200+ Best Broken Heart Quotes Images

By | April 15, 2023

Best Broken Heart Quotes Images :Love is the most beautiful thing to have in this world. Love has so many definitions like some people say love is all about Romance, Candlelight dinners, surprises, long walks etc and some other people think that love is all about caring compromises and trust so everyone has their own opinion about love. Love is not about how you look, love is about who you are if a person loves you for who you are that means he or she loves you if a person will try to change you that means looks matter to that person. love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. In everyone’s life, there is someone special whom he loves a lot by all of his heart and if he or she doesn’t love you back when you propose him or her, it hurts the most when the person that made you feel special yesterday makes you feel so granted and unwanted today. When someone breaks your heart you feel very pissed off, irritated and a lonely person and its the most difficult thing in a relationship and with a broken heart it takes a strong heart to continue to love after it been hurt and there are also two types of broken hearts, the one we lost our love and the one when the person we love doesn’t love back. If you or any of your friend had a breakup, you can come to this page and select any of our top Broken Heart Quotes Sayings to send her or him. Our messages will definitely spread a positive impact on your friend for sure. So don’t waste your time and select messages from our bucket of messages and send them to your heartbroken friend. Hope you like and enjoy our collection of Broken Heart Quotes Sayings.

best hurt status and broken heart quotes

Best Broken Heart Quotes Images


1) “Hearts Can Break. Yes, Hearts Can Break. Sometimes I Think It Would Be Better If We Died When They Did, But We Don’T.”

2) “Love Can Be Many Things, But It’S Never Hurtful Or Deceitful. True Love Never Breeds Anything Toxic. Always Remember That.”

3) “No One Ever Gets Tired Of Loving Someone. They Just Get Tired Of Assuming, Waiting, Apologizing, Being Lied To And Hurting.”

4) “Perhaps This Is What The Stories Meant When They Called Somebody Heartsick. Your Heart And Your Stomach And Your Whole Insides Felt Empty And Hollow And Aching”

5) “A Broken Heart Is The Worst. It’S Like Having Broken Ribs. Nobody Can See It, But It Hurts Every Time You Breathe.”

6) “I Wish I Never Fell So Deep In Love With You And Now It Ain’T No Way We Can Be Friends.”

7) “My Sadness Has Become An Addiction. When I’M Not Sad, I Feel Lost. I Start To Panic Trying To Find My Way Back Which Leads Me Back To My Original State: Sadness.”

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8) “I Think Many People Can Relate To That Excruciating Pain Of Love Gone Wrong. I’D Rather Have A Broken Arm Than A Broken Heart.”

9) “The People Who Are Quick To Walk Away Are The Ones Who Never Meant To Stick Around.”

10) “Every Girl Has That One Guy She Goes Back To, Heartbreak After Heartbreak And Nobody Knows Why, Not Even Her. And She Just Can’T Let Go.”

11) “I Realize There’S Something Incredibly Honest About Trees In Winter, How They’Re Experts At Letting Things Go”

12) “If Someone Does Not Care About Losing You, Then Move On. There Are Many People Out There That Would Die If It Meant Losing You.”

13) “I Could Never Hate You For Not Loving Me Anymore, But I Hate Myself Because I Still Love You.”

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14) “I Have Not Broken Your Heart…You Have Broken It; And In Breaking It, You Have Broken Mine.”

15) “To Meet, To Know, To Love—And Then To Part, Is The Sad Tale Of Many A Heart.”

16) “Distance Will Sometimes Let You Know Who Is Worth Keeping And Who Is Worth Letting Go Of.”

17) “Never, Ever Run Back Into The Arms Of The Person Who Broke You.”

18) “Why Did This Happen? Because Some Human Beings Are Just Terrible People. And Terrible Human Beings Do Terrible Things.”

19) “It’S A Horrible Feeling To Miss Someone, But It’S Even Worse To Know That They Don’T Miss You Back.”

20) “I Just Want To Feel Important To Someone.”

