful Promises That Are Yet To Be Fulfilled. Happy Anniversary.”

102) “Even After So Many Years Of Living Together, You Both Haven’T Got Tired Of Each Other. Here’S Wishing That You Stay Like This Forever. Happy Anniversary.”

103) “True Love Is Spending One Day Getting Married… And The Rest Of Your Life Feeling Glad You Did. Happy Anniversary!”

104) “Your Anniversary Will Remind You Of The Best Moments Of Your Relationship, But It Will Also Remind You Of All The Strife You Went Through To Experience Those Blissful Moments. Happy Anniversary.”

105) “Best Friends In Love – That Fact That You Don’T Behave Like A Typical Husband-Wife Makes Your Marriage Perfect. Happy Anniversary.”

106) “It’S So Great To Find That One Special Person You Want To Annoy For The Rest Of Your Life.”

107) “If I Had My Life To Live Over Again… Nest Time I Would Find You Sooner So That I Could Love You Longer. Happy Anniversary To Us!”

108) “An Anniversary Is A Time To Celebrate The Joys Of Today, The Memories Of Yesterday, And The Hopes Of Tomorrow.”

109) “Real Relationships Are When You Can Fight Like Enemies, Laugh Like Best Friends And Love Like Soul Mates. Happy Anniversary.”

110) “Wedding Anniversary Is Not Just A Date. It Is The Day Which Makes Us Remember How Beautifully We Knotted This Relationship. Happy Anniversary.”

111) “After All This Time, You Are Still Amazing To Me. Happy Anniversary!”

112) “Knowing You Will Be With Me In All My Tomorrows, Makes My Today So Wonderful! Happy Anniversary!”

113) “When We First Met I Honestly Had No Idea That You Would Be So Important To Me 🙂 Happy Anniversary My Love!”

114) “I Wish You A Very Happy Wedding Anniversary. Your Couple Is The Best I Have Ever Seen.”

115) “The Main Thing In Married Life Is The Love From Your Better Half And You Are Very Lucky In This Case. Happy Wedding Anniversary.”

116) “I Love To See Couples Who Love Each Other Blindly. A Year Has Passed And Your Love Is Still Same For Each Other. May Your Everyday Be Like Your Wedding Day. Happy Anniversary.”

117) “I Pray To God That You Stay Like This Forever. Wishing You A Very Happy Wedding Anniversary.”

118) “I Think Long-Lasting, Healthy Relationships Are More Important Than The Idea Of Marriage. At The Root Of Every Successful Marriage Is A Strong Partnership.”

119) “After All Of These Years, I Still Believe That My Life Is Better With You By My Side. Wishing You A Wonderful Anniversary.”

120) “As You Continue To Grow Together In Love, Wishing You Two A World Of Happiness Today And Always.”

Anniversary Wishes Quotes Messages For Parents

Anniversary Wishes Quotes Messages For Parents


121) “It’S Not Just Today That I Feel Special With You, But Everyday That We’ve Been Together. Thank You For Your Years Of Love And Support.”

122) “May The Love You Have For One Another Continue To Grow And Blossom With Each Passing Year. Wishing You Endless Happiness, Joy, And Love On Your Anniversary And Always.”

123) “As You Celebrate Another Year Together, Take A Moment To Reminisce In The Happy Memories You’Ve Created Together And To Reflect On The Lessons Learned. May You Continue To Grow Ever Stronger. Happy Anniversary.”

124) “Another Year’S Passed And You Continue To Show The World That True Love Does Exists Happy Anniversary!”

125) “Like Wine, Marriage Can Be Sweet Or Bitter, Intense Or Mellow, Flat Or Acidic. But A Couple Like You Enjoys All Its Flavors, Whether Dull Or Romantic. Happy Anniversary.”

126) “Parties, Dinners And Get-Together – We Have Many Selfish Reasons To Gather And Wish You Both A Great Marriage Ahead. Happy Anniversary.”

127) “In Terms Of My Marriage, You Know, Falling In Love With My Husband Was By Far The Best Thing That’S Ever Happened To Me.”

128) “Marriage Is The Most Natural State Of Man, And… The State In Which You Will Find Solid Happiness.”

129) “It Seems Like Just Yesterday You Were Walking Down The Aisle. Congrats!”

130) “Love Is Just A Word Until Someone Comes Along And Gives It Meaning. Congratulations!”

131) “A Successful Married Always Life Requires Falling In Love Many Times, But Always With The Same Person.”

