200+ Good Morning SMS Messages or Him/Her

By | February 17, 2023

Good Morning SMS Messages or Him/Her : Hello Friends  Today I Will Share This Good Morning SMS Message For Him. I Hope You Are Enjoying This Collection. That’s Why I Am Share With You This Collection Of Good Morning Wishes Quotes with Images.

Good Morning SMS Messages

Good Morning SMS Messages or Him/Her


1) “Each My Morning Is Wonderful Because The Day I Will Spend With You.”

2) “Every Morning You Have Two Choices, Continue Your Sleep With Dreams Or Wake Up And Chase Your Dreams. The Choice Is Yours. Good Morning.”

3) “Even The Smallest Of Thoughts Have The Potential To Become The Biggest Of Successes… All You Have To Do Is Get Up And Get Going. Good Morning.”

4) “Life Is Perishable – The Quicker You Consume It, The Better It Feels. Stop Thinking And Start Living. Good Morning.”

5) “If Yesterday Was A Good Day, Don’T Stop. Maybe Your Winning Streak Has Just Begun. Good Morning.””

6) “Great Attitude Is Like A Perfect Cup Of Coffee – Don’T Start Your Day Without It. Good Morning.””

7) “I Hear The Pitter-Patter Of The Morning Rain, But It Really Doesn’T Matter If The Skies Are Gray. As Long We Are Together, It’S A Lovely Day.”

8) “I Try To Live In The Present, But I Can’T Help But Dream About Our Past And Future; The Beautiful Memories We’Ve Created, And The Happy Times That Have Yet To Come.”

9) “Even If In The Morning You Are Whimsical And Lazy, Still I Love You. Good Morning.”

10) “Hello! I Wanna Wish You A Good Morning, Let God Protect You And I Hope That This Day Will Be Full Of Joy.”

11) “Night Has Gone Now And So Has The Moon. The Sun Shines Against A Sky So Blue. Open Your Eyes, Dear – There’S A New Message Just For You. Good Morning!”

12) “Now You’Re Still Asleep, And A Strand Of Your Hair Fell On Your Forehead, I Gently Remove It, Kiss Your Cheek, And I Wish You A Good Morning.”

13) “You Are The Light That Brightens My Dark World; The Music In My Quiet Heart; The Very First Thought In My Day. Good Morning, Handsome.”

14) “Mornings Are A Blessing – Even If The Skies Are Cloudy. Each Time The Sun Rises, We Have Hope That We Can Hold Each Other Again.”

15) “With You By My Side, I Know That Every Single Day Will Be Filled With Joy. With Your Heart In Mine, I Know That We Can Take On Anything That Life Brings.”

16) “Do You Know Why It’S Such A Good Morning? Because I Know I Have You.””

17) “I Am Up Early Especially For You; I Knew Today Was Important So Out Of Bed I Flew, To Wish You Good Luck Before My Coffee, Aw Who Am I Kidding, I Just Had To Pee.”

18) “There Are Only Two Kinds Of People In This World: 1) Morning People 2) People Who Want To Shoot Morning People.”

19) “I Hope That Your Morning Is As Bright As Your Handsome Smile. I Hope That The Rest Of Your Day Is As Sweet As Our Love.”

20) “The Sun Would Be Darkness Without Your Light. The Coolness Of The Day Would Be Sweltering Hot Without The Gentle Breeze Of Your Love. My Sleeping And Waking Would Cease To Be If It Were Not For Your Love. “

Good Morning Messages for Her

Good Morning Messages for Her


21) “Life Is An Open Book That’S Yet To Be Written. Each Day Is A New Page. Let The Very First Words In Your New Chapter Be “Good Morning To You” My Handsome Man.”

22) “How Is The Most Handsome Fellow In The World Doing This Morning? Come Downstairs And Get Some Breakfast – And A Kiss.”

23) “I Love The Sun, But Sometimes It Rises Too Soon. All I Want Is Some More Time To Dream About You – The Man Who Makes Me Weak In The Knees.”

24) “You, My Love, Have Replaced All Of My Worries With Happiness; All Of My Nightmares With Beautiful Dreams; And All Of My Fears With Nothing But Pure Love. Good Morning!”

25) “Mornings Are So Lonely Without You. My First Thought When I Wake Up Is How Much I Wish You Were Here To Give Me Warm Hugs And Cuddles. I Miss You!”