Quotes about Broken Heart

Quotes about Broken Heart


21) “When My Halo Broke, I Carved Each Half Into Horns.”

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22) “Never Forget: They Cheated Because They Wanted To. They Lied Because They Knew They Could. Now, They’Re Only Sorry Because They Got Caught.”

23) “The Actuality That The Heart Does Not Want To Feel, Doesn’T Negate The Certitude That It Once Felt And Will Still Feel.”

24) “If You Are Not Sure Where You Stand With Someone, Then It Might Be Time To Start Walking.29. It Is Sad How Someone Can Go From Being The Reason You Were Smiling To Being The Reason That You Cry Yourself To Sleep.”

25) “A Broken Heart Is Just The Growing Pains Necessary So That You Can Love More Completely When The Real Thing Comes Along.”

26) “I Don’T Want To Break Someone’S Heart, But You Can’T Control That. A Broken Heart Happens; That’S Inevitable.”

27) “I’M Not Crying Because Of You; You’Re Not Worth It. I’M Crying Because My Delusion Of Who You Were Was Shattered By The Truth Of Who You Are.”

28) “Doctoring Her Seemed To Her As Absurd As Putting Together The Pieces Of A Broken Vase. Her Heart Was Broken. Why Would They Try To Cure Her With Pills And Powders?”

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29) “You Were There In My Glossy Days But In My Darkest Days, Even Your Shadow Wasn’T There.”

30) “Some Of Us Think Holding On Makes Us Strong; But Sometimes It Is Letting Go.”

31) “Love Lasts About Seven Years. That’S How Long It Takes For The Cells Of The Body To Totally Replace Themselves.”

32) “Until This Moment, I Had Not Realized That Someone Could Break Your Heart Twice, Along The Very Same Fault Lines.”

33) “Having A Broken Heart Is A Lot Like Having A Broken Rib. Sure, You Look Okay On The Outside, But It Hurts Every Time You Take A Breath.”

34) “Sometimes, It’S Being Too Nice And Compassionate That Gets You Hurt.”

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35) “I Am Trying To Forget Him While On The Other Hand, I’Ll Constantly Stalk Him On The Social Media.”

36) “I Don’T Know Why They Call It Heartbreak. It Feels Like Every Other Part Of My Body Is Broken Too.”

37) “For My Part, I Prefer My Heart To Be Broken. It Is So Lovely, Dawn-Kaleidoscopic Within The Crack.”

38) “The Stupidest Mistake You Can Make In Life Is Believing That The Person Who Hurt You The Most Will Never Hurt You Again.”

39) “Throughout My Lifetime I’Ve Left Pieces Of My Heart Here And There. And Now, There’S Almost Barely Enough To Stay Alive.”

40) “If I Could Go Back In Time To The Day We Met, I Would Turn Right Around And Walk Away.”

Best Short Broken Heart Quotes

Best Short Broken Heart Quotes


41) “You Never Really Loved Me. You Don’T Destroy The People You Love.”

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42) “The Right Person Will Love All The Things That The Wrong Person Found Intimidating About You.”

43) “The Toughest Part Of Letting Go Is Realizing That The Other Person Already Did.”

44) “Loving You Was No Different Than Going To War. I Didn’T Come Back The Same Person.”

45) “If, At Any Given Time, You Find Yourself Living In The Wrong Story – Leave.”

46) “Always Remember: Your Idea Or Image Of Someone In Your Head Isn’T Necessarily The Way They Really Are.”

47) “I Never Hate You For Not Loving Me Anymore But I Hate Myself For Still Loving You.”

48) “If He Doesn’T Chase After You When You Walk Away, Then Just Keep Walking.”

49) “A Broken Heart Is The Only Thing That Truly Changes People.”

50) “I Was Worth So Much More Than This. I Deserve So Much Better Than You.”

51) “A Broken Heart Is One Of Those Experiences That All Of Us As Humans Can Share, Yet You Can Only Experience Alone.”

