TOP 100+ Compassion Quotes Sayings for Love

By | March 2, 2023

Compassion Quotes Sayings for Love : Compassion motivates people to go out of their way to help the physical, mental, or emotional pains of another and themselves. There are a very few compassionate people left in this world. The world needs more of the compassionate people because nowadays people don’t care about what’s happening to others and becoming only selfish. A compassionate person always feels the pain of the poor and needy and hence tries to help them in his possible way. If you believe that you are also a compassionate person and you also feel the pain of people in need then you should encourage others also to do the same so that they can understand and help each other and make a better world for themselves. A good Compassion Quote Message is the best choice to send your message of compassion to a lot of public. Posting a compassion quote on social media will gather more people to read the quote and understand compassion. If you are wondering where will you find a perfect Compassion Quote Message then you are at the right page because we have done a lot of hard work and found these Best Compassion Quotes from around the internet. If you want to live in a better world for yourself then you have to step forward for it yourself. Sending a message of compassion will be like your first Step towards a better world. Choose any of our Best Compassion Quotes Messages today and send a positive message of Compassion to your Friends and Family members and motivate them to feel the pain of others as well because at the end that’s all that god will count under his blessings. You will not find better compassion quotes anywhere else but on our website. Hope you like our Collection of best Compassion Quotes Messages.

Compassion Quotes SayingsCompassion Quotes Sayings for Love


1) What Comes From The Heart, Goes To The Heart.

2) He Who Feels No Compassion Will Become Insane.

3) Any Religion Without Love And Compassion Is False.

4) The First Rule Of Kindness Is To Be Kind To Yourself.

5) Compassion Will Cure More Sins Than Condemnation.

6) Compassion Is The Wish To See Others Free From Suffering.

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7) Passionate Prayer Transforms Us Into Compassionate People.

8) Tolerance And Compassion Are Qualities Of Fearless People.

9) Be Kind, For Everyone You Meet Is Fighting A Harder Battle.

10) Compassion Is The Ultimate Expression Of Your Highest Self.

11) Hen We Sign Up For Compassion, We’Re Going To Have Homework.

12) Until You Have Real Compassion, You Can Not Recongnize Love.

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13) If Your Compassion Does Not Include Yourself, It Is Incomplete.

14) A Kind Gesture Can Reach A Wound That Only Compassion Can Heal.

15) Kindness Is A Language The Deaf Can Heart And The Blind Can See.

16) The Law Has No Compassion & Justice Administered Without Compassion.

17) The Goal Is Not Be Better Than The Other Man, But Your Previous Self.

18) Instead Of Putting Others In Their Place, Put Yourself In Their Place.

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19) Compassion Is The Keen Awareness Of The Interdependence Of All Things.

20) Compassion Is To Look Beyound Your Own Pain, To See The Pain Of Others.

Love and Compassion Quotes

Love and Compassion Quotes


21) Compassion Brings Us To A Stop, And For A Moment We Rise Above Ourselves.

22) Our Sorrows And Wounds Are Healed Only When We Touch Them With Compassion.

23) Our Sorrows And Wounds Are Healed Only When We Touch Them With Compassion.

24) Compassion Towards All Animals Doesn’T Have To Be Taught. Its Only Untaught.

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25) The Ugliest Thing That I Have Ever Seen, Is A Human Being Without Compassion.

26) The Heart Is Like A Garden. It Can Grow Compassion Of Fear, Resentment Or Love.

27) A Compassionate State Of Mind Brings Inner Peace, And Therefore A Healthier Body.

28) Inner Compassion And Outer Tolerance Cas Easily Make A New World, A Better World.

29) Be That Person Who Makes Someone Smile During Those Moments When They Need It Most.

30) Kindness Is Choosing Love Over Hate, Light Over Darkness, Compassion Over Judgement.

Quotes about Kindness and Compassion

Quotes about Kindness and Compassion


31) Great Teachers Emanate Out Of Knowledge, Passion, And Compassion. – A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

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32) Being Compassionate Helps With Anger And Resolves Bitterness More Easily Than Anything.

33) Love And Compassion Are Necessities, Not Luxuries. Without Them Humanity Cannot Survive.

34) When You Manage Your Emotions And Act With Compassion, You Are Behaving As The Real You.

35) You Youself, As Much As Anybody In The Entire Universe, Deserve Your Love And Affection.

36) The Purpose Of Human Life Is To Serve, And To Show Compassion And The Will To Help Others.

37) You May Call God Love, You May Call God Goodness. But The Best Name For God Is Compassion.

38) Wisdom, Compassion And Courage Are The Three Universally Recognized Moral Qualities Of Men.

39) The Greatness Of Compassion Is, When We Show It, It Helps Us More Than Others. Be Compassinonate.

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40) I Would Rather Make Mistakes In Kindness And Compassion Than Work Miracles In Unkindness And Hardness.

Self Compassion Quotes

Self Compassion Quotes


41) We Live In An Incredible Time & It’S Wasted On People Who Don’T Care. Show Compassion. Give Love Get Love.

42) Self-Compassion Is Nuturing Yourself With All The Kindness And Love You Would Shower On Someone You Cherish.

43) Have Compassion For All Beings, Rich And Poor Alike, Each Has Their Suffering, Some Suffer Too Much, Other Too Little.

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44) The Thing Is, Hate And Fear Is What Crazies Of This World Already Have. What They Lack Is Forgiveness, Love, Compassion.


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