132) “This Is A Time To Celebrate The Joys Of Today, The Memories Of Yesterday, And The Hopes Of Tomorrow.”

133) “Sometimes I Wonder How You Put Up With Me. Then I Remember, Oh I Put Up With You. So We’Re Even. Happy Marriage Anniversary!”

134) “The Best Relationship Is When You Can Act Like Lovers And Best Friends At The Same Time. Happy Marriage Anniversary!”

135) “You Make Me Happy In A Way No One Else Can. Love You And Happy Marriage Anniversary!”

136) “A Marriage Made In Heaven Lasts A Lifetime. Congrats!”

137) “May Today Be A Day That Surrounds You With Beauty, Warms You With Memories And Fills Your Life With Very Special Happiness. Best Wishes!”

138) “Wishing The Beautiful Couple All The Best On Their Wedding Anniversary And Beyond.”

139) “Wishing You Cheers And Much Happiness As You Celebrate Another Year Of Your Wonderful Journey Together.”

140) “Wishing You Lots Of Love And Happiness For Today, Tomorrow And Always.”

Anniversary Wishes Quotes Messages for Wife

Anniversary Wishes Quotes Messages for Wife


141) “Thanks For Always Being There For Me, Especially During The Tough Times. Here’S To Wishing Us A Great Anniversary.”

142) “Happy Anniversary To A Wonderful Couple, May Your Love For Each Other Continue To Grow. Wishing You All Of The Best On Your Anniversary.”

143) “I Need You More Than Anything Else In My Life Because You Are The Love Of My Life. Wishing You Nothing But Happiness And Joy On Our Special Day.”

144) “Just Being With You Is The Best Anniversary Gift I Could Have Asked For.”

145) “Thinking Of You Today With Loving Wishes, As You Reflect On All The Wonderful Memories Of Your Past Together And Of Future Dreams Together.”

146) “Since Our Wedding Day, My Love For You Has Only Grown Stronger.”

147) “Happy Anniversary! May Your Love Grow Stronger And Inspire All, And May Life Bless You With All The Gifts.”

148) “The Warmest Of Warm Wishes For An Especially Happy Anniversary. Cheers!”

149) “May Every Year You Share Find You Still More In Love With Each Other.”

150) “Marriage Is Like A Learning A Challenging Dance. There Will Be Times Of Difficulty, But If You Have The Right Partner, It Makes All The Difference.”

151) “Life Is Better With Your Best Friend, That’S Why I Married Mine! Happy Anniversary My Love!”

152) “Marriage Is A Relationship In Which One Person Is Always Right, And The Other Always Needs More Whiskey.”

153) “It’S Pretty Cool That We’Ve Been Together For However Long We’Ve Been Together. Happy (Whatever) Anniversary!”

154) “You Have My Whole Heart For My Whole Life. Happy Wedding Anniversary!”

155) “Sometimes I Wonder How You Put With Me. Then I Remember, Oh, I Put Up With You. So We’Re Even.”

156) “Congrats Sis! Have A Wonderful Celebration With Your Perfect Match.”

157) “Wonderful Wishes For “The Made For Each Other” Couple! Cheers On Your Big Day, Sis!”

158) “Happy Moments, Great Memories, And The Best Of Times To My Awesome Sister!”

159) “To My Beautiful Sister, May The Love You Found Together Years Ago Continue To Grow And Grow.”

160) “I Love To See That You Still Love Each Other By Heart After This Much Time. May You Get Many More Happy Moments. Happy Anniversary!”

Funny Anniversary Messages SMS

Funny Anniversary Messages SMS


161) “Yours Is A Love That Is Built To Last. Congratulations!”

162) “Elebrate Your X Anniversary. Many Years Of Happiness Together And Watching Dreams Come True.”

163) “I Love To See That You Still Love Each Other By Heart After This Much Time. May You Get Many More Happy Moments. Happy Anniversary!”

164) “Make Lasting Memories. Happy Anniversary Wishes.”

165) “All The Best To The Best Couple We Know.”

166) “Congratulations On Twenty-Five Years Of Living And Loving, Of Family And Friends, Of Hopes And Dreams, Of Moments And Memories. Well Done!”

167) “May Your Everyday Be As Special As Your Wedding Day. Wishing You A Very Happy Anniversary.”

168) “It’S Easy To Fall In Love, But It’S Much Harder To Stay In Love With The Same Person For The Rest Of One’S Life.”