52) “To Fall In Love Is Awfully Simple, But To Fall Out Of Love Is Simply Awful.”

53) “Sometimes You Just Need To Erase The Messages, Delete The Number, And Move On.”

54) “Every Time Your Heart Is Broken, A Doorway Cracks Open To A World Full Of New Beginnings, New Opportunities.”

55) “The Greatest Thing You Ever Taught Me Was That You Can Love Someone With Every Fiber Of Your Being And It Still Won’T Be Enough. I’M Really Sorry That I Wasn’T Enough.”

56) “You Know, I’M Really Proud Of My Heart. It’S Been Stabbed, Played, Cheated On, Shattered And Burned. But Guess What? It Still Works.”

57) “Don’T Apologize. I Was The One Who Trusted You. That Was My Fault, Not Yours.”

58) “You May Be Single, But That Doesn’T Mean That You Don’T Know Anything About Love. All It Means Is That You Now Know Enough To Wait For It.”

59) “I Feel Like An Idiot. I Think About You All The Time, But I Know That You Don’T Think About Me At All.”

60) “The Worst Kind Of Pain Is When You Smile Only To Stop The Tears In Your Eyes.”


Broken Heart Images with Quotes

Broken Heart Images with Quotes


61) “My Heart Is Just So Tired Of Being Hurt.”

62) “I Can’T Romanticize Or Glorify Heartbreak. It Was Sort Of Like Dying, But I Was Still Forced To Keep Living.”

63) “Misunderstanding Is The Worst Distance Between Two People Who Love Each Other.”

64) “If You Don’T Let Go Of Your Past And Leave It Behind You, It Will Completely Destroy Your Future. Live For And Enjoy What Today Has To Offer You – Not What Yesterday Took Away From You.”

65) “They Say That If You Love Someone You Should Let Them Go, But They Never Say What To Do When They Don’T Come Back.”

66) “Sometimes You Have To Forget What You Want In Order To Remember What You Deserve.”

67) “Missing You Is Not What Hurts. It Is Knowing That I Had You And Lost You.”

68) “If You Really Love Someone, Set Them Free. If They Do Not Come Back To You, Then It Was Not Meant To Be.”

69) “In Some Relationships There Comes A Time When The Two People Just Outgrow Each Other.”

70) “Love Is Unconditional, But Relationships Are Not.”

71) “Nothing Is Worse Than Seeing The Two Of You Together And Knowing That I Will Never Have You Again.”

72) “It Is A Curious Sensation: The Sort Of Pain That Goes Mercifully Beyond Our Powers Of Feeling. When Your Heart Is Broken, Your Boats Are Burned: Nothing Matters Any More.”

73) “Can’T Decide Where You Stand With Someone? Maybe You Need To Stop Standing And Start Walking.””

74) “Don’T Be Mad Because I Stopped Caring. Be Mad Because I Cared At One Time, But You Were Just Too Blind To See It.”

75) “Relationships May End, But Real Feelings Will Continue On.”

76) “It’S Better To Be Slapped In The Face By The Truth Than To Be Kissed With A Big, Fat Lie.”

77) “You Treated Me Like An Option, So I Left You Like A Choice.”

78) “Trying To Forget Someone You Love Is Like Trying To Remember Someone You Never Knew.”

79) “Of Course! It Takes A Lot Of Strength To Mend A Broken Heart. Channelising Energies Into Your Work Helps, But Also To Be Able To Accept Situations For What They Are Instead Of Questioning Them Helps Immensely.”

80) “I Guess When Your Heart Gets Broken You Sort Of Start To See Cracks In Everything. I’M Convinced That Tragedy Wants To Harden Us And Our Mission Is Never To Let It. “

Saddest Broken Heart Quotes

Saddest Broken Heart Quotes


81) “We’Ll Continue On Ignoring Each Other And Keep Pretending That We Don’T Exist. But The Truth Is That We Both Know It Wasn’T Supposed To End This Way.”