26) “It Was Chilly This Morning – Until I Thought Of You. The Mere Mention Of Your Name And The Thought Of Your Embrace Warmed Me Right Up.”

27) “The Lion May Be The King Of The Jungle, But You Are The King Of My Heart. Long Live The King! I Love You Now And Forever.”

28) “We All Need A Little Jolt In The Morning To Get Our Day Started. Come Downstairs, And I’Ll Give You That Jolt You Need. Oh, And I Made Coffee, Too.”

29) “Hey, Handsome! It’S Time To Get Up, Drink Your Coffee, Eat Some Breakfast And Brush Your Teeth. Your Reward? A Big Kiss From Me!”

30) “The Sun And The Sky Are Shining, But I’M Shining, Too. Why? Because I Woke Up Dreaming About You. Thank You For Being Such An Important Part Of My Life. I Hope Your Day Is As Wonderful As You.”

31) “Sending You A Big Hug So That You Can Start Off Your Day With Enthusiasm. I Love Being Your Girl Because You Make Me Feel So Special. Good Morning!”

32) “The Morning Sun Is Slowly Creeping Through The Blinds, But The Only Thing On My Mind Is Being With You.”

33) “You Know – I Really Hate Sending You Morning Text Messages. I Would Much Rather Be With You Night And Day So That I Can Love You In Every Way. As A New Day Starts, I Wanted To Tell You That I Love You With All Of My Heart.”

34) “I Love The Sun. Each Time It Rises, It Gives Me Yet Another Chance To Spend The Day With You. And You Are The One And Only Guy I Dream About At Night.”

35) “Many Girls Dream Of Being With A Guy As Handsome And Sweet As You. I Dream About It Too, But I’M The Luckiest One Of All. Why? Because I Live Out My Dream Every Single Day.”

36) “Do You Know What I Appreciate Most Of All? Your Smile In The Morning, Please, Smile Always!”

37) “I Am Your Little Kitty, Who Needs Your Warmth! Good Morning!”

38) “We Didn’T Have Just Intertwined Fates; We Are Entangled At The Core Like Soul Mates. We Are Not Just Husband And Wife; We Are Also Best Friends For Life. Good Morning.”

39) “If I Had The Chance To Live My Life Again, I Wouldn’T Want To Change A Single Thing. Even Rough Times Have Left Sweet Memories Because I’Ve Gone Through Them With You. Good Morning.”

40) “I Was Never A Morning Person Until I Started Waking Up Next To The Love Of My Life, My Husband. Good Morning.”

Good Morning Love Messages SMS

Good Morning Love Messages SMS


41) “Today Is Going To Be A Beautiful Day. Care To Join Me For A Picnic In The Park?””

42) “Good Morning! If I Were With You Right Now, I’D Shower You With Kisses. Wishing You All The Best This Morning And The Rest Of The Day.”

43) “If I Were Beside You This Morning, I Would Gaze Into Your Eyes And Wake You Up With A Sweet Morning Kiss.”

44) “Now My Heart Skipped A Beat And I Felt That My Other Half Woke Up. Good Morning, Darling.”

45) “You Are Still In The Arms Of Sleep, And I Embrace You And Wish You A Good Morning!”

46) “I Woke Up Thousands Of Miles Away From You, But It Doesn’T Matter Because You Are In My Heart.”

47) “Good Morning! I Hope That Your Day Will Be Fine And You Will Not Get Stuck In Traffic Like Yesterday.”

48) “I Envy The Sun, It Sees You First In The Morning, Start Your New Day, Darling.”

49) “Good Morning! At 10 A.M. We Are Meeting With My Parents, Then If You Are Alive, We Will Go Shopping.”

50) “The Best Part Of My Morning Is That I’M Thinking Of You. The Worst Part Of My Morning Is That I’M Far Away From You.”

51) “I Can Make Your Morning Coffee Perfect. Just Add A Pinch Of My Hugs And A Heaping Teaspoon Of My Love.”

52) “So Many Girls Need To Put On Makeup In The Morning To Feel Confident. All I Need Is To Think About You. Good Morning, Love!”

53) “Each Morning Is Like A Painting: You Need Some Inspiration To Get Moving, The Silhouette Of That Beautiful Smile On Your Face, And A Message From Someone You Love To Color The Day.”

