TOP 100+ Inspirational Army Quotes Sayings

By | April 25, 2023

Army Quotes Sayings : An army is a very important part of our country. It is only because of our army that we are able to sleep in peace at our sweet homes. Our Soldiers work day and Night to protect us from the intruders from neighbor countries. There are a lot of youngsters who want to join the army and protect their country because it makes them feel more patriotic and satisfied. Just to feel satisfied that they are serving their country and making their parents and country people proud of themselves, soldiers don’t even worry about their life and what happens to their family after their death, they just keep on fighting with our enemies all the time at the borders. They do so much for us that it becomes our duty to return their favor in some way. Quotes are a beautiful way of sending love to the soldiers. It doesn’t even take much time and definitely cost no money. If someone of your known is in the army and you are happy with his service for you or for the whole country, then you can gift him with something with a Beautiful Army quote for him on it and he will definitely be delighted to see that. You can even use the Army Quotes when your country’s army does some appreciable work against the enemies of your country at the border to appreciate and thank them for their service.

So, For all your needs of Army Quotes, we are sharing to you a collection of 75 best Army Quotes to get inspired from and share them with your Soldier friend, sibling or relative to appreciate and thank him for his service for the country. We have collected only the best Army Quotes for you after doing a lot of hard work and research. These Quotes will make you understand the army and the hardships in the duty of soldiers in a better way. Therefore, Choose the best Army Quote as per your choice and start getting inspired by the patriotism of the Army of your country. We hope that you like our collection of best Army Quotes.

Best Army Quotes Sayings

Inspirational Army Quotes Sayings


1) “You Have Never Lived Until You Have Almost Died, And For Those Who Choose To Fight, Life Has A Special Flavor, The Protected Will Never Know!!!”

2) “An Army Is A Nation Within A Nation, It Is One Of The Vices Of Courage.”

3) “The Army Teaches Boys To Think Like Men.”

4) “Some Goals Are So Worthy, It’S Glorious Even To Fail.”

5) “There Will Be No Withdrawal Without Written Orders And These Orders Shall Never Be Issued.”

6) “If A Man Says He Is Not Afraid Of Dying, He Is Either Lying Or Is A Gurkha.”

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7) “What Is The Next Thins You Need For Leadership? It Is The Ability To Make Up Your Mind To Make A Decision And Accept Full Responsibility For That Decision. “

8) “Discipline Is The Soul Of An Army. It Makes Small Numbers Formidable; Procures Success To The Weak, And Esteem To All. “

9) “A Military Coup Needs A Sacrifice And Courage That You Can’T Find In An Army Without Morale.”

10) “Only Best Of The Friends And Worst Of The Enemies Visit Us.-Indian Army”

11) “A Hero Is An Ordinary Individual Who Finds The Strength To Preserver And Endure In Spite Of Overwhelming Obstacles.”

12) “The Great Armies, Accumulated To Provide Securi”

13) “Ty And Preserve The Peace, Carried The Nations To War By Their Own Weight.”

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14) “Every Man Thinks Meanly Of Himself For Not Having Been A Soldier, Or Not Having Been At Sea.”

15) “Every Gun That Is Made, Every Warship Launched, Every Rocket Fired, Signifies In The Final Sense A Theft From Those Who Hunger And Are Not Fed, Those Who Are Cold And Are Not Clothed.”

16) “The Army Is The True Nobility Of Our Country.”

17) “Battles Are Won By Slaughter And Maneuver. The Greater The General, The More He Contributes In Maneuver, The Less He Demands In Slaughter.”

18) “If I Could Tell Soldiers One Thing, It Would Be: Have Faith. Faith In The Army, The Leadership, And Their Own Ability.”

19) “People Sleep Peaceably In Their Beds At Night Only Because Rough Men Stand Ready To Do Violence On Their Behalf.”