82) “Heartbreak Is A Weird Kind Of Pain. It’S Not Like You’Re Sick. You’Re Not Dying Either. But You Still Hurt So Much.”

83) “Hearts Are Breakable. Even When You Heal, You’Re Never What You Were Before.”

84) “It Really Doesn’T Matter Whether It Was A Relationship Or A Friendship. When It Ends, It Still Breaks Your Heart In Two.”

85) “A Broken Heart Is A Very Pleasant Complaint For A Man In London If He Has A Comfortable Income.”

86) “A Broken Heart Doesn’T Need Repaired. Because Maybe One Of Your Pieces Fits Perfectly With Someone Else’S Heart.”

87) “If You Have Suggestions For Brokenhearted Quotes And Sayings, Please Use The Contact Page To Let Us Know. We Appreciate It.”

88) “I Had Difficult Mother, Difficult Childhood Like She Had. She Is Sagittarius Like I Am. I Almost Died From Broken Heart Because Of Love. And She Really Did.”

89) “Ever Has It Been That Love Knows Not Its Own Depth Until The Hour Of Separation.”

90) “Hanging On To Resentment Is Letting Someone You Despise Live Rent-Free In Your Head.”

91) “Heartbreak Is Definitely Not The End Of The World. As Life Moves On, So Shall We. But It Is Very Important To Vent Out All The Sorrow That Is There So That You Don’T Walk Ahead In Life With A Heavy Heart.”

92) “At Mydearvalentine You Will Find A Lot Of Broken Heart Love Quotes And Sayings That Help You Express The Sorrow That You May Be Going Through Because Of The Heartbreak.”

93) “Read Through These Quotes Because In Such A Time What Better Than Sad Broken Heart Love Quotes Can Be Your Companion?”

94) “A Broken Heart Is A Heart That Has Felt Love”

95) “Two People Who Break Up Could Never Be Friends. If They Can Stay Friends, Then It Means That They Are Still In Love Or That They Never Were.”

96) “There Is A Road From The Eye To Heart That Does Not Go Through The Intellect.”

97) “There’S This Place In Me Where Your Fingerprints Still Rest, Your Kisses Still Linger, And Your Whispers Softly Echo. It’S The Place Where A Part Of You Will Forever Be A Part Of Me.”

98) “A Broken Heart Is Just The Growing Pains Necessary So That You Can Love More Completely When The Real Thing Comes Along.”

99) “Sometimes The Only Way The Good Lord Can Get Into Some Hearts Is To Break Them.”

100) “A Breakup Is Like A Broken Mirror. Do Not Try To Fix The Broken Pieces Of Glass, You Might Get Hurt Badly.”

Broken Heart Sayings

Broken Heart Sayings


101) “Just Remember That Things Will Never Go Back To The Way They Were. Embed This In Your Mind, And It Will Be Easier To Move On.”

102) “You Never Really Think That The Last Time Will Actually Be The Last Time. You Somehow Think That You Have Forever. But You Really Don’T.”

103) “It Is What It Is. I Have To Learn To Accept That And Just Move On With My Life.”

104) “It Isnt The Time That Fixes Broken Hearts. It Can Only Be Done With The Power Of True Love. Keep The Doors Open Always.”

105) “I Trusted You. Now, Your Words Mean Nothing To Me. Your Actions Finally Spoke The Real Truth.”

106) “When You Are Alone, Just Look At The Spaces Between Your Fingers Remember That In Those Spaces. You Can See My Fingers Locked With Forever.”

107) “Breaking Up. It Happens Kind Of Suddenly. One Minute, You’Re Holding Hands Walking Down The Street, And The Next Minute, You’Re Lying On The Floor Crying And All The Good Cds Are Missing.”

108) “They Say That If You Love Someone You Should Let Them Go, But They Never Say What To Do When They Don’T Come Back.”

109) “My Sadness Has Become An Addiction When I’M Not Sad,I Feel Lost.I Start To Panic Trying To Find My Way Back Which Leads Me Back To My Original State.”