54) “The Warmth Of The Sun’S Rays Reminds Me That We Were Meant To Be Together. Each Time I See The Sun Rise, I Realize How Lucky I Am To Get To Spend Another Day With You.”

55) “Before You Open Your Eyes And Have Your First Yawn; Before You Step Outside To Meet The Dawn; Before You Sip Your Morning Coffee, I Hope That You Close Your Eyes And Think Only Of Me.”

56) “You Know What I’M Doing Right Now? Gazing Outside The Window At The Morning Sun While I Sip On My Morning Coffee And Think Of You. This Is The Best Part Of The Day. Good Morning!”

57) “I Could Send You The Most Profound Or Beautiful Love Quote In The World, But It Wouldn’T Do Our Love Any Justice. It Wasn’T Chance That Brought Us Together. It Was Destiny.”

58) “I’Ve Told This Message To Go To The Sweetest Person In The World And Now You Are Reading It, Good Morning.”

59) “My Main Dream Is To Wake Up Next To You, Soon It Will Come True. Good Morning, My Love.”

60) “Dear, Wake Up And Start Your Day, The Fact That I Am At My Mother’S Place Doesn’T Mean That You Should Spend The Whole Day In The Bed.”

Good Morning Text Messages SMS

Good Morning Text Messages SMS


61) “I Hope That All Of Your Wishes Come True Today. Sending You Positive Vibes And A Big Hug To Let You Know How Much I Love You.”

62) “Much Of The Joy In My Morning Is Because Of You. Much Of The Happiness In The Moments Of The Day Are Because Of You. My Life Wouldn’T Be So Great Without You In It. I Love You, My Sweet.”

63) “Hey Sexy, Could You Put Me On Your To-Do List This Morning? I Will Gladly Do The Same.”

64) “I Want You In The Worst Way… Your Taste, Scent, And Feel Of Your Warm Skin Next To Mine… I Want It All Right Now My Love.”

65) “Each Morning Provides You With Endless Opportunities To Be Glad, Especially When Your First Thought Of The Day Is Me.”

66) “All Of The Stars In The Galaxy Could Never Outshine My Love For You. A Lifetime Of Sunrises Could Never Compare To The Light You Bring Into My Life.”

67) “I Wish You A Good Morning, Let Your Boss Be Kind To You Today!”

68) “Warning! The Hottest Man On The Planet Has Just Woken Up!””

69) “The Brain Is A Wonderful Organ; It Starts Working The Moment You Get Up In The Morning And Does Not Stop Until You Get Into The Office. Good Morning My Dear.”

70) “Morning Paradox – It Takes Forever To Fall Asleep And Only A Second To Fall Asleep In The Morning.”

71) “There Is No Snooze Button On A Cat Who Wants Breakfast. Good Morning Love!”

72) “Do Not Forget To Think Positive This Morning. There Is Always A Chance That Your Boss Will Get Carried Off By A Pack Of Hungry Wolves.”

73) “My Bed And I Have A Special Relationship; We’Re Perfect For Each Other. But My Alarm Clock Just Hates Seeing Us Together.”

74) “Wake Up! Your Morning Present Is Waiting For You In The Kitchen, Don’T Forget To Wash A Plate!”

75) “Last Evening You Hugged Me, This Morning I Caressed Your Beautiful Face, And Today I Will Make You Happy, Good Morning!”

76) “I Woke Up This Morning In A Sweat. It’S Not Because The Morning Was Too Hot, But Because My Dreams About You Last Night Were Sweltering. I Miss You, Handsome. Good Morning!”

77) “As The Sun Peeps Through The Curtains, It Spies Us Wrapped Up In Each Other’S Arms. Good Morning!”

78) “I Can’T Wait To See You Today. I’M Counting Down The Minutes Until I Can See Your Face.”

79) “Every Morning I’M Filled With Delight That’S Just As Radiant As The Sunlight. Do You Know Why? Because I Get The Chance To Tell You Just How Much I Truly Love You. I Wish You A Good Morning, My Love.”

80) “Attention! The Sexiest Man In The World Got Up, Look In The Mirror And Tell Him: “Good Morning”.”

