TOP 200+ Depression Quotes & Depression Sayings

By | February 15, 2023

Depression Quotes & Depression Sayings : Depression can be very dangerous and unhealthy for a Person. There always come times when almost everybody feels depressed in their life. There could be many possible reasons for a depression like a Breakup, a loved one’s death or any other tragic incident in one’s life. As a result of depression, a person starts feeling sad for all the time by memorizing his cause of Depression. Some of the most common reasons of Depression these days are Breakup from Boyfriend or Girlfriend and getting failed in Board Exams. Depression is so dangerous for a person that sometimes it can make a person opt for the ultimate peace that is Suicide. If you have ever been caught up by Depression then you can understand the feeling a person has during this hard period of time. Coping with depression can be a very tough task, mostly it fades with time but spending time with friends and family and trying to keep yourself busy for all the time is a good way to feel comfortable and not think about the cause that made you go in depression. To help you cope with your depression, we have some of the Top Depression Quotes for you. We searched the whole internet and gathered only the Best Depression quotes and made this awesome Collection of Top Depression Quotes for you. You can post these Depression Quotes on your FB wall or Whatsapp Status to let you Friends and Family know about what you are going through now. Our Top Depression Quotes will definitely make your Contacts understand your feelings and they will for sure try to comfort you making you feel much better. This is the Best Depression Quotes Collection that any Depressed Person can find on the Internet. Hope you liked our collection of best Depression Quotes.


Depression Quotes SayingsDepression Quotes & Depression Sayings


1) Some Walks You Have To Take Alone.

2) I Hide All My Scar With An I’M Fine.

3) Never Waste Your Time Being Depressed.

4) Depression Is Merely Anger Without Enthusiasm.

5) To Heal A Wound, You Have To Stop Touching It.

6) Sleep Just Isn’T Sleep Anymore, It’S An Escape.

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7) Worry Should Lead Us To Action. Not Depression.

8) Rejection Is An Opportunity For Your Selection.

Deep Depression Quotes

Deep Depression Quotes


9) Depression Is The Inability To Construct A Future.

10) Depression Is Tried Of Living And Scared If Dying.

11) Depression Is The Inability To Construct A Future.

12) Depression Is Close To Me, But Suicide Hasn’T Been.

13) Rise Above The Storm And You Will Find The Sunshine.

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14) I’M Exhausted From Trying To Be Stronger Than I Feel.

15) Dear Parents, Depression Is Not A Fad. Hug Your Child.

16) Depression Is Like A War. You Either Win Or Die Trying.

Depression Quotes Tumblr17) Depression Creates A Living Zombie With No Will To Live.

18) Nothing Is Impossible; The Word Itself Says I’M Possible!

19) You Carry So Much Love In Your Heart. Give Some To Yourself.

20) Noble Deeds And Hot Baths Are The Best Cures For Depression.

21) The Worst Loneliness Is Not To Be Comfortable With Yourself.

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22) Don’T Try To Solve Serious Matters In The Middle Of The Night.

23) Depression Is Like Being Homesick, But Not Knowing Where Home Is.

24) It’S Hard To See People Happy When You’Re Stuck In Your Own Head.

25) Its Hard To Wait Around For Something, You Know May Never Happen.

Inspirational Quotes for Depression

Inspirational Quotes for Depression


26) Depressions May Bring People Closer To Family But So Do Funerals.

27) I Drank To Drown My Pain, But The Damned Pain Learned How To Swim.

28) The Greatest Healing Therapy For Depression Is Friendship And Love.

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29) I Hate It When I Get Flashbacks Of Things I Don’T Want To Remember.

30) You Depression Is Connected To Your Insolence And Refusal To Praise.

31) No Matter How You Feel, Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up And Never Give Up.

32) It’S Totally Okay To Feel Sad, But Depression Is A Whole Other Beast.

33) Your Mentality With Depression Can Make Even The Good Days Seem Fair.

34) Sick Of Crying, Tried To Trying, Yes I’M Smiling But Inside I’M Dying.