20) “Battles Are Won By Slaughter And Maneuver. The Greater The General, The More He Contributes In Maneuver, The Less He Demands In Slaughter. “

Army Quotes for Soldiers

Army Quotes for Soldiers


21) “Be Magnanimous, Be Loyal, Be Courageous And Be A Gentleman, You Will Then Be An Officer In The True Sense.”

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22) “No Nation Ever Had An Army Large Enough To Guarantee It Against Attack In A Time Of Peace Or Ensure It Of Victory In Time Of War.”

23) “A Standing Army Is One Of The Greatest Mischief That Can Possibly Happen”

24) “‘Is The Soldier’S Life To Have Their Balmy Slumbers Waked With Strife.”

25) “If I Go On, I Shall Die; If I Stay Behind,I Shall Be Dishonored; It Is Better To Go On.”

26) “We Live By Chance, We Love By Choice, We Kill By Profession.”

27) “If A Man Says He’S Not Afraid Of Dying, He’S Either Lying, Or He’S A Gorkha.”

28) “It Is God’S Duty To Forgive The Enemies, But It’S Our Duty To Convene A Meeting Between The Two.”

29) “I Regret I Have But One Life To Give For My Country.”

30) “If Death Strikes Before I Prove My Blood, I Swear I’Ll Kill Death”

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31) “I Can’T Expect Loyalty From The Army If I Do Not Give It.”

32) “The Relationship Will Not Be Easy. It Will Be Hard. But If You Can Get Through These Tough Times Together, Then The Foundation For The Future Of Your Relationship Will Be That Much Stronger.”

33) “If Death Strikes, Before I Prove My Blood, I Swear I’Ll Kill Death.”

34) “What Is A Lifetime Adventure For You Is A Daily Routine For Us.”

35) “Our Flag Does Not Fly Because The Wind Moves It, It Flies With The Last Breath Of Each Soldier Who Died Protecting It.”

36) “Our Flag Does Not Fly Because The Wind Moves It, It Flies With The Last Breath Of Each Soldier Who Died Protecting It.”

37) “A Dependent Card Is Just A Laminated Piece Of Paper. It Doesn’T Measure Love Or Support Or Trust.”

38) “Marriage Is Not Something You Just Jump Into. Anyone That Tells You That You “Have To” Get Married Just Because He’S In The Military Must Not Think Very Highly Of Marriage.”

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39) “There Might Not Be A Ring On Your Finger To Symbolize Your Commitment But If You’Re Truly Committed, Do You Really Need One?”

40) “Use This Time To Enjoy Your Love Without Worrying About The “Business” Of Marriage.”


Indian Soldier

41) “Some May Call You Foolish, Crazy, Or Naive. “A Successful Woman Is One That Can Build A Strong Foundation From The Bricks That Are Thrown At Her.”

42) “The Nation That Makes A Great Distinction Between Its Scholars And Its Warriors Will Have Its Thinking Done By Cowards And Its Fighting Done By Fools.”

43) “The Most Important Thing I Learned Is That Soldiers Watch What Their Leaders Do. You Can Give Them Classes And Lecture Them Forever, But It Is Your Personal Example They Will Follow.”

44) “You Didn’T Choose This Life, You Chose Him”

45) “You’Re Going On A Life Journey With Another Human Being And That Means Compromise And Sacrifice. But It Also Means Love, Companionship, Trust, And Mutual Respect.”

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46) “You’Re Not Giving Your Life Up For Him. Think Of It This Way “We Must Be Willing To Let Go Of The Life We Have Planned So As To Have The Life That Is Waiting For Us.”

47) “True Love Doesn’T Mean Being Inseparable. It Means Being Separated And Nothing Changes.”

48) “It’S Not Gold,But Good Soldiers That Ensure Success In Wars.”

49) “Keep Your Fears To Yourself,But Share Your Courage.”

50) “The Strongest, Most Generous And Proudest Of All Virtues Is True Courage.”

51) “An Army Without Culture Is A Dull-Witted Army, And A Dull-Witted Army Cannot Defeat The Enemy “

52) “There Is Strong. There Is Army Strong. And Then There Is Army Wife Strong”

53) “The True Soldier Fights,Not Because He Hates,What Is Is Front Him,But Because He Loves,What Is Behind Him.”