Good Morning Messages for Friends

Good Morning Messages for Friends


81) “Good Morning, Love! Thank You For Always Being There. Thank You For Being My Only Dear. Thank You For Being Near. Ever Grateful Am I, My Dear.”

82) “Every Morning That I Wake Up, I Forget All Of The Things That Make Me Sad. That’S Because I Only Need One Reason To Make Me Happy, And That Reason Is You.”

83) “Good Morning To My Knight In Shining Armor. The One Man Who Can Make All Of My Troubles And Sorrows Disappear With Just One Kiss. Thank You For Bringing So Much Joy Into My Life.”

84) “Let Me Fill Your Morning With Tenderness, Care, Love And Attention From Now And Until The End Of Our Days.”

85) “Good Morning! You The Biggest Treasure I Have Ever Had.”

86) “Morning Is Wonderful. Its Only Drawback Is That It Comes At Such An Inconvenient Time Of A Day.”

87) “There Are Two Ways Of Waking Up In The Morning. One Is To Say, ’Good Morning, God,’ And The Other Is To Say, ’Good God, Morning’!”

88) “Red Alert! The Hunkiest Man In The World Has Risen!”

89) “You Must Be Really Tired Because You´Ve Been Running Through My Mind All Morning”

90) “We Need To Work On You Becoming A Morning Person. I Love You And Wish You Good Morning.”

91) “I Just Wanted To Tell You That I Am The Person, Who Thinks About You In The Morning And Before Going To Sleep. Good Morning.”

92) “Each Morning I Look At Your Photo And Each Morning I Fall In Love With You, You Are My Perfect Soul Mate.”

93) “Good Morning – Time To Greet The Dawn. I Hope You Have A Perfect Day And Know That I Love You In Every Way”

94) “I Can’T Wait For The Day When I Can Finally Wake Up Right Next To You. All I Want Is To Fall Asleep In Your Arms And To Wake Up Next To Your Handsome Face Each Morning.”

95) “If I Were With You This Morning, I Would Make You A Big Plate Of Pancakes, Bacon, And Eggs. I’D Top If Off With A Kiss From Me.”

96) “Good Morning, Love! Did You Sleep Well, Or Were You Too Busy Dreaming About Us? I Know I Was.”

97) “Wake Up Lazy Bones! It’S Time To Embrace A New Day. Welcome Success And Happiness. Have A Great Morning.”

98) “Each Morning With You Is Beautiful. It Starts With Your Love, And Your Love Stays With Me All Day Long. Good Morning, My Sweet.”

99) “Your Kisses And Hugs Are The Only Sunshine I’Ll Ever Need.”

100) “It May Be Raining Today, But Thanks To You, I Only See Sunny Skies. You Will Always Brighten Up My Day.”

Romantic Good Morning SMS Messages

Romantic Good Morning SMS Messages

101) “Beloved, None Of The 7 Billion Stars Throughout The Universe Can Be Compared With Your Splendor. Good Morning!”

102) “Let Me Show You The Beauty Of This World! Wake Up And Meet A New Magnificent Day.”

103) “This Morning It Is Snowing Outside, A Blizzard Is Raging, And Only Thanks To Your Love Spring Flowers Bloom In My Heart.”

104) “Good Morning, My Beloved Girl! Let Present To You This Stunning World.”

105) “That Wonderful Bird, Singing Near Your Window, Is My Companion, Who Agreed To Help Me To Express My Feelings For You.”

106) “Good Morning, Beauty, Get Up And Start Preparing, We Must Come To The Show To 7 Pm.”

107) “Every Morning The Sun Makes A Compliment To Your Beauty And Illuminates Your Room And Fills It With Warmth. Good Morning, My Love.”

108) “Do You Know What I Can Do Forever? Touch Your Silk Strands Every Day. Good Morning, My Ray Of Light!”

109) “Makeup That You Need Is Your Smile And Good Mood Will Be The Best Accessory For You! Good Morning!”

110) “I Want To Present You The Morning In Rome, The Day In Barcelona And The Evening In Paris! Good Morning, My Dear.”

111) “What Could Be Better Than The Morning With The Beloved Woman? Only The Morning With Her On The Exotic Island And One Day We Will Meet It Together! Good Morning.”

112) “To Wake Up Near The Ocean And Hug Your Shoulders Is The Perfect Morning For Me.”