35) Don’T Believe The Things You Tell Yourself When You Are Sad And Alone.

Depression Quotes about Being Alone

Depression Quotes about Being Alone


36) I Say ‘Sorry’ A Lot. Mostly Because I Feel Like Everything Is My Fault.

37) That Feeling When You’Re Not Necessarily Sad, But You Just Really Empty.

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38) It’S Hard To Answer The Question “What’S Wrong ?” When Nothing Is Right.

39) Depression Is Nourished By A Lifetime Of Ungrieved And Unforgiven Hurts.

40) Maybe You Have To Know The Darkness Before You Can Appreciate The Light.

41) My Biggest Fear Is That Eventually You Will See Me The Way I See Myself.

42) Sometimes The First Step To Battling Your Depression Is To Find Yourself.

43) Expressing Yourself While You’Re Depressed Can Seem Damn Near Impossible.

44) There’S Nothing More Depressing Than Having It All And Still Feeling Sad.

45) Stop Drowning For The People Who Won’T Even Get In The Damn Water For You.

Fighting Depression Quotes

Fighting Depression Quotes


46) When People Don’T Know Exactly What Depression Is, They Can Be Judgmental.

47) It Is Better To Be Alone Than Being With Someone Who Makes You Feel Alone.

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48) Behind Those Smiling Faces You Can Never Know What Someone Is Going Trough.

49) You Have To Fight Through Some Bad Days To Earn The Best Days Of Your Life.

50) The Very Worst Kind Of Sadness Is The Kind That Doesn’T Have An Explanation.

51) I Always Compare Myself To Every Person I See, And I Lose Every Single Time.

52) Sometimes Your Heart Needs More Time To Accept What Your Mind Already Knows.

53) Depression Is Being Colorblind And Constantly Told How Colorful The World Is.

54) Depression Is A Real And Serious Disease. Remember To Treat Others With Care.

55) Everyone Is Searching For That One Person Whose Demons Play Nice With Theirs.

56) Recession Is When A Neighbor Loses His Job. Depression Is When You Lose Yours.

Overcoming Depression Quotes57) The Bravest Thing I Have Ever Done Was Continuing To Live When I Wanted To Die.

58) Perhaps Depression Is Caused By Asking Oneself Too Many Unanswerable Questions.

59) Depression Is A Feeling Of Drawing While Everyone Else Around You Is Breathing.

60) One Of The Hardest Parts Of Life Is Deciding Whether To Walk Away Or Try Harder.

61) Sometimes The Person Who Tried To Keep Everyone Happy Is The Most Lonely Person.

62) You Sometimes Think You Want To Disappear But All You Really Want Is To Be Found.

63) The Only Thing More Exhausting Than Being Depressed Is Pretending That You’Re Not.

64) Depression Is That Feeling When You’Re Not Really Sad – You Just Feel Empty Inside.

65) Depression Is Living In A Body That Fights To Survive Within Mind That Tries To Die.

Motivational Quotes for Depression

Motivational Quotes for Depression


66) Poverty Isn’T A Lack Of Money, But Rather A Feeling Of Loneliness And Being Unloved.

67) Everyone Thinks I’Ve Gotten Better. I Haven’T. I’Ve Just Gotten Better At Hiding It.

68) Depression Is Not A Sign Of Weakness. It Means You Have Been Strong For Far Too Long.

69) Depression Is Living In A Body That Fights To Survive, With A Mind That Tries To Die.

70) The Worst Feeling Isn’T Being Lonely But Being Forgotten By Someone You Can’T Forget.

71) I’M So Ashamed Of Myself All The Time. I Just Feel Like I’M Worthless And Replaceable.

72) Depression Is A Person Where You Are Both The Suffering Prisoner And The Cruel Jailer.

73) Every Thought Is A Battle, Every Breath Is A War, And I Don’T Think I’M Winning Anymore.

74) At Some Point, You Have To Realize That Some People Can Stay In Your Heart In Your Life.

75) Pain Is Always Emotional. Fear And Depression Keep Constant Company With Chronic Hurting.