54) “He Belonged To That Army Known As Invincible In Peace, Invisible In War.”

55) “Victory Usually Goes To The Army Who Has Better Trained Officers And Men.”

56) “Any Man Who May Be Asked In This Century What He Did To Make His Life Worthwhile, I Think Can Respond With A Good Deal Of Pride And Satisfaction: ‘I Served In The United States Navy.”

57) “I Am Not Afraid Of An Army Of Lions Led By A Sheep; I Am Afraid Of An Army Of Sheep Led By A Lion.”

58) “Months After A Tense Standoff With The Indian Military Near The Sikkim Border, The People’S Liberation Army (Pla) On Thursday Invoked Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore While Talking About The Common Development Of The Two Countries.”

59) “Either I Will Come Back After Hoisting The Tricolor, Or I Will Come Back Wrapped In It, But I Will Be Back For Sure.”

60) “What Is A Lifetime Adventure For You Is A Daily Routine For Us.”

Army Ranger Quotes

Army Ranger Quotes


61) “If Death Strikes, Before I Prove My Blood, I Swear I’Ll Kill Death.”

62) “Our Flag Does Not Fly Because The Wind Moves It, It Flies With The Last Breath Of Each Soldier Who Died Protecting It.”

63) “To Find Us, You Must Be Good, To Catch Us You Must Be Fast, But To Beat Us…………You Must Be Kidding.”

64) “May God Have Mercy On Our Enemies, Because We Won’T.”

65) “China And India Are Neighbours That Can’T Be Moved. There Are Historical Facts About Ancient Exchanges And Mutual Understanding. There Is Hope For Common Development,” Pla Spokesman Wu Qian Said.”

66) “I Recall That When President Xi (Jinping) Visited India, He Told A Story That More Than 90 Years Ago, The Indian Poet Tagore Visited China And Was Warmly Welcomed By The Chinese People.”

67) “Quoting The Renowned Poet, Wu Added: “As Soon As He Set Foot On China’S Land, Tagore Said: ‘I Don’T Know What The Reason Is. To Return To China Is Like Returning To My Hometown.”

68) “My Heart Is Here,” Wu Further Quoted Tagore As Saying.”

69) “It Is The Common Wish Of Both Peoples To Stabilise The Relations Between The Chinese And Indian Armed Forces And Maintain Peace And Tranquillity In The Border Areas,” He Said.”

70) “Border Troops From Both Sides Were Locked In A 73-Day Standoff At Doklam Last Year.”

Famous Army Quotes Sayings

Famous Army Quotes Sayings


71) “If A Man Says He’S Not Afraid Of Dying, He’S Either Lying, Or He’S A Gorkha.”

72) “There’S No Quitting, I Can’T Have Quit In Me. There Was Never An Option To Stop And Quit.”

73) “The Troops, The Air And The Navy Did All That Bravery And Devotion To Duty Could Do. If Any Blame Or Fault Attaches To The Attempt It Is Mine Alone.”

74) “A Passion For Life Is Contagious And Uplifting. Passion Cuts Both Ways… I Want To Create Passion In My Own Life And With Those I Care For. I Want To Feel, Experience And Live Every Emotion. I Will Suffer Through The Bad For The Heights Of The Good.”

75) “Nearly All Men Can Stand Adversity, But If You Want To Test A Man’S Character, Give Him Power.”



So, Here was the Our Collection of Best Army Quotes Sayings. With this Amazing Collection We also have added a Collection of US Army Quotes, Swiss Army Quotes, Motivational Army Quotes, Army Girlfriend Quotes, Army Wife Quotes, Army Mom Quotes, Army Quotes for Soldiers, Army Love Quotes, Army Leadership Quotes, Quotes about the Army & much more. You can also share these Best Army Quotes Sayings with Your Friends & Family Members.

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