113) “You’Re So Cute In The Morning, And Even A Little Wrinkle On The Forehead Does Not Spoil You. I’M Kidding, Darling, You Are Perfect!”

114) “I Will Be Ready To Conquer Your Heart Every Single Day If I Meet Sunrises And Sunsets With You. Good Morning, Beauty!”

115) “Every Morning I Thank The World For Giving You To Me. You Are My Sweetest Addiction, I Can’T Live Without You.”

116) “Meet A New Day, Sweetheart! I Will Fill It With My Unconditional Love, Burning Passion, Hours Of Laughter And Endless Happiness!”

117) “You’Re Probably Wondering Why I Just Sent You A Good Morning Text After We Already Hugged And Kissed This Morning, But I Was Thinking About You And Had To Say Hi.”

118) “The Hue Of The Sun And The Dew On The Grass Reminds Me That Every Day With You Is Perfect.””

119) “Since I Spent The Whole Night Dreaming Of You, I Thought It Was Only Appropriate To Message You This Morning And Wake You Up.”

120) “When I Woke Up This Morning, I Was Hoping That It Was Still Night Time, And I Could Hold You In My Arms A Little Longer.”

Sweet Good Morning SMS Messages for Wife

Sweet Good Morning SMS Messages for Wife


121) “Having You By My Side Is Better Than Any Dream I Have Ever Imagined.”

122) “I Wish I Had A Time Machine. I Would Go Back In Time To Be There Every Day When You Woke Up.”

123) “Come Downstairs. I Have A Surprise For You!”

124) “I Woke Up Early And Decided To Take A Picture Of The Puppy For You. It Will Make Your Day.”

125) “If You’Re Feeling Down Today, Remember To Take A Deep Breath And Always Know That I Will Have Your Back.”

126) “I Didn’T Want To Wake Up This Morning, And Then I Thought Of You And Couldn’T Fall Back Asleep.”

127) “Every Minute Of Your Life Is Important For Me, Start The Day Right – Kiss Me In The Morning”

128) “Good Morning, Gorgeous. You Spoiled Me With Your Care And Kindness, And Now I Cannot Start My Day Without You. Let’S Wake Up Together Always.”

129) “Everyone Is Not Fair, Everyone Can’T Be Fair All The Time, Be Forgiving, Enjoy New Morning! Good Morning!”

130) “People Say That Morning Can’T Be Good. I Do Not Agree, Every Morning, I Meet With You, Is Amazing. Good Morning, Darling!”

131) “Morning Is Not Just The Time Of Day When You Wake Up. Morning Is The Beginning Of Another Day That You Can Help Make Perfect For Me And All The People’S Lives That You Will Touch.”

132) “Wake Up, Wake Up. I Just Realized That If You’Re Awake, I Might Be Able To Stop Daydreaming About You.”

133) “Life’S Ups And Downs Make Other People Frown, But For Me, It Presents The Challenge Of How To Make Every Day You Have The Best Day Forever Tomorrow.””

134) “It’S Time To Open Your Eyes Beautiful And Greet The World With The Love And Happiness You Have Shown Me.”

135) “I Am Missing You More Today Than I Did Yesterday When I Texted You Good Morning And More Than The Day Before That.”

136) “Do You Know Why The Sun Shines Every Morning? Because It Welcomes You!”

137) “Your Pure And Sincere Love Helped Me To Get Out Of The Depth Of Darkness, I Thank God Every Morning For You.”

138) “Good Morning, My Rose! I Hope That Today I Will Avoid A Meeting With Your Studs And You Will Delight Me With Your Smile.”

139) “In The Morning You Are Especially Delicate And Fragile, All I Want Is To Keep You In My Arms And Never Let You Go.”

140) “Your Smile Is Radiant As The Sun. I Hope That You Wake Up With A Smile On Your Face And Brighten Up The World’S Day Half As Much As You Do Mine.”

Good Morning Have A Good Day Messages

Good Morning Have A Good Day Messages


141) “Smile & Be Happy And Let That Happiness Spread Everywhere You Go. Life Is Beautiful. Good Morning”

142) “Today Is A Gift. You Are The Present. We Can’T Go Back To Yesterday And Have A Perfect Day, But We Can Start Today And Make It As Perfect As Either Of Us Could Have Dreamed.”

