500+ Best Attitude Whatsapp Status Quotes 2018

By | May 10, 2023

Attitude Whatsapp Status Quotes : Putting up a cool Whatsapp status nowadays is really in trend. A status helps others to make out the kind of person you are and it also brings out your literary side. Whatsapp being one of the most popular social media platforms amongst all age groups is followed by most people. A status helps in making out your mood, your present state of mind and how you are feeling on a particular day. Get some of the best latest Whatsapp status messages from our website and show off your skills. It can be either a love status, a dialogue from any of your favorite movie or some beautiful lyrics from your chosen track. Our list of quotes includes everything that would make your day.

Attitude Whatsapp Status Quotes

Attitude Whatsapp Status Quotes


1) If Your Bad, Call Me Your Dad!

2) I Will Either Find A Way Or Make One.

3) The Man With Beard Will Never Look Weird

4) If You Can’t Convince Them, Confuse Them.

5) An Ugly Personality Destroy A Pretty Face.

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6) Not All Men Are Fools, Some Stay Bachelor.

7) I Will Win Not Immediately, But Definitely.

8) Laugh At Your Problems, Everybody Else Does.

9) I’M Just A Vibe You Can’t Find Nowhere Else.

10) Be A Game Changer, World Is Full Of Copy Cats.

Attitude is Everything Quotes

Attitude is Everything Quotes


11) I Am Not Anti-Social, I Am Just Really Real-Me.

12) Sometimes You Succeed And Other Times You Learn.

13) I’M So Poor That I Can’t Pay Attention In Class.

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14) Finally Gotten Completely Back To Myself Again :

15) The Biggest Slap To Your Enemies Is Your Success.

16) My Attitude Depends On The People In Front Of Me…

17) Life Is Too Short Don’t Waste It Updating Status!

18) Some People Call Me Mike, You Can Call Me Tonight.

19) I Never Insult People I Only Tell Them What They Are.

20) Aside From Gravity, Nothing In Life Can Keep Me Down.

Best Attitude Whatsapp Status

21) Our Attitude May Hurt Me, But Mine Can Even Kill You.

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22) My Attitude Is “God” Gift And Nobody Take It From Me.!

23) Style Is A Reflection Of Your Attitude And Personality.

24) I Don’t Hate Peoples ,I Just Love Peoples Who Loves Me.

25) Always Remember You Are Unique, Just Like Everyone Else.

26) If You Think I Am Bad Than You’re Wrong, I Am The Worst.

27) My Back Is Not A Voicemail, So Better Say It On My Face.

28) People That Aren’t Used To Quality Always Chase Quantity

29) I May Look Innocent, But I May Surely Put You In Trouble.

30) When Sum One Hates You For No Reason.. Give Them A Reason.

Attitude Quotes

Attitude Quotes

31) I’M Not Changed It’s Just I Grew Up And You Should Try Too.

32) I Wish I Had ‘Google’ In My Mind And ‘Antivirus’ In My Heart.

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33) The Ideal Attitude Is To Be Physically Loose And Mentally Tight.

34) My Style Is Like Amazon.. Everyone Says “Aur Dikhao Aur Dikhao”.

35) I Am Not Spider Man Nor Superman However I Am Superhero For My Gf!

36) Watch Your Attitude. It’s The First Thing People Notice About You.

37) Itz Very Easy To Defeat Someone , But Itz Very Hard To Win Someone.

38) Once You Realize Your Past Is Just A Story, It Has No Power Over You.

39) That’s The Thing About #Honor And #Attitude, U Can’t Turn It On & Off.

40) Take Charge Of Your Attitude. Don’t Let Someone Else Choose It For You.

Attitude Status in English

Attitude Status in English

41) Always Stay True To Yourself And Never Sacrifice Who Are You For Anyone.

42) People Are Going To Judge You Anyway. So Forget Everyone And Be Yourself.

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43) Not Caring What Other People Think Is The Best Choice You Will Ever Make.

44) When A Storm Comes Through, Have Enough Sense To Stop And Play In The Mud.

45) My Attitude Is Like A Mirror, Only Reflects What’s Presented In Front Of Me.

46) Don’t Let Someone Dim Your Light, Simply Because It’s Shining In Their Eyes.

47) I Don’t Have Time To Hate Anyone. I Either Love You, Or I Don’t Care At All.

48) There Are Three Sides To An Argument.. My Side, Your Side And The Right Side.

49) Morality Is Simply The Attitude We Adopt Towards People We Personally Dislike.

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50) I’M Really Not Cranky. I Just Have A Violent Reaction When I Meet Stupid People.

Good Attitude Quotes

Good Attitude Quotes

51) Don’t Waste Your Time With Explanations: People Only Hear What They Want To Hear.

52) Every Problem Comes With Some Solution.. If It Doesn’t Have Any Solution, It’s A Girl!

53) Don’t Let Someone Become Priority In Your Life..When You Are Just An Option In Theirs.

54) Be Careful Who You Open Up To. Only Few People Actually Care. The Rest Are Just Curious.

55) Dear Fake Friends, First Of All, You Should Know, I Am Typing This With My Middle Finger!

56) The Ones Who Are Crazy Enough To Think That They Can Change The World Are The Ones Who Do.

57) Thank You To Every Person Who Has Ever Told Me I Cannot. You Are Just Another Reason I Will.

58) I Enjoy When People Show Attitude To Me Because It Shows That They Need An Attitude To Impress Me!

59) There Is No Market For Your Emotions, So Never Advertise Your Feelings, Just Display Your Attitude

60) Don’t Fell Bad If Someone Rejects You. People Usually Reject Expensive Things Because They Can’t Afford Them.

Attitude Whatsapp Status for Facebook

Attitude Whatsapp Status for Facebook

61) Sometimes You Need To Step Outside, Get Some Air, And Remind Yourself Of Who You Are And Where You Want To Be.

62) I’ll Be A Billionaire Once I’M Done Inventing This Device That Lets You Punch People In The Face Over The Internet.

63) I Loved A Girl And She Broke My Heart. Now Every Piece Of My Heart Love Different Girls. People Called It Flirt That’s Not Fair.

64) When Someone Treats You Like An Option, Help Them Narrow Their Choices By Removing Yourself From The Equation. It’s That Simple.

65) If You Ignore Me, I’ll Ignore You. If You Don’t Make An Effort To Start The Conversation Sometimes We Won’t Talk. If You Don’t Put In The Effort. Why Should I ?

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