110) “Every Time Your Heart Is Broken, A Doorway Cracks Open To A World Full Of New Beginnings, New Opportunities. “

111) “Everybody Makes Mistakes, I Am Also One Of Them. But The Biggest Mistake I Did Was Falling For You.”

112) “I’Ve Broken Through To Longing Now, Filled With A Grief I Have Felt Before, But Never Like This.”

113) “Someone Asked Me What The Happiest Day Of My Life Was, As I Closed My Eyes And Felt A Tear Slide Down My Face I Thought Back To The Day Where You First Told Me You Loved Me.”Moving On Isn’T About Forgetting Someone And Not Loving Them Anymore. It’S About Letting Them Know That You Love Them, But The Pain Isn’T Worth It.”

114) “Whenever I Think Of You, I Have To Remind Myself That If You Really Wanted To Talk To Me, You Would.””

115) “Have You Ever Been In Love? Horrible Isn’T It? It Makes You So Vulnerable. It Opens Your Chest And It Opens Up Your Heart And It Means That Someone Can Get Inside You And Mess You Up.”

116) “For All Sad Words Of Tongue And Pen, The Saddest Are These, “It Might Have Been.”

117) “Few Things Hurt More Than Being Disappointed By The One Person You Thought Would Never, Ever Hurt You.”

118) “I Guess Broken Pieces Of Glass Hurt One Badly And So Does Broken Pieces Of Human Heart. “

119) “The Worst Part Is Time Leaves Forever But The Pain It Causes Stays Forever. “

120) “Sometimes, You Keep On Waiting For That Perfect Day When Everything Is Actually Going To Be ‘Okay’.”

Broken Heart Quotes for Her

Broken Heart Quotes for Her


121) “It’S Hard To Understand That Being Us In The Past Now.”

122) “World’S May Say That It’S Over But Somewhere In The Heart, A Feeling Called Love Was Still There.”

123) “His Heart Became Too Fragile And Deprived Of Happiness. I Think That Heart Was Thirsty And The Thirst Was Of Love.”

124) “I Will Eventually Stop Missing You – When I’M With You.”

125) “The Worst Part About Falling Out Of Love, Is Wondering If You’Ll Ever Open Up That Far Again.. I Just Have To Know .. Do You Ever Miss Me, Do I Ever Just Randomly Enter Your Mind.”

126) “Immature Relationships Start With “I Love You,” But End With “Forget You”. Mature Relationships Start With “I Love You” And End With A Sincere “Thank You”.”

127) “You’Re Leaving Me. Then Go In Peace. And Let Your Wish Alone Be Lamp To Light Your Path. And Find Tranquillity Where’Er You Be.”

128) “You Know What I Regret? Not Listening To Everyone Else When They Told Me To “Run As Fast As You Can” Away From You.”

129) “Everyone In Life Is Gonna Hurt You, You Just Have To Figure Out Which People Are Worth The Pain.”

130) “The Feeling I Get When I See You In My Dreams Is Full Of Joy. ‘Cause Even Though I Can’T See, Have, Hear You In Reality. It Feels Good To Know I Can In My Dreams.”

131) “You’Ve Got To Learn To Leave The Table When Love’S No Longer Being Served.”

132) “It’S Like When You’Ve Been Through A Pile Of Minute Problems Then Even A Fiery Volcano Of A Huge One Doesn’T Affect You Much. “

133) “In The End, It’S Not The People You Miss. You Miss The Memories.”

134) “There’S Someone Who Has Been Lost, The One I Loved The Most, And The One Is You.”

135) “The Person Who Cried Like Hell When My Eyes Dropped Tears Has Changed A Lot.”

136) “I Wish I Could Puke Out All The Pain.”

137) “Love Is Like A Puzzle. When You’Re In Love, All The Pieces Fit But When Your Heart Gets Broken, It Takes A While To Get Everything Back Together.”

138) “I Have More Of A Desire To Write Songs About Being An Independent Woman Than Being In Love, Songs About Getting Up And Moving On Even If I Have A Broken Heart. ‘Wanna Say’ Is One Of The Few Love Songs I’Ve Ever Done.”