143) “Good Morning, My Sweet Thorn! Today We Will Have A Special Day! I’Ll Pick You Up At 10 And Your Dreams Will Come True!”

144) “Good Morning, Sweetie! Don’T You Mind Waking Up And Making This Dull World And My Life A Little Bit Brighter?”

145) “If The Morning Started Without The Sun, Your Smile Would Be Enough To Light The Path Of My Day.”

146) “May Your Talent Get The Respect It Deserves, Good Morning!”

147) “Here Is A Clean Slate, Whatever You Write Will Become History Eventually, Good Morning!”

148) “Let’S See If You Can Do It. I Am Giving You 1 Minute To Be Awake Enough To Answer One Question: Who Loves You More Than Anything In The World…… Did You Figure It Out? It Is Me!”

149) “Your Smile Is Stronger Than Any Cup Of Coffee I Have Ever Had. It Wakes Me Up In An Instant And Keeps Me Motivated All Day Long.””

150) “A Lot Of People Dream About Being In Heaven. But I Must Be The Only Man In The Whole World To Wake Up To Heaven – The Sight Of A Face As Beautiful As Yours. Good Morning.”

151) “Good Morning My Love. Here Is My Morning Tip: You Need No Makeup. You Will Be Messing With Perfection. Love You!”

152) “Juicing Is The Best Way To Start Your Day, Take A Deep Breath And Make Yourself A Tall Glass Of Juice, Good Morning!”

153) “Colorful Just Like The Flowers Of The Garden So Is My Wish For Your Day This Morning. Cheerful Like The Giggle Of A Baby, So Will Today Go. I Love You In The Night And In The Morning. To You My Heartbeat, I Say Good Morning.”

154) “You Are My Shining Light. Now It’S Time To Wake Up And Show The World You’Re Magic.”

155) “Good Morning, My Love. No Matter What Happens Today Or What Happened Yesterday, I Want You To Know That You’Re The One For Me. I Love You.”

156) “Sweetheart I Am Right Behind You, I Support You And I Want All Your Dreams To Come True. Good Morning, I Love You.”

157) “I Love The Spring Mornings, The Afternoons In Autumn, The Winter Evenings And The Summer Nights … But You I Love More !”

158) “Stay Positive The Things You’Re Waiting And Hoping For,Tend To Arrive At The Most Unexpected Moments.Good Morning”

159) “I Will Never Find Out Which Is More My Love For Your Hugs Or My Lust For Your Kisses. But This Is One Confusion I Am Ready To Live With As Long As I Get Lots Of Both.”

160) “Good Morning To The Beat Of My Heart, The Life Of My Soul, The Vision In My Eyes And The Life In My Breath.”

Lovely Good Morning SMS Messages for Him

Lovely Good Morning SMS Messages for Him


161) “Morning Sunshine … You Look Great Today. How Did I Know? Because You Look Great Every Day.”

162) “Respect Is The Most Important Element Of Our Personality. It Like An Investment,Whatever We Give To Others,It Will Return To Us With Profit ….Good Morning”

163) “A Meaningful Life Is Not Being Rich, Being Popular, Being Highly Educated Or Being Prefect…”

164) “It Is About Being Real, Being Humble, Being Able To Share Ourselves And Touch The Lies Of Others. Good Morning”

165) “You Have A Cute Yawn On Your Face, A Cup Of Coffee In Your Hands. All That Remains Is A Good Morning Message From Me. Have A Great Morning!”

166) “Do You Know What I Like Best About Mornings? It Is The Time When I Fall In Love With You All Over Again. Good Morning.”

167) “Open Your Eyes. Take A Deep Breath. Throw Aside The Covers. Get Up From Bed. And Read My Message. Good Morning My Dear.”

168) “It’S Morning And I Already Love You More Today Than Before I Went To Sleep.”

169) “I Do Not Think Much, I Do Not Think Often, But When I Do Think, I Think Of You.”

170) “Some People Need Coffee In The Morning To Wake Up, But All I Need Is To Think Of You. Well, Who Am I To Be Choosy? I Made You Some Coffee And Left It On The Counter.”

171) “The Sun Rises In The East And Sets In The West, But As Long As You’Re Sleeping In My Bed, I Will Never Realize Because My Life Revolves Around You.”