Short Depression Quotes

Short Depression Quotes


76) Once You Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive Ones, You Will Start Having Positive Results.

77) Sometimes The Best Way To Deal Is To Take Good Time For Yourself To Work Through Your Thoughts.

78) I Miss Me. The Old Me. The Happy Me. The Bright Me. The Smiling Me. The Laughing Me. The Gone Me.

79) A Break Up Is Like A Broken Mirror, It’S Better To Give U Than To Hurt Yourself Trying To Fix It.

80) Sometimes, You Just Need That One Person To Tell You That You Aren’T As Bad As You Think You Are.

81) Depression Isn’T Just Being A Bit Sad. It’S Feeling Nothing. It’S Not Wanting To Be Alive Anymore.

82) A Big Part Of Depression Is Feeling Really Lonely, Even If You’Re In A Room Full Of A Million People.

Quotes about Depression83) It Is So Difficult To Describe Depressing To Someone Who’S Never Been There, Because It’S Not Sadness.

84) Do Not Confuse My Bad Days As A Sign Of Weakness. Those Are Actually The Days I Am Fighting My Hardest.

85) From The Outside Looking In, It’S Hard To Understand. From The Inside Looking Out, It’S Hard To Explain.

86) There Are Wounds That Never Show On The Body That Are Deeper And More Hurtful Than Anything That Bleeds.

87) Sometimes, You Just Don’T Know The True Weight Of What You’Re Carrying Until The Day You Feel Its Release.

88) You Are Allowed To Feel Messed Up And Inside Out. It Doesn’T Mean You’Re Defective. It Just Means You’Re Human.

89) When You Depressed You Don’T Control Your Thoughts. Your Thoughts Control You. I Wish People Would Understand This.

Depression and Anxiety Quotes

Depression and Anxiety Quotes


90) If You Trade In Your Authenticity For Safety, You May Experience : Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Blame And Grief.

91) Depression = It Feels Like You’Ve Swallowed A Bag Of Stones. A Heavy Feeling Somewhere Between Your Heart And Stomach.

92) Depression, Anxiety And Panic Attacks Are Not Signs Of Weakness. They Are Sign Of Trying To Remain Strong For Far Too Long.

93) Don’T Think For A Second That My Bad Days Are A Sign Of Weakness. Those Are The Days That I’M Actually Fighting The Hardest.

94) You Deserve To Be With Somebody Who Makes You Happy. Somebody Who Doesn’T Complicate Your Life. Somebody Who Won’T Hurt You.

95) Sometimes People With Depression Can Be Clingy. And Usually It’S Because You Make Them Feel After Feeling Numb For A Long Time.

96) Depression Is Almost Like A Reverse Nightmare. Instead Of Waking Up From A Nightmare And Feeling Relieved, I Woke Up Into A Nightmare.

97) When Depression Takes Over & I Can’T Push Through It. I Have To Close My Door And Shut The World Out. It’S The Only Way I Know To Survive.

98) The Strongest People In The World Are Not The Ones Who Win Battles In Front Of Us, But The Ones Who Win The Battles We Know Nothing About.

99) Depression Is When You Don’T Really Care About Anything. Anxiety Is When You Care Too Much About Everything. And Having Both Is Just Like Hell.

100) Depression Makes You Isolated. It’S Verity Hard To Think Of Other People When You’Re Wrapped In A Prickly Blanket Of Sadness And All You Can Think About Is Your Own Pain.

101) If You Know Someone Who’S Depressed, Please Resolve Never To Ask Them Why. Depression Isn’t A Straight Forward Response To A Bad Situation: Depression Just Is Like The Weather.



So, Here was Our Latest Collection of Depression Quotes. With these Premium Collection We have also included a Collection of Quotes about Depression, Depression Quotes Tumblr, Overcoming Depression Quotes, Inspiration quotes about Depression, Depression & Anxiety Quotes, Fighting Depression Quotes, Depression Quotes about Love, Deep Depression Quotes, Positive Depression Quotes & anti Depression Quotes. I Hope You have enjoyed a Collection of Depression Quotes.

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