139) “Sometimes, A Heartbreak Is A Wakeup Call. It Helps You See That You’Re Worth So Much More Than What You Settled For.”

140) “Please, Don’T Mess With My Feelings Just Because You Can’T Figure Out Your Own.”

Broken Heart Images Pictures

Broken Heart Images Pictures


141) “There Are Things That We Don’T Want To Happen But Have To Accept, Things We Don’T Want To Know But Have To Learn, And People We Can’T Live Without But Have To Let Go.”

142) “There Is Something Beautiful About All Scars Of Whatever Nature. A Scar Means The Hurt Is Over, The Wound Is Closed And Healed, Done With.”

143) “Sometimes You Hurt The Ones Who Love You Most. Sometimes You Hold The One’S Who Leave You Lost. And Sometimes You Learn But It’ S Too Late It’S Too Late!”

144) “It Takes A Brave Person To Look Past All The Hurt And Pain, And Trust That Someone New Won’T Do The Same.”

145) “I Wish I Could Puke Out All The Pain That Makes Me Feel A Little Weak, A Little Lonely And A Little Depressed.”

146) “Not Every Person Who Asks About Your Problems Is Concerned About You.”

147) “A Crumbled Piece Of Paper Cannot Be Fixed To Become A Fine One And So Does A Broken Relationship.”

148) “The Human Heart Has Hidden Treasures, In Secret Kept, In Silence Sealed; The Thoughts, The Hopes, The Dreams, The Pleasures, Whose Charms Were Broken If Revealed.”

149) “Whenever I Feel That Things Are Going The Right Direction, They Take A U-Turn.”

150) “Past Is Something That You Can’T Let Go.”

151) “Now Watching Another Dream Feels Like Inviting Another Pain.”

152) “They Say “Follow Your Heart,” But If Your Heart Is In A Million Pieces Which Piece Do You Follow?”

153) “I Think You Are Wrong To Want A Heart. It Makes Most People Unhappy. If You Only Knew It, You Are In Luck Not To Have A Heart.”

154) “Moving On From A Painful Breakup Is A Lot Like Learning How To Cross The Monkey Bars. At Some Point, You Have To Let Go In Order To Go Forward.”

155) “You May Think That He Or She Is Someone Who You Can’T Live Without But In Reality, It Is Possible That Without Him Or Her, You Can Be A Better Person.”

156) “It’S Better To Break Up When The Sweet Love Turns Into Poison.”

157) “Even Though You Were Standing Beside Me, You Were Never There For Me.”

158) “Have You Ever Been Hurt And The Place Tries To Heal A Bit, And You Just Pull The Scar Off Of It Over And Over Again.”

159) “If Your Love Dies With The Passage Of Time Then It Was Never Loved. “

160) “I Tried My Best To Give This Relationship The Best I Could But I Guess Destiny Had Some Other Plans.”

Deep Broken Heart Quotes

Deep Broken Heart Quotes


161) “You’Re Creating An Intimacy That Everybody Feels, That It’S Their Experience, Not Yours. I’Ll Never Introduce A Song And Say, Now This Song Is About ‘My’ Broken Heart.”

162) “I Pray That Former Rejection And Deep Hurts Will Not Color What I See And Hear Now.”

163) “I Don’T Know What They Are Called, The Spaces Between Seconds—But I Think Of You Always In Those Intervals.”

164) “My Feet Will Want To Walk To Where You Are Sleeping But I Shall Go On Living.”

165) “You’Re Creating An Intimacy That Everybody Feels, That It’S Their Experience, Not Yours. I’Ll Never Introduce A Song And Say, Now This Song Is About ‘My’ Broken Heart.”

166) “One Day You’Re Going To Remember Me And How Much I Loved You… Then You’Re Gonna Hate Yourself For Letting Me Go.”

167) “I Do Not Believe Anyone Can Be Perfectly Well, Who Has A Brain And A Heart.”