172) “The Beautiful Sunrises Of The Day Remind Me That True Beauty Can Only Be Found In You.”

173) “A Simple Formula For Happy Life.Never Try To Defeat Anyone,Just Try To Win Everyone,Don’T Laugh At Anyone But Laugh With Everyone.Good Morning”

174) “Life Is Like A Book. Each Day Like A New Page. So Let The First Words You Write Be, Good Morning To You My Love!”

175) “Good Morning Sweetness, I’M Drinking Coffee And Thinking Of You (Of Course). Wishing You A Wonderful Day. See You Tonight”

176) “Night Has Gone And The Moon Too. The Sun Has Risen On A Sky So Blue, Open Your Eyes, There’S A Message For You – Good Morning!”

177) “Thinking About You Only Takes A Second Each Morning, But The Smile It Brings To My Face Lasts For The Entire Day.”

178) “Being In Love With You Makes Every Morning Worth Getting Up For – Good Morning!, Sweetheart!”

179) “Good Morning, My Love! Do You Know How Wonderful It Is For Me To Wake Up In Your Arms? I Look Forward To Seeing You This Evening.”

180) “When I Wake Up And See You Lying Next To Me, I Can’T Help But Smile. It Will Be A Good Day Simply Because I Started It With You.”

Funny Good Morning Messages

Funny Good Morning Messages


181) “Being In Love With You Makes Every Morning Worth Getting Up For. Good Morning Angel!”

182) “Baby, I Am The Luckiest Guy On The Planet Because I See The Same Girl In My Dreams Every Night And Then See Her Next To Me Every Morning. Good Morning.”

183) “As You Wake Up Today, Ask Yourself What You Would Be, And Then Go Out And Do What You Have To Do. Have A Great Morning!”

184) “The Smell Of Your Skin Is Better Than The Scent Of Roses, I Can Spend An Eternity In The Beautiful Captivity Of Your Hands And Lips. Good Morning.”

185) “Always Keep Your Words Soft And Sweet, Just In Case You Have To Eat Them. Good Morning.”

186) “Let Every Morning Be A Fresh Start Of The Day, Full Of Luck, Joy, And Love. Good Morning, Darling.”

187) “The Sun Doesn’T Rise In The East, It Rises Right Next To Me In My Bed. Good Morning Sunshine.”

188) “I Don’T Care Whether My Morning Coffee Is A Cappuccino, Latte Or A Mocha. My Favorite Coffee Is The One That I Share With You. Good Morning.”

189) “Hey Baby. I Know That You Had A Long Night, So I Sent You A Picture Of The Sunrise, So You Could See How Beautiful It Looked Today.”

190) “Night Is Over. Morning Has Begun. Now It’S Time To Wake Up And Give Me A Hug.”

191) “I Am Sitting Here On A Park Bench Drinking Coffee And Watching The Birds Fly Around As They Sing Their Pretty Songs. The Only Problem Is That You Are Not Here By My Side.”

192) “I Used To Be The Type Of Person That Would Stay In Bed For An Hour And Not Want To Get Up. Now, I Can’T Wait To Jump Out Of Bed And See Your Beautiful Face As Fast As Possible.”

193) “My Dear Wake Up From The Dream World. Here Is The World Welcoming You To Face A New Fresh Day In Your Life! Have A Great And Wonderful Morning!”

194) “I Love You So Much Sweetheart, I Just Don’T Know Where To Start. Maybe Because My Love For You Is Like The Sunrise, Every Day It Is A New Prize. Good Morning.”

195) “Hello. I May Be Mistaken, But I Think I Love You And You Love Me. Right?”

196) “It’S Time To Wake Up Sleeping Beauty. The World Needs Your Warmth, And I Need Your Touch.”

197) “Every Morning That I Wake Up Madly In Love With You Is A Day That I Want To Keep Living.”

198) “Most People Pray To God At Night, Thanking Him For The Day That Has Passed. I Pray To God In The Morning, Thanking Him For Making You Mine And Letting Me Live One More Day In Paradise.”

199) “How Can I Find Words Of Wishes, Which Express My Feelings To You. Your Smile Brightens My Life Even More Day By Day. Good Morning.”

200) “Smile And Be Happy And Let That Happiness Spread Everywhere You Go. Life Is Beautiful! Good Morning!!!”


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