169) “Congratulations For Another Wonderful Year Of Falling In Love With Each Other. Happy Anniversary!”

170) “Even Though Another Year Has Passed, The Love You Share Continues To Last. Sending All My Best Wishes That You Will Continue To Be Blessed In Love And Happiness.”

171) “Throughout The Ages Numerous People Have Searched But Have Never Found Such A Love As The Two Of You Share. May You Be Continually Blessed With Great Love And Happiness. Happy Anniversary!”

172) “Take Pride In Knowing That You Possess The Kind Of Love That Everyone Aspires To One Day Find. May Your Hearts Always Remain As Caring And Passionate As When You Fell In Love. Happy Anniversary!”

173) “Sending All My Love And Best Wishes As You Celebrate Another Year Of Love And Affection For One Another. May You Love Continue To Hold Strong And Grow With The Passing Of The Ages. Happy Anniversary!”

174) “True Love Never Dies, It Only Grows Stronger And Truer With The Passing Of Time. It’S Clear To See That Your Love Is The Strongest And Truest Kind. Happy Anniversary!”

175) “I Get Real Meaning Of Wedding When I See You. You Are The Best Example Of An Ideal Couple. Happy Anniversary.”

176) “An Anniversary Is The Day Of Celebrating The Memories Of Yesterday, The Joys And Today And The Lovely Hopes Of Tomorrow. Happy Anniversary.”

177) “In The End, We Won’T Remember Themost Beautiful Face And Body. We’Ll Remember The Most Beautiful Heart And Soul. Happy Wedding Anniversary Mom & Dad! You Are The Best!”

178) “Marriage Is… Finding The Person Who Puts Up With Your Shit, Admires Your Weird Little Ways And Still Says They Love You At The End Of The Day.”

179) “Getting Married To You Taught Me How To Fly And Keep Flying. Thanks For Giving Me My Wings. Happy Anniversary My Love.”

180) “Wishing You All The Happiness And Love In The World And Congratulations On Your Anniversary.”

Wedding Anniversary Wishes Quotes Couple

Wedding Anniversary Wishes Quotes Couple


181) “Sending You Loving Wishes That You’Ll Grow Deeper And Deeper In Love With Every Passing Anniversary.”

182) “You’Re My Everything, Today And Always. Wishing You A Very Happy Anniversary.”

183) “Wishing More Laughter, More Joy, More Love For The Both Of You In The Years To Come.”

184) “Sending You Warm Wishes On Your Anniversary; May You Continue To Grow Older And Happier Together.”

185) “Wishing You Nothing But Happiness On Our Anniversary.”

186) “Wishing You Lots Of Happiness Today And Forever More.”

187) “May The Bond Of Love Between You Gets Stronger Every Day And May Your Every Anniversary Be More Exciting. Happy Anniversary To Both Of You.”

188) “Happy Anniversary To A Perfect Couple. Your Dreams, Ambitions, And Hopes For The Future May Not Be Always The Same. But The Beauty Of Your Marriage Is That You Both Live To Make Each Others’ Dreams Come True.”

189) “Happy 25Th Anniversary! This Is A Very Important Day For You And Mom, And I Hope That One Day I Will Have What You Two Have.”

190) “Love Is Spending The Rest Of Your Life With Someone You Want To Kill And Not Doing It Because You’D Miss Them. Happy Anniversary!”

191) “An Anniversary Is A Reminder As To Why You Love And Married This Person.”

192) “There Is No More Lovely, Friendly And Charming Relationship, Communion Or Company Than A Good Marriage.”

193) “Chains Do Not Hold A Marriage Together. It Is Threads, Hundreds Of Tiny Threads, Which Sew People Together Through The Years.”

194) “May You Continue To Be A Wonderful Husband And Wife To Each Other. Wishing You Nothing But Happiness, Love, And Joy In The Years Ahead.”

195) “Wishing That You Two Will Grow Even Closer Together With Each Passing Day. Happy Anniversary.”

196) “Sending You Both Loving Wishes On Your Anniversary, May It Be Something So Very Special.”

197) “I’M So Glad That We’Re Together, I Can’T Imagine My Life Without You By My Side. Wishing You Endless Joy On Our Anniversary.”

198) “Wishing You Another Wonderful Year Of Marriage Bliss Together. Happy Wedding Anniversary.”

199) “Wishing You All The Best On Your Anniversary Day.”

200) “The Secret Of A Happy Marriage Is Finding The Right Person. You Know They’Re Right If You Love To Be With Them All The Time.”


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