168) “Seen Messages But No Replies Were The Reason She Cried At Night. “

169) “You Cannot Make Someone Love You. All You Can Do Is Love A Person As Much As You Can.”

170) “Two Broken Hearts Could Together Make A Complete Heart.”

171) “Never Ending Talks Ended With Just One Confrontation.”

172) “One Broken Relationship Makes You Question Every Relationship.”

173) “All I Wanted Was Your Love. I Guess I Asked For Something Too Expensive.”

174) “The One Who Broke Your Heart Will Be Sorry They Left You. Don’T Worry About The Past. Forget The Pain And Remember That You Are An Incredible Person Who Deserves So Much Better.”

175) “Sometimes, People Can’T Understand How You Feel Until They Go Through The Same Thing Themselves.”

176) “Don’T Cry Because It’S Over, Smile Because It Happened.”

177) “And Perhaps There Is A Limit To The Grieving That The Human Heart Can Do. As When One Adds Salt To A Tumbler Of Water, There Comes A Point Where Simply”

178) “It Amazes Me How He Can Break My Heart, But I Still Love Him With Every Little Broken Piece Of It.”

179) “I’M At A Crossroads Here. I Really Want To Distance Myself From You. But At The Same Time, I Don’T Want To Lose You.”

180) “Pleasure Of Love Lasts But A Moment, Pain Of Love Lasts A Lifetime.”

Broken Heart Quotes Tumblr

Broken Heart Quotes Tumblr


181) “Before Hurting Some, Just Think About How Would You Feel If You On There Placed? “

182) “Her Love Abandoned Her And Then She Abandoned Love. “

183) “She Was Innocent Enough So She Couldn’T Identify Whether It Was His Love Or Just Another Game.”

184) “It’S Not Like I Like Being Alone But It Is That I’Ve Learned To Walk Alone. “

185) “My Eyes Shed Tears Every Time I Passed Through The Streets We Walked Together. “

186) “You Know What’S Scary About Dating? You’Re Either Going To Marry That Person, Or You’Re Going To Break Up.”

187) “A Broken Heart Is Just The Growing Pains Necessary So That You Can Love More Completely When The Real Thing Comes Along.”

188) “Sometimes It Takes A Heartbreak To Shake Us Awake And Help Us See We Are Worth So Much More Than We’Re Settling For.”

189) “A Broken Heart Is What Makes Life So Wonderful Five Years Later, When You See That Special In An Elevator And He Is Fat And Smoking And Saying ‘Long Time No See.”

190) “There Are Many Ways Of Breaking A Heart. Stories Were Full Of Hearts Broken By Love, But What Really Broke A Heart Was Taking Away Its Dream — Whatever That Dream Might Be.”

191) “In The Arithmetic Of Love, One Plus One Equals Everything, And Two Minus One Equals Nothing.”

192) “Hugs And Kisses Are Not Enough If You Don’T Have The Feeling Of Love And Respect. “

193) “Don’T Worry About Losing. If It Is Right, It Happens – The Main Thing Is Not To Hurry. Nothing Good Gets Away.”

194) “Listen To God With A Broken Heart. He Is Not Only The Doctor Who Mends It But Also The Father Who Wipes Away The Tears.”

195) “It’S Not Like I Don’T Want Him To Come Back But I Won’T Let Him Come. Cause Deep Down I Fear That He Would Leave Like He Left Before.”

196) “Love Isn’T Easy That’S Why Only Those Who Are Capable To Tackle It, Get It.”

197) “Loneliness Turned His Heart Into A Monster.”

198) “Let No One Who Loves Be Called Altogether Unhappy. Even Love Unreturned Has Its Rainbow.”

199) “I Don’T Know Why I Keep On Believing That This ‘Bad You’ Isn’T Actually You, But It’S Just A Mask That Has Pain And Fear Behind.”

200) “And Ever Has It Been Known That Love Knows Not Its Own Depth Until The Hour Of Separation.”


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